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NLM Gateway Update, MLA 2008

A recording of the original presentation is available.

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Gateway Update: MLA 2008

Gateway Update

MLA 2008

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What is the NLM Gateway?

What is the NLM Gateway?

  • A web based system in which the user can search simultaneously in multiple retrieval systems at NLM from a single web interface
  • Currently searches 23 collections

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Busy Year...

Busy year …

  •   Usability testing
  •   Interface redesign
  •   Access to more data

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Gateway Usability

Gateway Usability                  

  • Designed and conducted usability study
  • Analyzed the test results
  • Implemented the redesign project


Slide 11 (combining previous slides)
New in the Gateway

New in the Gateway

  Redesigned interface

  • New look / improved usability
  • Search box access and use improved
  • Enhanced presentation of results summary
  • Simpler access to Gateway functions
  • Cleaner features bar
  • Documentation reviewed and enhanced

Slide 15 (combining previous slides)
New in the Gateway

New in the Gateway

  • Redesigned interface
  • Images from the History of Medicine available through NLM Catalog collection
  • New HSR meeting abstracts
    •  3rd Health Technology Assessment International Meeting
    •  Two (2) AcademyHealth meetings

Slide 17
Ongoing Developments

Ongoing Developments

  • Annual Year End Processing
  • Periodic updates
    • Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)
    • HSRProject data
  • AIDS Meeting Abstracts retro project

Slide 18
System Demonstration

System Demonstration

Now for a Gateway system demonstration

Slide 19
NLM Gateway Home Page

Slide 20
Main results sreen

Slide 21
Results from Genetics Home Reference
Slide 22
Genetics Home Reference page on Early-onset glaucoma

Slide 23
Gateway sidebar showing Health Topics under Consumer Health
Slide 24
MedlinePlus Health Topics results page

Slide 25
MedlinePlus Glaucoma page

Slide 26
MedlinePlus Glaucoma page: Start Here section

Slide 27
MedlinePlus en espanol

Slide 28
MedlinePlus en espanol Glaucoma page

Slide 29 results

Slide 30 results

Slide 31
ClinicalTrials record for glaucoma study

Slide 32
ClinicalTrials record for glaucoma study (surgery)

Slide 33
Profiles in science results for glaucoma

Slide 34
Profiles in Science page on Mary Lasker Papers

Slide 35
Section of Mary Lasker papers from Profiles in Science

Slide 36
NLM Gateway results for glaucoma early detection

Slide 37
NLM Catalog results for glaucoma early detection

Slide 38
NLM Catalog results for glaucoma early detection

Slide 39
NLM Catalog display of tonograph record
Slide 40
Image of tonograph from History of Medicine collection

Slide 41
NLM Gateway page, pointing out link to Home

Slide 42
NLM Gateway home page, pointing out link to Term Finder

Slide 43
NLM Gateway Term Finder

Slide 44
Term Finder display for Vaccination concept

Slide 45
MeSH Tree display for Immunization

Slide 46
Immunization concept record in Term Finder

Slide 47
NLM Gateway search for Immunization [MeSH]

Slide 48
NLM Gateway results page for Immunization [MeSH]

Slide 49
HSRProj results for Immunization [MeSH]

Slide 50
Select Fields option under Limits/Settings

Slide 51
Select Fields options for HSRProj

Slide 52
Close-up of field selections for HSRProj

Slide 53
HSRProj results with modified field settings

Slide 54
More HSRProj results

Slide 55
Results display, showing link to Download at bottom of screen

Slide 56
Download options page

Slide 57
Expanded record from HSRProj

Slide 58
More on expanded record display

Slide 59
Expanded record display, pointing out link to E-mail at bottom of screen

Slide 60
Send via e-mail options page

Slide 61
Confirmation message for e-mail sent

Slide 62
Highlight of author's name from display

Slide 63
Search of Fuddy L [au] in Gateway

Slide 64
Results for search of Fuddy L [au]

Slide 65
Page from online version of Pediatrics

Slide 66
PubMed results display
Slide 67
Results display from PubMed, showing link to full text at producer site

Slide 68
NLM Gateway home page

Slide 69
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  •  PubMed Central
  •  Further Gateway enhancements

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Last Reviewed: June 3, 2008