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UMLS - Release Documentation Archive

Current Release Documentation
Note: As of the 2009AA UMLS Release, general reference information is available as the UMLS Reference Manual. Information specific to a UMLS Release, such as sources included in the current version of the Metathesaurus and statistics regarding the number of concepts, remains on the UMLS Web site as part of the Release Documentation.

Current UMLS License Agreement

Previous Release Bugs

Previous UMLS Releases

Release Release Documentation Archives License Agreement Archival Copy Source Vocabulary Documentation Archival Copy*
2020AB 2020AB HTML2020AB PDF2020AB Source Pages
2020AA 2020AA HTML2020AA PDF2020AA Source Pages
2019AB 2019AB HTML 2019AB PDF 2019AB Source Pages
2019AA 2019AA HTML 2019AA PDF 2019AA Source Pages
2018AB2018AB HTML2018AB PDF2018AB Source Pages
2018AA2018AA HTML2018AA PDF2018AA Source Pages
2017AB 2017AB HTML 2017AB PDF 2017AB Source Pages
2017AA 2017AA HTML 2017AA PDF 2017AA Source Pages
2016AB 2016AB HTML 2016AB PDF  
2016AA 2016AA HTML 2016AA PDF  
2015AB 2015AB HTML 2015AB PDF 2015AB Source Pages
2015AA 2015AA HTML 2015AA PDF 2015AA Source Pages
2014AB 2014AB HTML 2014AB PDF 2014AB Source Pages
2014AA 2014AA HTML 2014AA PDF 2014AA Source Pages
2013AB 2013AB HTML 2013AB PDF  
2013AA 2013AA HTML 2013AA PDF  
2012AB 2012AB HTML 2012AB PDF  
2012AA 2012AA HTML 2012AA PDF  
2011AB 2011AB HTML 2011AB PDF  
2011AA 2011AA HTML 2011AA PDF  
2010AB 2010AB HTML 2010AB PDF  
2010AA 2010AA HTML 2010AA PDF  
2009AB 2009AB HTML 2009AB PDF  
2009AA 2009AA HTML 2009AA PDF  
2008AB 2008AB HTML 2008AB PDF  
2008AA 2008AA HTML 2008AA PDF  
2007AC 2007AC HTML 2007AC PDF  
2007AB 2007AB HTML 2007AB PDF  
2007AA 2007AA HTML 2007AA PDF  
2006AD 2006AD HTML 2006AD PDF  
2006AC 2006AC HTML 2006AC PDF  
2006AB 2006AB HTML 2006AB PDF  
2006AA 2006AA HTML 2006AA PDF  
2005AC 2005AC HTML 2005AC PDF  
2005AB 2005AB HTML 2005AB PDF  
2005AA 2005AA HTML 2005AA PDF  
2004AC 2004AC HTML 2004AC PDF  
2004AB 2004AB HTML 2004AB PDF  
2004AA 2004AA HTML 2004AA PDF  
2003AC 2003AC HTML 2003AC PDF  
2003AB 2003AB HTML 2003AB PDF  
2003AA 2003AA HTML 2003AA PDF  
2002AD 2002AD HTML 2002AD PDF  
2002AC 2002AC HTML 2002AC PDF  
2002AB 2002AB HTML 2002AB PDF  
2002AA 2002AA HTML 2002AA PDF  


*Archived from 2014AA-present.

Last Reviewed: April 23, 2021