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Abbreviations Used in Data Elements - 2020AA Release

CXTY (Context Type) | FROMTYPE | LAT (Language of Terms) | MAPATN | REL | RELA | SRL | STT (String Type) |
STYPE | STYPE1 | STYPE2 | SUPPRESS | TOTYPE | TS (Term Status) | TTY (Term Type in Source) | TTY (tty_class)

CXTY CXTY Description
FULL-MULTIPLE Full contexts, multiple tree positions
FULL-NOSIB-IGNORE-RELA Full contexts, no siblings, RELA not used when computing ancestors/descendants
FULL-NOSIB-MULTIPLE-IGNORE-RELA Full contexts, no siblings, multiple tree positions, RELA not used when computing ancestors/descendants
FULL-NOSIB-MULTIPLE Full contexts, no siblings, multiple tree positions
FULL-NOSIB Full contexts, no siblings
FULL Full contexts

(Type of Expression from Which a Mapping is Mapped)
FROMTYPE Description
CODE Unique Identifier or code for string in source
CUI Concept unique identifier
SCUI Source asserted concept unique identifier
SDUI Source asserted descriptor identifier

LAT (Language of Terms) LAT Description
BAQ Basque
CHI Chinese
CZE Czech
DAN Danish
DUT Dutch
ENG English
EST Estonian
FIN Finnish
FRE French
GER German
GRE Greek
HEB Hebrew
HUN Hungarian
ITA Italian
JPN Japanese
KOR Korean
LAV Latvian
NOR Norwegian
POL Polish
POR Portuguese
RUS Russian
SCR Croatian
SPA Spanish
SWE Swedish
TUR Turkish

Empty attribute name

REL (Relationship) REL Description
AQ Allowed qualifier
CHD has child relationship in a Metathesaurus source vocabulary
DEL Deleted concept
PAR has parent relationship in a Metathesaurus source vocabulary
QB can be qualified by.
RB has a broader relationship
RL the relationship is similar or "alike". the two concepts are similar or "alike". In the current edition of the Metathesaurus, most relationships with this attribute are mappings provided by a source, named in SAB and SL; hence concepts linked by this relationship may be synonymous, i.e. self-referential: CUI1 = CUI2. In previous releases, some MeSH Supplementary Concept relationships were represented in this way.
RN has a narrower relationship
RO has relationship other than synonymous, narrower, or broader
RQ related and possibly synonymous.
RU Related, unspecified
SIB has sibling relationship in a Metathesaurus source vocabulary.
SY source asserted synonymy.
XR Not related, no mapping
Empty relationship

RELA (Relationship Attribute) RELA Description
abnormal_cell_affected_by_chemical_or_drug abnormal cell affected by chemical or drug
abnormality_associated_with_allele abnormality associated with allele
access_device_used_by Access device used by
access_instrument_of Access instrument of
access_of Access of
active_ingredient_of Active ingredient of
active_metabolites_of Active metabolites of
active_moiety_of Active Moiety of
activity_of_allele activity of allele
actual_outcome_of Actual outcome of
add_on_code_for Add on code for (Report with)
adheres_to Adheres to
adjacent_to Adjacent to
adjectival_form_of Adjectival form of
adjustment_of Adjustment of
afferent_to Afferent to
alias_of Alias_of
allele_absent_from_wild-type_chromosomal_location allele absent from wild-type chromosomal location
allele_has_abnormality allele has abnormality
allele_has_activity allele has activity
allele_in_chromosomal_location allele in chromosomal location
allele_plays_altered_role_in_process allele plays altered role in process
allele_plays_role_in_metabolism_of_chemical_or_drug allele plays role in metabolism of chemical or drug
allelic_variant_of Allelic Variant of
alternative_of Alternative of
analyzed_by Analyzed by
analyzes Analyzes
anatomic_structure_has_location anatomic structure has location
anatomic_structure_is_physical_part_of anatomic structure is physical part of
anatomical_entity_observed_in anatomical entity observed in
anatomy_originated_from_biological_process anatomy originated from biological process
answer_to answer to
anterior_to anterior to
anteroinferior_to anteroinferior to
anterolateral_to anterolateral to
anteromedial_to anteromedial to
anterosuperior_to anterosuperior to
approach_of_excluded Approach of excluded
approach_of_possibly_included Approach of possibly included
approach_of Approach of
archetype_of Archetype of
arterial_supply_of Arterial supply of
articulates_with Articulates with
associated_condition_of Associated condition of
associated_disease Associated disease
associated_etiologic_finding_of Associated etiologic finding of
associated_finding_of_excluded Associated finding of excluded
associated_finding_of_possibly_included Associated finding of possibly included
associated_finding_of Associated finding of
associated_function_of Associated function of
associated_genetic_condition Associated genetic condition
associated_morphology_of Associated morphology of
associated_procedure_of_excluded Associated procedure of excluded
associated_procedure_of_possibly_included Associated procedure of possibly included
associated_procedure_of Associated procedure of
associated_with_malfunction_of_gene_product associated with malfunction of gene product
associated_with Associated with
attaches_to Attaches to
basic_dose_form_of Basic dose form of
basis_of_strength_substance_of Basis of strength substance of
biological_process_has_associated_location biological process has associated location
biological_process_has_initiator_chemical_or_drug biological process has initiator chemical or drug
biological_process_has_initiator_process biological process has initiator process
biological_process_has_result_anatomy biological process has result anatomy
biological_process_has_result_biological_process biological process has result biological process
biological_process_has_result_chemical_or_drug biological process has result chemical or drug
biological_process_involves_chemical_or_drug biological process involves chemical or drug
biological_process_involves_gene_product biological process involves gene product
biological_process_is_part_of_process biological process is part of process
biological_process_results_from_biological_process biological process results from biological process
biomarker_type_includes_gene_product biomarker type includes gene product
biomarker_type_includes_gene biomarker type includes gene
bounded_by Bounded by
bounds Bounds
branch_of Branch of
british_form_of British form of
causative_agent_of Causative agent of
cause_of Cause of
cdrh_parent_of cdrh parent of
cell_type_is_associated_with_eo_disease cell type is associated with eo disease
cell_type_or_tissue_affected_by_chemical_or_drug cell type or tissue affected by chemical or drug
challenge_of Challenge of
characterized_by Characterized by
characterizes Characterizes
chemical_or_drug_affects_abnormal_cell chemical or drug affects abnormal cell
chemical_or_drug_affects_cell_type_or_tissue chemical or drug affects cell type or tissue
chemical_or_drug_affects_gene_product chemical or drug affects gene product
chemical_or_drug_has_mechanism_of_action chemical or drug has mechanism of action
chemical_or_drug_has_physiologic_effect chemical or drug has physiologic effect
chemical_or_drug_initiates_biological_process chemical or drug initiates biological process
chemical_or_drug_is_metabolized_by_enzyme chemical or drug is metabolized by enzyme
chemical_or_drug_is_product_of_biological_process chemical or drug is product of biological process
chemical_or_drug_metabolism_is_associated_with_allele chemical or drug metabolism is associated with allele
chemical_or_drug_plays_role_in_biological_process chemical or drug plays role in biological process
chemotherapy_regimen_has_component chemotherapy regimen has component
chromosomal_location_of_allele chromosomal location of allele
chromosomal_location_of_wild-type_gene chromosomal location of wild-type gene
chromosome_involved_in_cytogenetic_abnormality chromosome involved in cytogenetic abnormality
chromosome_mapped_to_disease chromosome mapped to disease
class_code_classified_by Class code classified by
class_of Class of
classified_as Classified as
classifies_class_code Classifies class code
classifies Classifies
clinical_course_of Clinical course of
clinically_associated_with Clinically associated with
clinically_similar Clinically similar
clinician_form_of Clinician form of
co-occurs_with Co-ocurrs with
common_name_of common name of
completely_excised_anatomy_has_procedure completely excised anatomy has procedure
completely_excised_anatomy_may_have_procedure Completely excised anatomy may have procedure
complex_has_physical_part complex has physical part
component_of_excluded Component of excluded
component_of_possibly_included Component of possibly included
component_of Component of
concentration_strength_denominator_unit_of Concentration strength denominator unit of
concentration_strength_denominator_value_of Concentration strength denominator value of
concentration_strength_numerator_unit_of Concentration strength numerator unit of
concentration_strength_numerator_value_of Concentration strength numerator value of
concept_in_subset concept in subset
conceptual_part_of Conceptual part of
connected_to connected to
connection_type_of connection type of
consider_from Consider from
consider Consider
consists_of Consists of
constitutes Constitutes
constitutional_part_of Constitutional part of
consumer_friendly_form_of Consumer friendly form of
contained_in Contained in
contains Contains
context_binding_of Context binding of
continuation_branch_of Continuation branch of
continuous_distally_with continuous distally with
continuous_proximally_with continuous proximally with
continuous_with Continuous with
contraindicated_class_of Contraindicated class of
contraindicated_mechanism_of_action_of Contraindicated mechanism of action of
contraindicated_physiologic_effect_of Contraindicated physiologic effect of
contraindicated_with_disease Contraindicated with disease
corresponds_to corresponds to
count_of_base_of_active_ingredient_of Count of base of active ingredient of
count_of count_of
course_of Course of
ctcae_5_parent_of ctcae_5 parent of
cytogenetic_abnormality_involves_chromosome cytogenetic abnormality involves chromosome
data_element_of data element of
ddx dxx
default_mapped_from Default mapped from
default_mapped_to Default mapped to
defining_characteristic_of Defining characteristic of
definitional_manifestation_of Definitional manifestation of
degree_of Degree of
dependent_of Dependent of
derives_from derives from
derives derives
development_type_of development type of
developmental_stage_of developmental stage of
develops_from Develops from
develops_into develops into
device_used_by Device used by
diagnosed_by Diagnosed by
diagnoses Diagnoses
diagnostic_criteria_of DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ICD code
direct_cell_shape_of direct cell shape of
direct_device_of Direct device of
direct_left_of direct left of
direct_morphology_of Direct morphology of
direct_procedure_site_of Direct procedure site of
direct_right_of direct right of
direct_site_of Direct site of
direct_substance_of Direct substance of
disease_excludes_abnormal_cell disease excludes abnormal cell
disease_excludes_cytogenetic_abnormality disease excludes cytogenetic abnormality
disease_excludes_finding disease excludes finding
disease_excludes_metastatic_anatomic_site disease excludes metastatic anatomic site
disease_excludes_molecular_abnormality disease excludes molecular abnormality
disease_excludes_normal_cell_origin disease excludes normal cell origin
disease_excludes_normal_tissue_origin disease excludes normal tissue origin
disease_excludes_primary_anatomic_site disease excludes primary anatomic site
disease_has_abnormal_cell disease has abnormal cell
disease_has_accepted_treatment_with_regimen Disease Has Accepted Treatment With Regimen
disease_has_associated_anatomic_site disease has associated anatomic site
disease_has_associated_disease disease has associated disease
disease_has_associated_gene disease has associated gene
disease_has_cytogenetic_abnormality disease has cytogenetic abnormality
disease_has_finding disease has finding
disease_has_metastatic_anatomic_site disease has metastatic anatomic site
disease_has_molecular_abnormality disease has molecular abnormality
disease_has_normal_cell_origin disease has normal cell origin
disease_has_normal_tissue_origin disease has normal tissue origin
disease_has_primary_anatomic_site disease has primary anatomic site
disease_is_grade disease is grade
disease_is_marked_by_gene disease is marked by gene
disease_is_stage disease is stage
disease_mapped_to_chromosome disease mapped to chromosome
disease_mapped_to_gene Disease mapped to gene
disease_may_have_abnormal_cell disease may have abnormal cell
disease_may_have_associated_disease disease may have associated disease
disease_may_have_cytogenetic_abnormality disease may have cytogenetic abnormality
disease_may_have_finding disease may have finding
disease_may_have_molecular_abnormality disease may have molecular abnormality
disease_may_have_normal_cell_origin disease may have normal cell origin
disposition_of Disposition of
distal_to distal to
divisor_of Divisor of
do_not_code_with Do not code with (excludes)
dose_form_administration_method_of Dose form administration method of
dose_form_intended_site_of Dose form intended site of
dose_form_of Dose form of
dose_form_release_characteristic_of Dose form release characteristic of
dose_form_transformation_of Dose form transformation of
doseformgroup_of Dose form group of
drains_into drains into
due_to Due to
during_and_or_after During AND/OR after
during During
effect_may_be_inhibited_by Effect may be inhibited by
efferent_to Efferent to
endogenous_product_related_to Endogenous Product Related To
ends_during Ends during
energy_used_by Energy used by
entire_anatomy_structure_of Entire anatomy structure of
entry_combination_of Entry Combination of
entry_version_of Entry version of
enzyme_metabolizes_chemical_or_drug enzyme metabolizes chemical or drug
eo_anatomy_is_associated_with_eo_disease eo anatomy is associated with eo disease
eo_disease_has_associated_cell_type eo disease has associated cell type
eo_disease_has_associated_eo_anatomy eo disease has associated eo anatomy
eo_disease_has_property_or_attribute eo disease has property or attribute
eo_disease_maps_to_human_disease eo disease maps to human disease
episodicity_of Episodicity of
evaluation_of Evaluation of
excised_anatomy_has_procedure excised anatomy has procedure
excised_anatomy_may_have_procedure excised anatomy may have procedure
exhibited_by Exhibited by
exhibits Exhibits
expanded_form_of Expanded form of
expected_outcome_of Expected outcome of
extent_of Extent of
external_to external to
finding_context_of Finding context of
finding_informer_of Finding informer of
finding_method_of Finding method of
finding_site_of Finding site of
focus_of Focus of
form_of Form of
formed_by formed by
forms forms
fragments_for_synonyms_of Fragments for synonyms of
full_grown_phenotype_of full grown phenotype of
fuses_with fuses with
fusion_of fusion of
gene_associated_with_disease gene associated with disease
gene_encodes_gene_product gene encodes gene product
gene_found_in_organism gene found in organism
gene_has_abnormality gene has abnormality
gene_has_physical_location gene has physical location
gene_in_chromosomal_location gene in chromosomal location
gene_involved_in_molecular_abnormality gene involved in molecular abnormality
gene_involved_in_pathogenesis_of_disease gene involved in pathogenesis of disease
gene_is_biomarker_of gene is biomarker of
gene_is_biomarker_type gene is biomarker type
gene_is_element_in_pathway gene is element in pathway
gene_mapped_to_disease gene mapped to disease
gene_mutant_encodes_gene_product_sequence_variation gene mutant encodes gene product sequence variation
gene_plays_role_in_process gene plays role in process
gene_product_affected_by_chemical_or_drug gene product affected by chemical or drug
gene_product_encoded_by_gene gene product encoded by gene
gene_product_expressed_in_tissue gene product expressed in tissue
gene_product_has_abnormality gene product has abnormality
gene_product_has_associated_anatomy gene product has associated anatomy
gene_product_has_biochemical_function gene product has biochemical function
gene_product_has_chemical_classification gene product has chemical classification
gene_product_has_gene_product_variant gene product has gene product variant
gene_product_has_organism_source gene product has organism source
gene_product_has_structural_domain_or_motif gene product has structural domain or motif
gene_product_is_biomarker_of gene product is biomarker of
gene_product_is_biomarker_type gene product is biomarker type
gene_product_is_element_in_pathway gene product is element in pathway
gene_product_is_physical_part_of gene product is physical part of
gene_product_malfunction_associated_with_disease gene product malfunction associated with disease
gene_product_plays_role_in_biological_process gene product plays role in biological process
gene_product_sequence_variation_encoded_by_gene_mutant gene product sequence variation encoded by gene mutant
gene_product_variant_of_gene_product gene product variant of gene product
genetic_biomarker_related_to genetic biomarker related to
germ_origin_of Germ origin of
grade_of grade of
happens_during Happens during
has_access_instrument Has access instrument
has_access Has access
has_action_guidance Has action guidance
has_active_ingredient Has active ingredient
has_active_metabolites Has active metabolites
has_active_moiety Has Active Moiety
has_actual_outcome Has actual outcome
has_add_on_code Has add on code (Report with)
has_adherent Has adherent
has_adjustment Has adjustment
has_aggregation_view Has aggregation view
has_alias Has alias
has_allelic_variant Has allelic variant
has_alternative Has alternative
has_answer has answer
has_approach_guidance Has approach guidance
has_approach Has approach
has_archetype Has archetype
has_arterial_supply Has arterial supply
has_associated_condition has_associated_condition
has_associated_etiologic_finding Has associated etiologic finding
has_associated_finding Has associated finding
has_associated_function Has associated function
has_associated_morphology Has associated morphology
has_associated_procedure Has associated procedure
has_at_risk_population Has at risk population
has_basic_dose_form Has basic dose form
has_basis_of_strength_substance Has basis of strength substance
has_branch Has branch
has_british_form Has British form
has_causative_agent Has causative agent
has_cdrh_parent has cdrh parent
has_challenge Has challenge
has_class Has class
has_clinical_course Has clinical course
has_clinician_form Has clinician form
has_common_name Has common name
has_communication_with_wound Has communication with wound
has_component Has component
has_concentration_strength_denominator_unit Has concentration strength denominator unit
has_concentration_strength_denominator_value Has concentration strength denominator value
has_concentration_strength_numerator_unit Has concentration strength numerator unit
has_concentration_strength_numerator_value Has concentration strength numerator value
has_conceptual_part Has conceptual part
has_connection_type has connection type
has_constitutional_part Has constitutional part
has_consumer_friendly_form Has consumer friendly form
has_context_binding Has context binding
has_continuation_branch Has continuation branch
has_contraindicated_class Has contraindicated class
has_contraindicated_drug Has contraindicated drug
has_contraindicated_mechanism_of_action Has contraindicated mechanism of action
has_contraindicated_physiologic_effect Has contraindicated physiologic effect
has_count_of_base_of_active_ingredient Has count of base of active ingredient
has_count Has count
has_course Has course
has_ctcae_5_parent has ctcae_5 parent
has_data_element has data element
has_defining_characteristic Has defining characteristic
has_definitional_manifestation Has definitional manifestation
has_degree Has degree
has_dependent Has dependent
has_development_type has development type
has_developmental_stage has developmental stage
has_diagnostic_criteria ICD has DSM-5 diagnostic criteria
has_direct_cell_shape has direct cell shape
has_direct_device Has direct device
has_direct_morphology Has direct morphology
has_direct_procedure_site Has direct procedure site
has_direct_site Has direct site
has_direct_substance Has direct substance
has_disposition Has disposition
has_divisor Has divisor
has_dose_form_administration_method Has dose form administration method
has_dose_form_intended_site Has dose form intended site
has_dose_form_release_characteristic Has dose form release characteristic
has_dose_form_transformation Has dose form transformation
has_dose_form Has dose form
has_doseformgroup Has dose form group
has_entire_anatomy_structure Has entire anatomy structure
has_entry_combination Has Entry Combination
has_entry_version Has entry version
has_episodicity Has episodicity
has_evaluation Has evaluation
has_exam Has exam
has_excluded_approach Has excluded approach
has_excluded_associated_finding Has excluded associated finding
has_excluded_associated_procedure Has excluded associated procedure
has_excluded_component Has excluded component
has_excluded_locale Has excluded locale
has_excluded_method Has excluded method
has_excluded_pathology Has excluded pathology
has_excluded_patient_type Has excluded patient type
has_excluded_procedure_device Has excluded procedure device
has_excluded_procedure_site Has excluded procedure site
has_excluded_route_of_administration Has excluded route of administration
has_excluded_specimen Has excluded specimen
has_excluded_surgical_extent Has excluded surgical extent
has_expanded_form Has expanded form
has_expected_outcome Has expected outcome
has_extent Has extent
has_finding_context Has finding context
has_finding_informer Has finding informer
has_finding_method Has finding method
has_finding_site Has finding_site
has_focus Has focus
has_form Has form
has_fragments_for_synonyms Has fragments for synonyms
has_free_acid_or_base_form has free acid or base form
has_full_grown_phenotype has full grown phenotype
has_fusion has fusion
has_gene_product_element has gene product element
has_germ_origin Has germ origin
has_given_pharmaceutical_substance Has given pharmaceutical substance
has_grade has grade
has_imaged_location Has imaged location
has_imaging_focus Has imaging focus
has_inactive_ingredient Has Inactive Ingredient
has_inc_parent has inc parent
has_indirect_device Has indirect device
has_indirect_morphology Has indirect morphology
has_indirect_procedure_site Has indirect procedure site
has_ingredients Has ingredients
has_ingredient Has ingredient
has_inherent_3d_shape Has inherent 3-D shape
has_inherent_attribute Has inherent attribute
has_inherent_location Has inherent location
has_inheritance_type Has inheritance type
has_insertion has insertion
has_instrumentation Has instrumentation
has_intent Has intent
has_interpretation Has interpretation
has_lab_number Has lab number
has_lateral_anatomic_location Has lateral anatomic location
has_lateral_location_presence Has lateral location presence
has_laterality Has laterality
has_life_circumstance Has life circumstance
has_locale Has locale
has_location Has location
has_loinc_number Has Loinc number
has_lymphatic_drainage Has lymphatic drainage
has_manifestation Has manifestation
has_mapping_qualifier Has mapping qualifier
has_measured_component has_measured_component
has_measurement_method Has measurement method
has_mechanism_of_action Has mechanism of action
has_member Has member
has_method Has method
has_modality_subtype Has modality subtype
has_modality_type has modality type
has_modification Has modification
has_multi_level_category Has multi-level category
has_multipart Has multipart
has_nerve_supply Has nerve supply
has_nichd_parent has nichd parent
has_object_guidance Has object guidance
has_observed_anatomical_entity has observed anatomical entity
has_occurrence Has occurrence
has_onset Has onset
has_origin Has origin
has_owning_affiliate Has owning affiliate
has_owning_section Has owning section
has_owning_subsection Has owning subsection
has_panel_element CPT laboratory panel code has laboratory panel test member
has_parent_group Has parent group
has_parent Has parent
has_part_anatomy_structure Has part anatomy structure
has_part Has part
has_pathological_process Has pathological process
has_pathology Has pathology
has_patient_type Has patient type
has_permuted_term Has permuted term
has_pharmaceutical_administration_method has pharmaceutical administration method
has_pharmaceutical_basic_dose_form has pharmaceutical basic dose form
has_pharmaceutical_intended_site has pharmaceutical intended site
has_pharmaceutical_release_characteristics has pharmaceutical release characteristics
has_pharmaceutical_route Has_pharmaceutical_route
has_pharmaceutical_state_of_matter has pharmaceutical state of matter
has_pharmaceutical_transformation has pharmaceutical transformation
has_pharmacokinetics Has pharmacokinetics
has_phenotype Has phenotype
has_physical_part_of_anatomic_structure has physical part of anatomic structure
has_physiologic_effect Has physiologic effect
has_physiologic_state Has physiologic state
has_possibly_included_approach Has possibly included approach
has_possibly_included_associated_finding Has possibly included associated finding
has_possibly_included_associated_procedure Has possibly included associated procedure
has_possibly_included_component Has possibly included component
has_possibly_included_method Has possibly included method
has_possibly_included_panel_element CPT laboratory panel code has possibly included laboratory panel test member
has_possibly_included_pathology Has possibly included pathology
has_possibly_included_patient_type Has possibly included patient type
has_possibly_included_procedure_device Has possibly included procedure device
has_possibly_included_procedure_site Has possibly included procedure site
has_possibly_included_route_of_administration Has possibly included route of administration
has_possibly_included_surgical_extent Has possibly included surgical extent
has_precise_active_ingredient Has precise active ingredient
has_precise_ingredient Has precise ingredient
has_precondition Has precondition
has_presence_guidance Has presence guidance
has_presentation_strength_denominator_unit Has presentation strength denominator unit
has_presentation_strength_denominator_value Has presentation strength denominator value
has_presentation_strength_numerator_unit Has presentation strength numerator unit
has_presentation_strength_numerator_value Has presentation strength numerator value
has_primary_segmental_supply Has primary segmental supply
has_print_name Has print name
has_priority Has priority
has_procedure_context Has procedure context
has_procedure_device Has procedure device
has_procedure_morphology Has procedure morphology
has_procedure_site Has procedure site
has_process_duration Has process duration
has_process_output Has process output
has_product_monograph_title has product monograph title
has_projection has projection
has_property_type Has property type
has_property Has property
has_quantified_form Has quantified form
has_realization Has realization
has_recipient_category Has recipient category
has_regional_part Has regional part
has_related_developmental_entity has related developmental entity
has_related_factor Has related factor
has_result Has result
has_revision_status Has revision status
has_risk_factor Has risk factor
has_route_of_administration Has route of administration
has_salt_form has salt form
has_scale_type Has scale type
has_scale Has scale
has_secondary_segmental_supply Has secondary segmental supply
has_segmental_composition Has segmental composition
has_segmental_supply Has segmental supply
has_severity Has severity
has_sign_or_symptom Has sign or symptom
has_single_level_category Has single level category
has_sort_version Has sort version
has_specialty Has specialty
has_specimen_procedure Has specimen procedure
has_specimen_source_identity Has specimen source identity
has_specimen_source_morphology Has specimen source morphology
has_specimen_source_topography Has specimen source topography
has_specimen_substance Has specimen substance
has_specimen Has specimen
has_stage Has stage
has_state_of_matter Has state of matter
has_structural_class Has structural class
has_subject_of_information Has subject of information
has_subject_relationship_context Has subject relationship context
has_subject Has subject
has_suffix Has suffix
has_supersystem Has supersystem
has_supported_concept_property Has supported concept property
has_supported_concept_relationship Has supported concept relationship
has_surgical_approach has surgical approach
has_surgical_extent Has surgical extent
has_system Has system
has_target has target
has_technique Has technique
has_temporal_context Has temporal context
has_therapeutic_class Has therapeutic class
has_time_aspect Has time aspect
has_time_modifier Has time modifier
has_timing_of Has timing of
has_tradename Has tradename
has_translation Has translation
has_transliterated_form Has transliterated form
has_tributary Has tributary
has_unit_of_presentation Has unit of presentation
has_units Has units
has_venous_drainage Has venous drainage
has_version Has version
has_view_type Has view type
homonym_for Homonym for
homonym_of Homonym of
human_disease_maps_to_eo_disease human disease maps to eo disease
icd_asterisk ICD asterisk
icd_dagger ICD dagger
imaged_anatomy_has_procedure imaged anatomy has procedure
inactive_ingredient_of Inactive Ingredient Of
inc_parent_of inc parent of
included_in included_in
includes_sub_specimen Includes sub specimen
includes includes
indirect_device_of Indirect device of
indirect_morphology_of Indirect morphology of
indirect_procedure_site_of Indirect procedure site of
induced_by Induced by
induces Induces
inferior_to inferior to
inferolateral_to inferolateral to
inferomedial_to inferomedial to
ingredient_of Ingredient of
ingredients_of Ingredients of
inherent_3d_shape_of Inherent 3-D shape of
inherent_location_of Inherent location of
inheres_in Inheres in
inheritance_type_of Inheritance type of
insertion_of insertion of
instrumentation_of Instrumentation of
intent_of Intent of
internal_to internal to
interpretation_of Interpretation of
interprets Interprets
inverse_during_and_or_after inverse During AND/OR after
inverse_during Inverse during
inverse_ends_during Inverse ends during
inverse_happens_during Inverse happens during
inverse_isa Inverse is a
inverse_was_a Inverse was a
is_abnormal_cell_of_disease is abnormal cell of disease
is_abnormality_of_gene_product is abnormality of gene product
is_abnormality_of_gene is abnormality of gene
is_action_guidance_for Is action guidance for
is_aggregation_view_of Is aggregation view of
is_approach_guidance_for Is approach guidance for
is_associated_anatomic_site_of is associated anatomic site of
is_associated_anatomy_of_gene_product is associated anatomy of gene product
is_associated_disease_of is associated disease of
is_biochemical_function_of_gene_product is biochemical function of gene product
is_chemical_classification_of_gene_product is chemical classification of gene product
is_chromosomal_location_of_gene is chromosomal location of gene
is_component_of_chemotherapy_regimen is component of chemotherapy regimen
is_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_disease is cytogenetic abnormality of disease
is_exam_for Is exam for
is_finding_of_disease is finding of disease
is_given_pharmaceutical_substance_for Is given pharmaceutical substance for
is_grade_of_disease is grade of disease
is_imaged_location_for Is imaged location for
is_imaging_focus_of Is imaging focus of
is_interpreted_by Is interpreted by
is_lateral_anatomic_location_of Is lateral anatomic location of
is_location_of_anatomic_structure is location of anatomic structure
is_location_of_biological_process is location of biological process
is_marked_by_gene_product is marked by gene product
is_mechanism_of_action_of_chemical_or_drug is mechanism of action of chemical or drug
is_metastatic_anatomic_site_of_disease is metastatic anatomic site of disease
is_modality_subtype_for Is modality subtype for
is_modality_type_for Is modality type for
is_modification_of Is modification of
is_molecular_abnormality_of_disease is molecular abnormality of disease
is_normal_cell_origin_of_disease is normal cell origin of disease
is_normal_tissue_origin_of_disease is normal tissue origin of disease
is_not_abnormal_cell_of_disease is not abnormal cell of disease
is_not_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_disease is not cytogenetic abnormality of disease
is_not_finding_of_disease is not finding of disease
is_not_metastatic_anatomic_site_of_disease is not metastatic anatomic site of disease
is_not_molecular_abnormality_of_disease is not molecular abnormality of disease
is_not_normal_cell_origin_of_disease is not normal cell origin of disease
is_not_normal_tissue_origin_of_disease is not normal tissue origin of disease
is_not_primary_anatomic_site_of_disease is not primary anatomic site of disease
is_object_guidance_for Is object guidance for
is_organism_source_of_gene_product is organism source of gene product
is_pharmaceutical_route_for Is pharmaceutical route for
is_physical_location_of_gene is physical location of gene
is_physiologic_effect_of_chemical_or_drug is physiologic effect of chemical or drug
is_presence_guidance_for Is presence guidance for
is_presence_of_lateral_location Is presence of lateral location
is_primary_anatomic_site_of_disease is primary anatomic site of disease
is_property_or_attribute_of_eo_disease is property or attribute of eo disease
is_qualified_by is qualified by
is_related_to_endogenous_product Is Related To Endogenous Product
is_stage_of_disease is stage of disease
is_structural_domain_or_motif_of_gene_product is structural domain or motif of gene product
is_subject_of Is subject of
is_target is target
is_timing_for Is timing for
is_view_type_for Is view type for
isa Is a
kind_is_domain_of kind is domain of
kind_is_range_of kind is range of
lab_number_of Lab number
larger_than Larger Than
lateral_to lateral to
laterality_of Laterality of
left_lateral_to left lateral to
left_medial_to left medial to
life_circumstance_of Life circumstance of
locale_of_excluded Locale of excluded
locale_of Locale of
location_of Location of
loinc_number_of Loinc number of
lymphatic_drainage_of Lymphatic drainage of
manifestation_of Manifestation of
manufactured_by manufactured by
manufactures manufactures
mapped_from Mapped from
mapped_to Mapped to
mapping_qualifier_of Mapping qualifier of
matures_from matures from
matures_into matures into
may_be_abnormal_cell_of_disease may be abnormal cell of disease
may_be_associated_disease_of_disease may be associated disease of disease
may_be_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_disease may be cytogenetic abnormality of disease
may_be_diagnosed_by May be diagnosed by
may_be_finding_of_disease may be finding of disease
may_be_molecular_abnormality_of_disease may be molecular abnormality of disease
may_be_normal_cell_origin_of_disease may be normal cell origin of disease
may_be_prevented_by May be prevented by
may_be_qualified_by May be qualified by
may_be_treated_by May be treated by
may_diagnose May diagnose
may_inhibit_effect_of May inhibit effect of
may_prevent May prevent
may_qualify May qualify
may_treat May treat
measured_by Measured by
measured_component_of measured_component_of
measurement_method_of Measurement method of
measures Measures
mechanism_of_action_of Mechanism of action of
medial_to medial to
member_of Member of
merges_with merges with
metabolic_site_of Metabolic site of
method_of_excluded Method of excluded
method_of_possibly_included Method of possibly included
method_of Method of
modified_by Modified by
modifies Modifies
molecular_abnormality_involves_gene molecular abnormality involves gene
moved_from Moved from
moved_to Moved to
mth_british_form_of MTH British form of
mth_expanded_form_of MTH expanded form of
mth_has_british_form MTH has British form
mth_has_expanded_form MTH has expanded form
mth_has_plain_text_form Has plain text form, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_has_xml_form Has XML form, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_plain_text_form_of Plain text form of, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_xml_form_of XML form of, Metathesaurus-asserted
multipart_of Multipart of
multiply_mapped_from Multiply mapped from
multiply_mapped_to Multiply mapped to
negatively_regulated_by Negatively regulated by
negatively_regulates Negatively regulates
neoplasm_has_special_category neoplasm has special category
nerve_supply_of Nerve supply of
nichd_parent_of nichd parent of
noun_form_of Noun form of
occurs_after Occurs after
occurs_before Occurs before
occurs_in Occurs in
onset_of Onset of
organism_has_gene organism has gene
origin_of Origin of
other_mapped_from Other mapped from
other_mapped_to Other mapped to
owning_affiliate_of Owning affiliate of
owning_section_of Owning section of
owning_subsection_of Owning subsection of
panel_element_of_possibly_included CPT laboratory panel test member is possibly included element of laboratory code
panel_element_of CPT laboratory panel test member is element of laboratory code
parent_group_of Parent group of
parent_of Parent of
part_anatomy_structure_of Part anatomy structure of
part_of Part of
part_referred_to_by Part referred to by
partially_excised_anatomy_has_procedure partially excised anatomy has procedure
partially_excised_anatomy_may_have_procedure partially excised anatomy may have procedure
pathogenesis_of_disease_involves_gene pathogenesis of disease involves gene
pathological_process_of Pathological process of
pathology_of_excluded Pathology of excluded
pathology_of_possibly_included Pathology of possibly included
pathology_of Pathology of
pathway_has_gene_element pathway has gene element
patient_type_of_excluded Patient type of excluded
patient_type_of_possibly_included Patient type of possibly included
patient_type_of Patient type of
permuted_term_of Permuted term of
pharmaceutical_administration_method_of pharmaceutical administration method of
pharmaceutical_basic_dose_form_of pharmaceutical basic dose form of
pharmaceutical_intended_site_of pharmaceutical intended site of
pharmaceutical_release_characteristics_of pharmaceutical release characteristics of
pharmaceutical_state_of_matter_of pharmaceutical state of matter of
pharmaceutical_transformation_of pharmaceutical transformation_of
pharmacokinetics_of Pharmacokinetics of
phenotype_of Phenotype of
physiologic_effect_of Physiologic effect of
physiologic_state_of Physiologic state of
plays_role Plays role
population_at_risk_for Population at risk for
positively_regulated_by Positively regulated by
positively_regulates Positively regulates
possibly_equivalent_to Possibly equivalent to
posterior_to posterior to
posteroinferior_to posteroinferior to
posterolateral_to posterolateral to
posteromedial_to posteromedial to
posterosuperior_to posterosuperior to
precise_active_ingredient_of Precise active ingredient of
precise_ingredient_of Precise ingredient of
precondition_of Precondition of
presentation_strength_denominator_unit_of Presentation strength denominator unit of
presentation_strength_denominator_value_of Presentation strength denominator value of
presentation_strength_numerator_unit_of Presentation strength numerator unit of
presentation_strength_numerator_value_of Presentation strength numerator value of
primary_mapped_from Primary mapped from
primary_mapped_to Primary mapped to
primary_segmental_supply_of Primary segmental supply of
print_name_of Print name of
priority_of Priority of
procedure_context_of Procedure context of
procedure_device_of_excluded Procedure device of excluded
procedure_device_of_possibly_included Procedure device of possibly included
procedure_device_of Procedure device of
procedure_has_completely_excised_anatomy procedure has completely excised anatomy
procedure_has_excised_anatomy procedure has excised anatomy
procedure_has_imaged_anatomy procedure has imaged anatomy
procedure_has_partially_excised_anatomy procedure has partially excised anatomy
procedure_has_target_anatomy procedure has target anatomy
procedure_may_have_completely_excised_anatomy procedure may have completely excised anatomy
procedure_may_have_excised_anatomy procedure may have excised anatomy
procedure_may_have_partially_excised_anatomy procedure may have partially excised anatomy
procedure_morphology_of Procedure morphology of
procedure_site_of_excluded Procedure site of excluded
procedure_site_of_possibly_included Procedure site of possibly included
procedure_site_of Procedure site of
process_altered_by_allele process altered by allele
process_duration_of Process duration of
process_includes_biological_process process includes biological process
process_initiates_biological_process process initiates biological process
process_involves_gene process involves gene
process_output_of Process output of
product_monograph_title_of product monograph title of
projects_from projects from
projects_to projects to
property_of Property of
property_type_of Property type of
proximal_to proximal to
qualifier_applies_to qualifier applies to
quantified_form_of Quantified form of
realization_of Realization of
receives_attachment_from receives attachment from
receives_drainage_from receives drainage from
receives_input_from Receives input from
receives_projection receives projection
recipient_category_of Recipient category of
referred_to_by referred to by
refers_to refers to
reformulated_to Reformulated to
reformulation_of Reformulation of
regimen_has_accepted_use_for_disease Regimen Has Accepted Use For Disease
regional_part_of Regional part of
regulated_by Regulated by
regulates Regulates
related_developmental_entity_of related developmental entity of
related_factor_of Related factor of
related_object related object
related_part related part
related_to_genetic_biomarker related to genetic biomarker
related_to Is Related to
relative_to_part_of Relative to part of
replaced_by Replaced by
replaces Replaces
result_of Result of
revision_status_of Revision status of
right_lateral_to right lateral to
right_medial_to right medial to
risk_factor_of Risk factor of
role_has_domain role has domain
role_has_parent role has parent
role_has_range role has range
role_is_parent_of role is parent of
role_played_by Role played by
route_of_administration_of_excluded Route of administration of excluded
route_of_administration_of_possibly_included Route of administration of possibly included
route_of_administration_of Route of administration of
same_as Same as
scale_of Scale of
scale_type_of Scale type of
secondary_segmental_supply_of Secondary segmental supply of
see_from See from
see See
segmental_composition_of Segmental composition of
segmental_supply_of Segmental supply of
sends_output_to Sends output to
severity_of Severity of
sib_in_branch_of Sibling in branch of
sib_in_isa Sibling in is a
sib_in_part_of Sibling in part of
sib_in_tributary_of Sibling in tributary of
sign_or_symptom_of Sign or symptom of
site_of_metabolism Site of metabolism
smaller_than Smaller Than
sort_version_of Sort version of
special_category_includes_neoplasm special category includes neoplasm
specialty_of Specialty of
specimen_of_excluded Specimen of excluded
specimen_of Specimen of
specimen_procedure_of Specimen procedure of
specimen_source_identity_of Specimen source identity of
specimen_source_morphology_of Specimen source morphology of
specimen_source_topography_of specimen source topography of
specimen_substance_of Specimen substance of
ssc scc
stage_of Stage of
state_of_matter_of State of matter of
structural_class_of Has structural class
sub_specimen_included_by Sub specimen included by
subject_of_information_of Subject of information of
subject_relationship_context_of Subject relationship context of
subset_includes_concept subset includes concept
substance_used_by_excluded Substance used by excluded
substance_used_by_possibly_included Substance used by possibly included
substance_used_by Substance used by
suffix_of Suffix of
superior_to superior to
superolateral_to superolateral to
superomedial_to superomedial to
supersystem_of Supersystem of
supported_concept_property_in Supported concept property in
supported_concept_relationship_in Supported concept relationship in
surgical_approach_of surgical approach of
surgical_extent_of_excluded Surgical extent of excluded
surgical_extent_of_possibly_included Surgical extent of possibly included
surgical_extent_of Surgical extent of
surrounded_by Surrounded by
surrounds Surrounds
system_of System of
target_anatomy_has_procedure target anatomy has procedure
technique_of Technique of
temporal_context_of Temporal context of
temporally_followed_by Temporally followed by
temporally_follows Temporally follows
temporally_related_to Temporally related to
therapeutic_class_of Therapeutic class of
time_aspect_of Time aspect of
time_modifier_of Time modifier of
tissue_is_expression_site_of_gene_product tissue is expression site of gene product
tradename_of Tradename of
transforms_from transforms from
transforms_into transforms into
translation_of Translation of
transliterated_form_of transliterated_form_of
treated_by Treated by
treats Treats
tributary_of Tributary of
uniquely_mapped_from Uniquely mapped from
uniquely_mapped_to Uniquely mapped to
unit_of_presentation_of Unit of presentation of
units_of Units of
used_by Used by
used_for Used for
uses_access_device Uses access device
uses_device Uses device
uses_energy Uses energy
uses_excluded_substance Uses excluded substance
uses_possibly_included_substance Uses possibly included substance
uses_substance Uses substance
uses Uses
use Use
venous_drainage_of Venous drainage of
version_of Version of
was_a Was a
wound_has_communication_with Wound has communication with
Empty relationship attribute

SRL SRL Description
0 No additional restrictions; general terms of the license agreement apply.
1 General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.1
2 General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.2
3 General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.3
4 General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.4
9 General terms + SNOMED CT Affiliate License in Appendix 2

STT   (String Type) STT Description
PF Preferred form of term
VCW Case and word-order variant of the preferred form
VC Case variant of the preferred form
VO Variant of the preferred form
VW Word-order variant of the preferred form

(Column name in MRCONSO.RRF or MRREL.RRF with identifier to which attribute is attached)
STYPE Description
AUI Atom identifier
CODE Unique Identifier or code for string in source
CUI Concept unique identifier
RUI Relationship identifier
SCUI Source asserted concept unique identifier
SDUI Source asserted descriptor identifier

(Column name in MRCONSO.RRF with first identifier to which relationship is attached)
STYPE1 Description
AUI Atom identifier
CODE Unique Identifier or code for string in source
CUI Concept unique identifier
SCUI Source asserted concept unique identifier
SDUI Source asserted descriptor identifier

(Column name in MRCONSO.RRF with second identifier to which relationship is attached)
STYPE2 Description
AUI Atom identifier
CODE Unique Identifier or code for string in source
CUI Concept unique identifier
SCUI Source asserted concept unique identifier
SDUI Source asserted descriptor identifier

E Suppressible due to editor decision
N Not suppressible
O Obsolete, SAB,TTY may be independently suppressible
Y Suppressible due to SAB,TTY
Suppressibility not yet assigned by the UMLS

(Type of Expression to Which a Mapping is Mapped)
TOTYPE Description
BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION_CODE Boolean expression of CODE values
BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION_SDUI Boolean expression of SDUI values
BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION_STR Boolean expression of STR values
CODE Unique Identifier or code for string in source
SCUI Source asserted concept unique identifier
SDUI Source asserted descriptor identifier
No type, used for XR mappings.

TS (Term Status) TS Description
P Preferred LUI of the CUI
S Non-Preferred LUI of the CUI
p Preferred LUI of the CUI, suppressible (only used in ORF MRCON)
s Non-Preferred LUI of the CUI, suppressible (only used in ORF MRCON)

TTY (Term Type in Source) TTY Description
AA Attribute type abbreviation
AB Abbreviation in any source vocabulary
ACR Acronym
AC Activities
AD Adjective
AM Short form of modifier
AS Attribute type synonym
AT Attribute type
AUN Authority name
BD Fully-specified drug brand name that can be prescribed
BN Fully-specified drug brand name that can not be prescribed
BPCK Branded Drug Delivery Device
BR Binding realm
CA2 ISO 3166-1 standard country code in alpha-2 (two-letter) format
CA3 ISO 3166-1 standard country code in alpha-3 (three-letter) format
CCN Chemical code name
CCS FIPS 10-4 country code
CC Trimmed ICPC component process
CDA Clinical drug name in abbreviated format
CDC Clinical drug name in concatenated format (NDDF), Clinical drug name (NDFRT)
CDD Clinical drug name in delimited format
CDO Concept domain
CD Clinical Drug
CE Entry term for a Supplementary Concept
CHN Chemical structure name
CL Class
CMN Common name
CN LOINC official component name
CO Component name (these are hierarchical terms, as opposed to the LOINC component names which are analytes)
CPR Concept property
CP ICPC component process (in original form)
CR Concept relationship
CSN Chemical Structure Name
CSY Code system
CS Short component process in ICPC, i.e. include some abbreviations
CU Common usage
CV Content view
CX Component, with abbreviations expanded.
DC10 Diagnostic criteria for ICD10 code
DC9 Diagnostic criteria for ICD9 code
DEV Descriptor entry version
DE Descriptor
DFG Dose Form Group
DF Dose Form
DI Disease name
DN Display Name
DO Domain
DP Drug Product
DSV Descriptor sort version
DS Short form of descriptor
DT Definitional term, present in the Metathesaurus because of its connection to a Dorland's definition or to a definition created especially for the Metathesaurus
EP Print entry term
EQ Equivalent name
ES Short form of entry term
ETAL Entry Term Alias
ETCF Entry term, consumer friendly description
ETCLIN Entry term, clinician description
ET Entry term
EX Expanded form of entry term
FBD Foreign brand name
FI Finding name
FN Full form of descriptor
FSY Foreign Synonym
GLP Global period
GN Generic drug name
GO Goal
GPCK Generic Drug Delivery Device
GT Glossary term
HC Hierarchical class
HD Hierarchical descriptor
HGJKN1 Japanese High Level Group Term (kana1)
HGJKN Japanese High Level Group Term (kana)
HG High Level Group Term
HS Short or alternate version of hierarchical term
HTJKN1 Japanese Hierarchical term (kana1)
HTJKN Japanese Hierarchical term (kana)
HTN HL7 Table Name
HT Hierarchical term
HX Expanded version of short hierarchical term
ID Nursing indicator
IN Name for an ingredient
IS Obsolete Synonym
IT Index term
IVC Intervention categories
IV Intervention
LA LOINC answer
LC Long common name
LG LOINC group
LLTJKN1 Japanese Lower Level Term (kana1)
LLTJKN Japanese Lower Level Term (kana)
LLT Lower Level Term
LN LOINC official fully specified name
LO Obsolete official fully specified name
LPDN LOINC parts display name
LPN LOINC parts name
LS Expanded system/sample type (The expanded version was created for the Metathesaurus and includes the full name of some abbreviations.)
LVDN Linguistic variant display name
LV Lexical variant
MD CCS multi-level diagnosis categories
MH Main heading
MIN name for a multi-ingredient
MP Preferred names of modifiers
MS Multum names of branded and generic supplies or supplements
MTH_ACR MTH acronym
MTH_CN MTH Component, with abbreviations expanded.
MTH_ET Metathesaurus entry term
MTH_FN MTH Full form of descriptor
MTH_HG MTH High Level Group Term
MTH_HT MTH Hierarchical term
MTH_HX MTH Hierarchical term expanded
MTH_IS Metathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete synonym
MTH_LLT MTH Lower Level Term
MTH_LN MTH Official fully specified name with expanded abbreviations
MTH_LO MTH Expanded LOINC obsolete fully specified name
MTH_OAF Metathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active fully specified name
MTH_OAP Metathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active preferred term
MTH_OAS Metathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active synonym
MTH_OET Metathesaurus obsolete entry term
MTH_OF Metathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete fully specified name
MTH_OL MTH Non-current Lower Level Term
MTH_OPN Metathesaurus obsolete preferred term, natural language form
MTH_OP Metathesaurus obsolete preferred term
MTH_OS MTH System-organ class
MTH_PTGB Metathesaurus-supplied form of British preferred term
MTH_PTN Metathesaurus preferred term, natural language form
MTH_PT Metathesaurus preferred term
MTH_RXN_BD RxNorm Created BD
MTH_RXN_CDC RxNorm Created CDC
MTH_RXN_CD RxNorm Created CD
MTH_RXN_DP RxNorm Created DP
MTH_SI MTH Sign or symptom of
MTH_SMQ Metathesaurus version of Standardised MedDRA Query
MTH_SYGB Metathesaurus-supplied form of British synonym
MTH_SY MTH Designated synonym
MV Multi-level procedure category
N1 Chemical Abstracts Service Type 1 name of a chemical
NA Name aliases
NM Name of Supplementary Concept
NPT HL7 non-preferred for language term
NP Non-preferred term
NS Short form of non-preferred term
NX Expanded form of non-preferred term
OAF Obsolete active fully specified name
OAM Obsolete Modifier Abbreviation
OAP Obsolete active preferred term
OAS Obsolete active synonym
OA Obsolete abbreviation
OC Nursing outcomes
OET Obsolete entry term
OF Obsolete fully specified name
OLC Obsolete Long common name
OLG Obsolete LOINC group name
OLJKN1 Japanese Non-current Lower Level Term (kana1)
OLJKN Japanese Non-current Lower Level Term (kana)
OL Non-current Lower Level Term
OM Obsolete modifiers in HCPCS
ONP Obsolete non-preferred for language term
OOSN Obsolete official short name
OPN Obsolete preferred term, natural language form
OP Obsolete preferred name
OR Orders
OSJKN1 Japanese System-organ class in the WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology (kana1)
OSJKN Japanese System-organ class in the WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology (kana)
OSN Official short name
OS System-organ class
PCE Preferred entry term for Supplementary Concept
PC Preferred "trimmed term" in ICPC
PEP Preferred entry term
PHENO_ET Phenotype entry term
PHENO Phenotype
PIN Name from a precise ingredient
PM Machine permutation
PN Metathesaurus preferred name
POS Place of service
PQ Qualifier for a problem
PR Name of a problem
PSC Protocol selection criteria
PSN Prescribable Names
PS Short forms that needed full specification
PTAV Preferred Allelic Variant
PTCS Preferred Clinical Synopsis
PTGB British preferred term
PTJKN1 Japanese Designated preferred name (kana1)
PTJKN Japanese Designated preferred name (kana)
PTN Preferred term, natural language form
PT Designated preferred name
PXQ Preferred qualifier term
PX Expanded preferred terms (pair with PS)
QAB Qualifier abbreviation
QEV Qualifier entry version
QSV Qualifier sort version
RAB Root abbreviation
RHT Root hierarchical term
RPT Root preferred term
RSY Root synonym
RS Extracted related names in SNOMED2
RT Term that is related to, but often considered non-synonymous with, the preferred term
RXN_IN Rxnorm Preferred Ingredient
RXN_PT Rxnorm Preferred
SBDC Semantic Branded Drug Component
SBDF Semantic branded drug and form
SBDG Semantic branded drug group
SBD Semantic branded drug
SB Named subset of a source
SCDC Semantic Drug Component
SCDF Semantic clinical drug and form
SCDG Semantic clinical drug group
SCD Semantic Clinical Drug
SCN Scientific name
SC Special Category term
SD CCS single-level diagnosis categories
SI Name of a sign or symptom of a problem
SMQ Standardised MedDRA Query
SP CCS single-level procedure categories
SSN Source short name, used in the UMLS Knowledge Source Server
SS Synonymous "short" forms
ST Step
SU Active Substance
SX Mixed-case component synonym with expanded abbreviations
SYGB British synonym
SYN Designated alias
SY Designated synonym
TA Task
TC Term class
TG Name of the target of an intervention
TMSY Tall Man synonym
TQ Topical qualifier
TX CCPSS synthesized problems for TC termgroup
UAUN Unique authority name
UCN Unique common name
UE Unique equivalent name
USN Unique scientific name
USY Unique synonym
VAB Versioned abbreviation
VPT Versioned preferred term
VSY Versioned synonym
VS Value Set
XD Expanded descriptor in AOD
XM Cross mapping set
XQ Alternate name for a qualifier

TTY (tty_class) TTY (tty_class) Description
AA abbreviation
AA attribute
AB abbreviation
ACR abbreviation
AC preferred
AD attribute
AM abbreviation
AM attribute
AS attribute
AS synonym
AT attribute
AUN synonym
BD preferred
BN preferred
BPCK preferred
BR preferred
CA2 abbreviation
CA3 abbreviation
CCN synonym
CCS synonym
CC preferred
CDA abbreviation
CDC preferred
CDD synonym
CDO preferred
CD preferred
CE entry_term
CHN synonym
CL hierarchical
CMN preferred
CN preferred
CO hierarchical
CPR preferred
CP preferred
CR preferred
CSN synonym
CS abbreviation
CSY preferred
CU synonym
CV preferred
CX expanded
CX preferred
DC10 preferred
DC9 preferred
DE preferred
DEV abbreviation
DFG preferred
DF preferred
DI preferred
DN synonym
DO hierarchical
DP preferred
DS abbreviation
DSV abbreviation
DT other
EP entry_term
EQ synonym
ES abbreviation
ES entry_term
ETAL entry_term
ETCF entry_term
ETCLIN entry_term
ET entry_term
EX entry_term
EX expanded
FBD synonym
FI preferred
FN preferred
FSY synonym
GLP preferred
GN preferred
GO preferred
GPCK preferred
GT entry_term
HC hierarchical
HD hierarchical
HGJKN1 hierarchical
HGJKN hierarchical
HG hierarchical
HS abbreviation
HS hierarchical
HTJKN1 hierarchical
HTJKN1 preferred
HTJKN hierarchical
HTJKN preferred
HTN preferred
HT hierarchical
HT preferred
HX expanded
HX hierarchical
ID abbreviation
ID preferred
IN preferred
IS obsolete
IS synonym
IT entry_term
IVC preferred
IV preferred
LA preferred
LC preferred
LG preferred
LLTJKN1 entry_term
LLTJKN entry_term
LLT entry_term
LN preferred
LO obsolete
LPDN preferred
LPN preferred
LS expanded
LVDN preferred
LV synonym
MD preferred
MH preferred
MIN preferred
MP attribute
MS preferred
MTH_ACR abbreviation
MTH_CN expanded
MTH_CN preferred
MTH_ET entry_term
MTH_FN preferred
MTH_HG hierarchical
MTH_HT hierarchical
MTH_HX hierarchical
MTH_IS obsolete
MTH_IS synonym
MTH_LLT entry_term
MTH_LN expanded
MTH_LN preferred
MTH_LO expanded
MTH_LO obsolete
MTH_LO synonym
MTH_OAF obsolete
MTH_OAP obsolete
MTH_OAP preferred
MTH_OAS obsolete
MTH_OAS synonym
MTH_OET entry_term
MTH_OET obsolete
MTH_OF obsolete
MTH_OL entry_term
MTH_OL obsolete
MTH_OPN obsolete
MTH_OPN preferred
MTH_OP obsolete
MTH_OP preferred
MTH_OS hierarchical
MTH_PTGB preferred
MTH_PTN preferred
MTH_PT expanded
MTH_PT preferred
MTH_RXN_BD preferred
MTH_RXN_CDC preferred
MTH_RXN_CD preferred
MTH_RXN_DP preferred
MTH_SI preferred
MTH_SMQ preferred
MTH_SYGB synonym
MTH_SY synonym
MV preferred
N1 synonym
NA preferred
NM preferred
NPT synonym
NP synonym
NS abbreviation
NS synonym
NX expanded
NX synonym
OAF obsolete
OAM abbreviation
OAM attribute
OAM obsolete
OAP obsolete
OAS obsolete
OA abbreviation
OA obsolete
OC preferred
OET entry_term
OET obsolete
OF obsolete
OLC obsolete
OLG obsolete
OLJKN1 entry_term
OLJKN1 obsolete
OLJKN entry_term
OLJKN obsolete
OL entry_term
OL obsolete
OM attribute
OM obsolete
ONP obsolete
ONP synonym
OOSN obsolete
OPN obsolete
OPN preferred
OP obsolete
OP preferred
OR preferred
OSJKN1 hierarchical
OSJKN hierarchical
OSN abbreviation
OSN preferred
OS hierarchical
PCE entry_term
PCE preferred
PC preferred
PEP entry_term
PEP preferred
PHENO_ET entry_term
PHENO preferred
PIN preferred
PM synonym
PN preferred
POS preferred
PQ attribute
PR preferred
PSC preferred
PSN preferred
PS abbreviation
PTAV preferred
PTCS preferred
PTGB preferred
PTJKN1 preferred
PTJKN preferred
PTN preferred
PT preferred
PXQ attribute
PXQ entry_term
PX expanded
PX preferred
QAB abbreviation
QEV abbreviation
QSV abbreviation
RAB abbreviation
RHT hierarchical
RPT preferred
RS other
RSY synonym
RT other
RXN_IN preferred
RXN_PT preferred
SBDC preferred
SBDF preferred
SBDG preferred
SBD preferred
SB other
SCALE attribute
SCDC preferred
SCDF preferred
SCDG preferred
SCD preferred
SCN preferred
SC other
SD preferred
SI preferred
SMQ preferred
SP preferred
SSN abbreviation
SS abbreviation
SS synonym
ST preferred
SU preferred
SX expanded
SX synonym
SYGB synonym
SYN synonym
SY synonym
TA preferred
TC hierarchical
TG preferred
TMSY synonym
TQ attribute
TQ preferred
TX hierarchical
UAUN synonym
UCN preferred
UE synonym
USN preferred
USY synonym
VAB abbreviation
VPT preferred
VS preferred
VSY synonym
XD expanded
XD preferred
XM other
XQ attribute
XQ synonym

Last Reviewed: May 4, 2020