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Attribute Names - 2022AA

ATN (Attribute Name)Description
ACCEPTED_THERAPEUTIC_USE_FORAccepted therapeutic use for
ADDED_MEANINGAdditional descriptive information
ADDITIONAL_GUIDELINEAdditional explanatory text that is applicable to a concept (code/heading/subheading).
ADDON_CODEA "T" in this field indicates that it is an "Add-on" code, i.e. it is commonly carried out in addition to the primary procedure performed
AGRAlliance of Genome Resources
AMBIGUITY_FLAGSource atom ambiguity flag
AMTAOT uses MeSH term
ANADAAbbreviated New Animal Drug application number for the generic drug for MTHSPL
ANATOMICAL_COORDINATEAnatomical coordinate
ANDAAbbreviated New (Generic) Drug application number for the MTHSPL drug
ANSWER_CODE_SYSTEMAnswer code system
ANSWER_CODEAnswer code
ANSWER_LIST_NAMEAnswer list name
ANMeSH Annotation - an informative MeSH note written primarily for indexers or catalogers that may also be useful in explaining the use of a MeSH term to online searchers.
AQLMeSH Allowable Qualifier - list of allowable qualifier abbreviations for MeSH main headings (e.g. AA, CL, CS, DF, DU, IM, I,P ME, PK)
ASK_AT_ORDER_ENTRYAsk at Order Entry (AOE) observations for a clinical observation or laboratory test
ASSOC_OBSERVATIONSAssociated observations
BIOCARTA_IDBioCarta online maps of molecular pathways, adapted for NCI use ID
BLATherapeutic Biologic Applications number for the MTHSPL drug
BLOCKBlock code
BRAININFO_URLURL of the central directory page in BrainInfo
CCFCanonical Clinical Problem Statement System (CCPSS) frequency - the number of times a CCPSS term appears in a patient record.
CCIICD-9-CM code(s) clusters in a Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) category - individual ICD-9-CM codes (or ranges of such codes) classified into CCS categories.
CELL_APPENDAGE_TYPECell appendage type
CFRCode of Federal Regulation Number (e.g. 862.3220, 892.1610)
CHANGE_CLASSIdentifies the type of change made to this version of the Code (i.e., changes from the prior version published in "CDT-2011-2012"), with the following meanings: 30 = No change to existing code, nomenclature or descriptor; 31 = New procedure code and nomenclature, and descriptor, if present; 35 = Revision in the nomenclature or descriptor (or both), or to indicate a revision to an entire subcategory; 39 = Editorial (e.g., syntax; spelling); 99 = Entire CDT Code entry is no longer valid (i.e., deleted) in this version.
CHANGE_REASON_PUBLICDetailed explanation about special changes to the term over time.
CHAPTERChapter code
CHROMOSOME_PAIRS_PER_NUCLEUSChromosome pairs per nucleus
CMA_LABELCenter for Morphological Analysis
CNUISO 3166-1 standard country code in numeric (three-digit) format
COATINGFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for coating
CODE_ALSOInstructs that 2 codes may be required to fully describe a condition but the sequencing of the two codes is discretionary, depending on the severity of the conditions and the reason for the encounter.
CODE_FIRSTCertain conditions have both an underlying etiology and multiple body system manifestations due to the underlying etiology. ICD-10-CM has a coding convention that requires the underlying condition be sequenced first followed by the manifestation. Wherever such a combination exists there is a "code first" note at the manifestation code. These instructional notes indicate the proper sequencing order of the codes, etiology followed by manifestation. In most cases the manifestation codes will have in the code title, "in diseases classified elsewhere." Codes with this title are a component of the etiology/manifestation convention. The code title indicates that it is a manifestation code. "In diseases classified elsewhere" codes are never permitted to be used as first listed or principle diagnosis codes. They must be used in conjunction with an underlying condition code and they must be listed following the underlying condition.
COLORTEXTFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for color text
COLORFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for color
COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDSCombo Score that has no top words
COMMON_ORDER_RANKRanking of approximately 300 common orders performed by laboratories in USA
COMMON_SI_TEST_RANKCorresponding SI terms for 2000 common tests performed by laboratories in USA
COMMON_TEST_RANKNumeric ranking of approximately 2,000 common tests performed by hospitals
CONCENTRATION_STRENGTH_DENOMINATOR_VALUEConcentration strength denominator value (defining)
CONCENTRATION_STRENGTH_NUMERATOR_VALUEConcentration strength numerator value (defining)
CONCEPT_TYPEConcept type
CONSIDERCodes to consider before definitive diagnosis
CONSUMER_NAMEAn experimental (beta) consumer friendly name
CONTRIBUTING_AUTHORcontributing author
COUNT_OF_ACTIVE_INGREDIENTCount of active ingredient (defining)
COUNT_OF_BASE_OF_ACTIVE_INGREDIENTCount of base of active ingredient (defining)
CPFCPT Full Description - complete text of the CPT full description, in cases where the CPT term in the "STR" field of MRCON has been trimmed from its original form.
CPTLINK_CONCEPT_IDCPT Link concept identifier
CPT_LEVELFor headings, a value ranging from H1 (a top-level heading such as Surgery) to H6 (a 6th-level subheading) and HS (a heading for a small family of related codes). For CPT codes, either PC for Parent Code or CC for Child Code.
CTV3IDThe Read Code for a SNOMED CT concept taken from the United Kingdom?s Clinical Terms Version 3 terminology.
CV_ALGORITHMContent view algorithm
CV_CATEGORYContent view category
CV_CLASSContent view class
CV_CODEContent view code
CV_CONTRIBUTOR_DATEDate corresponding to the contributor version of this concept view
CV_CONTRIBUTOR_URLURL corresponding to the contributor version of this concept view
CV_CONTRIBUTOR_VERSIONVersion of this content view submitted by the contributor
CV_CONTRIBUTORContent view contributor
CV_DESCRIPTIONContent view description
CV_INCLUDE_OBSOLETEContent view includes obsolete data: YN
CV_IS_GENERATEDContent view generated: Y/N
CV_MAINTAINER_DATEDate corresponding to the maintainer version of this concept view
CV_MAINTAINER_URLURL corresponding to the maintainer version of this concept view
CV_MAINTAINER_VERSIONVersion of this content view submitted by the maintainer
CV_MAINTAINERContent view maintainer
CV_MEMBERDescribes the membership for an atom belonging to a particular content view. The value for this attribute is a tilde-delimited microsyntax. The first field is the content view bitflag (e.g. 2048), followed by field name-value pairs describing the member.
CV_PREVIOUS_METAPrevious UMLS Metathesaurus version used to generate content view. A null value means the content view is generated based on current UMLS Metathesaurus version.
CXMeSH Consider Also Note - other word roots or prefixes that should be consulted for concepts related to this MeSH concept, e.g., the value for "Heart" is "consider also terms at cardi- and myocardi-".
CYTOGENETIC_LOCATIONCytogenetic location of the gene
DATE_CREATEDDate created
DATE_FIRST_PUBLISHEDDate first published
DATE_LAST_MODIFIEDDate last modified
DATE_NAME_CHANGEDDate name changed
DATE_SYMBOL_CHANGEDDate symbol changed
DAYS_POST_FERTILIZATIONDays post fertilization
DAYS_RESTRICTIONDays restriction
DAMetathesaurus Date of entry - YYYYMMDD, e.g., 19920830 - date of entry of the concept into the Metathesaurus.
DB_XR_IDDatabase cross-reference ID
DCSAControlled Substance Act designation code (e.g. 0,2,3n)
DCMeSH Descriptor class - type of MeSH term the concept name represents.
DDFADrug Doseform Abbreviation (e.g. SOLN)
DDFDrug Doseform (e.g. chewable tablet)
DEFAULT_LANGUAGECODEDefault language code value
DESCRIPTION_FORMATDescription format
DESCRIPTION_LENGTHDescription length
DESCRIPTOR_ELEMENTElements of a multi-paragraph descriptor, such as, E&M, lab panels, and molecular pathology
DESCRIPTOR_EXTENSIONExtension of full description of the concept
DESIGN_NOTEDesign note.
DESI_DESCSource drug efficacy study implementation indicator
DEVTYPEDevice Type
DHJCMultum HCPCS J-code Multum clinical drugs linked to HCPCS J-codes where applicable (e.g. J7507)
DIDDescriptor Identifier
DIMENSIONDimension code
DISJOINT_FROMDisjoint from
DIVNCBI Division/Phyla (e.g. DIV[NCBI]Viruses)
DM_SPL_IDDailyMed internal identifier for MTHSPL atom
DPCMultum Pregnancy Hazard Classification Code assigned to Multum clinical drugs. (e.g. X, D)
DQMeSH Date Qualifier Established YYYYMMDD - date the qualifier became available for indexing MEDLARS citations.
DRTADrug Route of Administration Abbreviation (e.g. INJ)
DRTDrug Route of Administration (e.g. Injection (systemic) )
DRUG_CLASS_TYPEVA Drug class type - Values can be "Major","Minor","Sub Class", or "0","1","2" respectively
DSTDrug Strength (e.g. 0.01%, 0.02 MG, 0.02 MG/ML)
DXMeSH Date major descriptor established YYYYMMDD - first day of the Index Medicus publication month in which the descriptor (in any form) was available for searching as a major descriptor.
ECSpecifies the MeSH main heading to be used instead of the Descriptor/Qualifier combination specified in the EC_OF attribute.
EFFECTIVE_TIMEEffective time
ENAInternational Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration accession number(s)
EUPROSTATE16Euprostate 16
EUPROSTATE27Euprostate 27
EXAMPLE_UCUM_UNITSThe Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM)
EXAMPLE_UNITSExample units
EXCLUDES1A pure excludes. It means "NOT CODED HERE!" Indicates that the code excluded should never be used at the same time as the code above the Excludes1 note. Used for when two conditions cannot occur together, such as a congenital form versus an acquired form of the same condition.
EXCLUDES2Represents "Not included here". Indicates that the condition excluded is not part of the condition it is excluded from but a patient may have both conditions at the same time. When an Excludes2 note appears under a code it is acceptable to use both the code and the excluded code together.
EXCLUDE_DI_CHECKExclude drug interaction check
EXEMPT_MODContains 51 or 63 for codes where Modifier 51 or 63 is Exempt
EXTERNAL_COPYRIGHT_LINKExternal copyright link
EZEnzyme Commission Number - International Union of Biochemists Enzyme Commission number for an enzyme concept.
FDA_APPROVAL_PENDINGT for codes marked with the FDA approval pending symbol
FIRST_IN_SUBSETVersion of subset first containing this concept
FOURTHLEVELFourth Level code
FREESURFER_TERMFreesurfer term
FROMRSABRoot source abbreviation for the "from" identifiers of a map set
FROMVSABVersioned source abbreviation for the "from" identifiers of a map set
FRMeSH Frequency
FXMeSH MH Mapping - maps a MeSH MH to a 'See Related' MH.
GENE_FAM_DESCGene family description
GENE_FAM_IDID used to designate a gene family or group
GLOBAL_PERIOD_CODEGlobal period code
GO_COMMENTGO Comment field data
GO_NAMESPACEGo Namespace field data
GO_SUBSETGo Subset field data
GXRGO Cross Reference to external databases (e.g. MetaCyc:TRNA-CHARGING-PWY)
HACHCPCS action code - code denoting the change made to a procedure or modifier code within the HCPCS system.
HADHCPCS Action Effective Date - effective date of action to a procedure or modifier code.
HAQHCPCS Anesthesia Base Unit Quantity - base unit represents the level of intensity for anesthesia procedure services that reflects all activities except time.
HAS_BOUNDARYHas boundary
HAS_DIMENSIONHas dimension
HAS_DIRECT_CELL_LAYERHas direct cell layer
HAS_DIRECT_PLOIDYHas direct ploidy
HAS_INHERENT_3D_SHAPEhas inherent 3d shape
HAS_MASSHas mass
HBTHCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type of Service Code - BETOS for the procedure code based on generally agreed upon clinically meaningful groupings of procedures and services.
HCCHCPCS Coverage Code - code denoting Medicare coverage status. There are two subelements separated by "=".
HCDHCPCS Code Added Date - year the HCPCS code was added to the HCFA Common Procedure Coding System.
HCOHL7 Comment
HIRHCPCS Coverage Issues Manual Reference Section Number - number identifying the Reference Section of the Coverage Issues Manual.
HITHL7 Interpretation: German Interpretation according to the German HL/ user group
HL7AIHL7 approved indicator
HL7APHL7 associated concept property
HL7ARHL7 package artifact
HL7ATHL7 applies to
HL7BRHL7 binding realm name
HL7CCHL7 complete codes indicator
HL7CDHL7 conductible
HL7CIHL7 package combined Id
HL7CPHL7 copyright owner
HL7CSCHL7 conceptual space for class code
HL7CSTHL7 coding strength
HL7CSHL7 code status
HL7CYHL7 copyright years
HL7DCHL7 is document characteristic
HL7DIHL7 deprecation info
HL7DKHL7 definition kind
HL7EDHL7 effective date
HL7HAHL7 how applies
HL7HIHL7 history item
HL7IDHL7 internal Id
HL7IIHL7 is immutable
HL7IMHL7 is mandatory indicator
HL7INHL7 inverse name
HL7IRHL7 inverse relationship
HL7ISHL7 is selectable
HL7LTHL7 license terms
HL7MIHL7 maintained indicator
HL7MNHL7 vocabulary model name
HL7NAHL7 is navigable
HL7OAHL7 owning affiliate
HL7PKHL7 package kind
HL7PLHL7 preferred for language
HL7PRHL7 package root
HL7RAHL7 rendering application
HL7RDHL7 release date
HL7RFHL7 reflexivity
HL7RGHL7 responsible group organization name
HL7RKHL7 relationship kind
HL7RNHL7 package realm namespace
HL7RTHL7 rendering time
HL7SCSHL7 supported code system
HL7SLHL7 supported language
HL7SVHL7 schema version
HL7SYHL7 symmetry
HL7TIHL7 title
HL7TRHL7 transitive
HL7TYHL7 property type
HL7UNHL7 usage notes
HL7VCHL7 value set content
HL7VDHL7 version date
HL7VEHL7 package version
HL7XNHL7 xml namespace
HL7_ATTACHMENT_REQUESTHL7 attachment request
HL7_ATTACHMENT_STRUCTUREHL7 attachment structure
HL7_FIELD_SUBFIELD_IDA value which indicates the content should be delivered in the named field/subfield of the HL7 message. When NULL, the data should be sent in an OBX segment with this LOINC code stored in OBX-3 and with the value in the OBX-5
HLCHCPCS Lab Certification Code - code used to classify laboratory procedures according to the specialty certification categories listed by CMS(formerly HCFA).
HMPHCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code - code used to identify instances where a procedure could be priced.
HMRHCPCS Medicare Carriers Manual reference section number - number identifying a section of the Medicare Carriers Manual.
HMMeSH Heading Mapped To - heading mapped to attribute in C-MeSH containing repeating (MH or MH/SH) elements (e.g. HM = PYRROLIDINONES, HM = *TARTRATES, HM = ESTRONE/* analogs & derivatives)
HNHistory Note - for MeSH history notes, the year when the current form of the MeSH term was established as a major and/or minor descriptor.
HPDHCPCS ASC payment group effective date - date the procedure is assigned to the ASC payment group.
HPGHCPCS ASC payment group code which represents the dollar amount of the facility charge payable by Medicare for the procedure.
HPIHCPCS Pricing Indicator Code - used to identify the appropriate methodology for developing unique pricing amounts under Part B.
HPNHCPCS processing note number identifying the processing note contained in Appendix A of the HCPCS Manual.
HSEHL7 Section: Chapter
HSNUHL7 Sort Number: Number for sorting the values according to the official document
HSNHCPCS Statute Number identifying statute reference for coverage or noncoverage of procedure or service.
HTAHL7 Anchor: HTML-Reference to the Standard
HTDHCPCS Termination Date - last date for which a procedure or code may be used by Medicare Providers.
HTGHL7 Generate: Yes/No
HTSHCPCS Type of Service Code - carrier assigned HCFA Type of Service which describes the particular kind(s) of service represented by the procedure code.
HTTHL7 Table Type: Number specifying the type of this table (user defined, HL7 defined, ..)
HUSHL7 Usage: How is this data element used (Original, Added, Deleted)
HXRHCPCS Cross reference code - an explicit reference crosswalking a deleted code or a code that is not valid for Medicare to a valid current code (or range of codes).
IAAICD10AM Abbreviated Descriptor
IACICD10AM Australian Code - Contains a flag "1" for codes that have been exclusively developed in Australia.
IADICD10AM Effective from - indicates the date that the code is effective from.
IAHICD10AM Age Edit, higher limit - minimum age is expressed as a three digit field.
IALICD10AM Age Edit, lower limit - minimum age is expressed as a three digit field.
IANAnnotation or Usage Note - a value of "+" or "DAGGER," denotes a code describing the etiology or underlying cause of the disease; an "*" or "ASTERISK," denotes a code describing the manifestation of a disease. A value of "DEFAULT" indicates that dual coding is not indicated.
IARICD10AM Relationship Note - code embedded in the term, may have a * or +.
IASICD10AM Sex Edit flag to indicate whether the code is valid for a particular sex. Sex flags are 1 (male) or 2 (female).
IATICD10AM Sex Edit Type - all sex flagged codes are followed by a "sex edit type" flag. The sex edit type flags are 1 (fatal) or 2 (warning).
IAYICD10AM Age Edit Type - all age flagged codes are followed by an age edit type flag. The age edit type flags are 1 (fatal) or 2 (warning).
ICAICD Additional Codes Note - an ICD-9-CM instruction to signal the coder that an additional code should be used if the information is available to provide a more complete picture of that diagnoses or procedure.
ICCICD Code Also Note - an ICD-9-CM instruction to signal the coder to code additional information.
ICEICD Entry Term (e.g. Diarrhea:{dysenteric; epidemic}; Infectious diarrheal disease)
ICFICD Fifth-digit Code Note - instruction to coders indicating use of a fifth-digit code.
ICNP_TYPEICNP Type Codes: Defines if the code is a Diagnosis/Outcome (DC), Intervention (IC)
ICNICD Note - instruction providing additional coding information.
IDNROriginal ID number for source file
IIMeSH Indexing Information - for MeSH chemical terms (Term Type=NM), MeSH headings that may be relevant to articles that are also assigned the NM term.
IMAGING_DOCUMENT_VALUE_SETA value of "TRUE" indicates that the LOINC NUM is a member of the Imaging Documents Value Set
INACTIVATION_INDICATORInactivation indicator
INCICD10AM Neoplasm code (e.g. C34.- )
IPXICD10 code related to an ICPC code - a + indicates that the ICD10 code is broader than the ICPC code; a - indicates that the ICD10 code is narrower than the ICPC code.
ISLEAFLeaf flag: 0 for hierarchical nodes, 1 for leaf nodes
IS_RETIRED_FROM_SUBSETIn future, some concepts will be marked retired if they are retired by IHTSDO or no longer considered to be useful e.g. when there are more appropriate SNOMED CT concepts
JHU_WHITE_MATTER_TRACTOGRAPHY_ATLASJHU white matter tractography atlas
JXROMIM code that is related to Jablonski term.
KEGG_IDKyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG), KEGG Pathway Database, adapted for NCI use ID
LABELERFDA Structured Product Label Manufacturer/Distributor/Supplier name
LABEL_TYPEDailyMed label type
LANGUAGECODESNOMED CT string identifying a language and, if appropriate, a dialect in which this description is valid.
LAST_IN_SUBSETThe version of Subset last containing this concept.
LCLLOINC Class - arbitrary classification of terms in LOINC designed to assist LOINC development and to group related observations together (e.g. ABXBACT = Antibiotic susceptibility)
LCNLOINC Classtype - 1 = Laboratory Class; 2 = Clinical Class; 3 = Claims Attachment; 4 = Surveys
LCSLOINC status - valid values are "ACTIVE," "TRIAL," "DISCOURAGED," "DEPRECATED." For "DEPRECATED" or "DISCOURAGED" concepts, the term that should now be used may appear in the LMP element.
LCTLOINC Change Type Code - type of change made to a LOINC term.
LEALOINC Example Answers - for some tests and measurements, LOINC has supplied examples of valid answers. These values differ from those in the ANSWERLIST field because that details possible values for nominal scale terms.
LEGALLY_MARKETED_UNAPPROVED_NEW_ANIMAL_DRUGS_FOR_MINOR_SPECIESLegally Marketed Unapproved New Animal Drugs for Minor Species
LEVELRXNORM: Specifies the type of drug concepts - Values can be "Ingredient", "VA Class", or "VA Product"; ICF: hierarchical level number
LFOLOINC Formula - regression equation details for many OB.US calculated terms.
LMPLOINC Map to Code of the term that has superseded a term with a LCS value of DEPRECATED.
LNCIPEDIACompendium of human long non-coding RNAs
LOCUS_GROUPLocus group
LOCUS_SPECIFIC_DB_XRLocus specific database cross-reference
LOELevel of effort
LOINC_SCOREA numeric score associated with a LOINC answer ('LA') concept.
LORLOINC ORDER_OBS field. Defines term as order only, observation only, or both. Values are: BOTH OBSERVATION ORDER. A fourth category, Subset, is used for terms that are subsets of a panel but do not represent a package that is known to be orderable.
LQSSurvey Question Source
LQTSurvey Question Text
LRN2Related names 2
LTIndicates if a chemicals or medical device is a tradename (present in older versions of the Metathesaurus and was discontinued, then brought back starting in 2002AD)
LURUnits required when used as OBX segment - a Y/N field that indicates that units are required when this LOINC is included as an OBX segment in a HIPAA attachment
MAPSETGRAMMARGrammar used to describe boolean expressions used in a map set
MAPSETNAMEOfficial name of a map set
MAPSETRSABRoot source abbreviation for a map set
MAPSETSIDSource asserted identifier for a map set
MAPSETTYPEIndicates the nature of a map set. Its value is map set specific. It can be used to indicate the inclusion of one to one, one to many and choices of maps.
MAPSETVERSIONVersion of the map set
MAPSETVSABVersioned source abbreviation for a map set
MARKETING_CATEGORYMarketing category
MARKETING_EFFECTIVE_TIME_HIGHThe expiration date of the last lot distributed provided by the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) author. Products that are actively being marketed will not have a marketing end date
MARKETING_EFFECTIVE_TIME_LOWThe date the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) author indicates when it started marketing the packaged product
MARKETING_STATUSThe Marketing Status of the MTHSPL drug
MDAMeSH date of entry YYYYMMDD - date the term was added to the MeSH file, which is prior to the date the term became available for indexing and searching MEDLARS citations. Terms that have been part of MeSH for many years may have no value in this element.
MEASURE_DEVELOPERName of the measure developer associated with the Category II code
MEAIn NOC, the "measurement scale" used for a particular outcome.
MENU_PARENTLink information to Term Menu parent. This may not always be the same as the TermParent. Element will not exist for top level menus, e.g. cancer.
MENU_TYPEValues are Clinical Trials--Cancer Type, Clinical Trials--Drug, or Cancer Information.
MISOMedDRA Serial Code International SOC Sort Order Digit (01-26)
MMRMeSH revision date YYYYMMDD - date of the last major revision to the term's MeSH record.
MMX_RXOMicromedex Product Category Code
MNMeSH hierarchical number for the concept in the MeSH tree structures. This number also appears in the HCD subelement of the REL and CXT elements.
MOLECULAR_WEIGHT_OF_ANALYTEMolecular weight of analyte
MOVED_FROMMoved from
MPSMedDRA primary SOC (PTs may have multiple treepositions, but each has a primary soc)
MP_OTHER_LANGUAGE_URLMEDLINEPLUS health topic other-language URL
MP_PRIMARY_INSTITUTE_URLMEDLINEPLUS health topic primary-institute URL
MRMajor revision date YYYYMMDD - date the Metathesaurus entry for the concept underwent any revision in content.
MSCMinimal Standard (Terminology) Class
MSPSPN Medical Specialty Panel (responsible for reviewing the product).
MTH_MAPFROMCOMPLEXITYIndicates the complexity of "from" expressions used in a map set
MTH_MAPFROMEXHAUSTIVEIndicates whether or not the "from" source of a map set is completely mapped
MTH_MAPSETCOMPLEXITYIndicates the overall complexity of a map set
MTH_MAPTOCOMPLEXITYIndicates the complexity of "to" expressions in a map set
MTH_MAPTOEXHAUSTIVEIndicates whether or not the "to" source is completely mapped
NADANew Animal Drug Application number for MTHSPL drug
NCI_IDNCI thesaurus concept id
NDA_AUTHORIZED_GENERICNew Drug Application number for authorized generic MTHSPL drug
NDANew Drug Application number for MTHSPL drug
NDCNational Drug Code corresponding to a clinical drug (e.g. 000023082503)
NDF_TRANSMIT_TO_CMOPNDF Transmit to Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP)
NFINational formulary indicator - "YES" or "NO" indicating whether a drug is in the VA's National Formulary
NF_INACTIVATENational Formulary Inactivation Date - the date a drug was removed from the VA's National Formulary
NF_NAMENational Formulary Name
NHRICNational Health Related Items Code
NSRNeuronames Species Restriction - indication that a Neuronames concept applies to humans, macaques, primates, rats, etc. Most Neuronames concepts have no species restriction.
OCCURRENCENumber of institutions having this concept on their problem list (from 1 to 7), not populated for concepts retired from Subset
OLMeSH Online Note - information helpful to online searchers of MEDLINE, especially when the history of a term or cross-reference has implications for online searching. This is a potential source of useful information for rules for search interface programs.
ORDER_NOOrder number
ORIG_CODEOriginal code associated with this string
ORIG_SOURCEOriginal source associated with this string
ORIG_STYOriginal semantic type
OR_GROUPIndicates that relationships with the same CUI2 and RG are disjunctive expressions
OTC_MONOGRAPH_FINALFDA Structured Product Label OTC monograph status
OTC_MONOGRAPH_NOT_FINALFDA Structured Product Label OTC monograph status
PANEL_TYPEPanel type
PARENT_CLASSVA Internal entry number of the parent class
PART_SEQ_ORDERPart sequence order
PART_TYPEPart type
PAPharmacologic Action of MeSH main headings (MH) for drugs and supplementary concept names (NM). The information in this element is also represented by an "isa" relationship between the MH or NM concept and the MeSH concept name for the class of drugs with a particular pharmacologic action.
PCLPharmacy Practice Activity Classification (PPAC) Category - all terms are assigned to one of five categories, which connote their hierarchy.
PDCSPN Product Device Class (level of CDRH regulation: class 1, 2, or 3).
PHYSICAL_STATEPhysical state
PID_IDNational Cancer Institute Nature Pathway Interaction Database ID
PIRADSV2Piradsv 2
PIMeSH heading or heading/subheading combination(s) followed by a date range in parentheses (YYYY).
PLACE_OF_SERVICE_CODEPlace of service code
PLRPharmacy Practice Activity Classification (PPAC) Last Revision Date (Format: M/DD/YY time)
PMPublic MeSH note - combines key information from the HN and PI elements in a format that is printed in the MeSH publications.
PRCProduct Third Party Review Code from SPN.
PREF_FLAG_IDPreferred flag
PREMARKET_NOTIFICATIONFDA Structured Product Label premarket notification
PRESENTATION_STRENGTH_DENOMINATOR_VALUEPresentation strength denominator value (defining)
PRESENTATION_STRENGTH_NUMERATOR_VALUEPresentation strength numerator value (defining)
PROPRIETARY_NAMEProprietary name
PTRSPN Product Tier (level of CDRH triage: 1, 2, 3, or E{xempt}).
PUBLISH_VALUE_SETpublish value set
PXCPDQ Protocol Exclusion Criteria - terms with type "exclusion criteria," which may be indexed on protocol records to identify conditions that exclude a patient from eligibility.
PYRPsychInfo year designation
QUALIFIERhas qualifer
RADLEX_PLAYBOOK_LONG_NAMERadLex Playbook long name
RADLEX_PREF_NAMERadLex preferred name
RANKNCBI Rank (e.g. RANK[NCBI]species)
REFSET_PATTERNRefset pattern
REFReferences or citations related to a given atom or concept.
REMARKSSpecific coding instructions
REPLACED_BY_SNOMED_CIDCurrent version SNOMEDCT concept id this concept is replaced by
REPORTABLEIndicates whether a code is reportable
RGD_IDRat genome database gene ID
RIDRead Codes Term_id - identifier assigned to a Read term, used in referring to the term in the Read file structure, and may be used in clinical information systems.
RNRegistry Number - series of numbers and hyphens (any leading zeros in an RN are dropped) or a series of numbers and periods, preceded by EC
RPIDRadLex Playbook ID
RRThe Chemical Abstracts Registry numbers for salts, optical isomers, or isotope-labeled versions of the concept followed by the relationship of this RR to the RN (in parentheses.) Applies to chemicals only. These numbers can be used as links to information in a number of chemical and toxicological databases.
RVU_FACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_DISCONTINUEDRVU facility practice expense discontinued
RVU_FACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_PROFESSIONALRVU facility practice expense professional
RVU_FACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_TECHNICALRVU facility practice expense technical
RVU_FACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSERVU facility practice expense
RVU_MEDICARE_GLOBAL_PERIOD_DISCONTINUEDRVU Medicare global period discontinued
RVU_MEDICARE_GLOBAL_PERIOD_PROFESSIONALRVU Medicare global period professional
RVU_MEDICARE_GLOBAL_PERIOD_TECHNICALRVU Medicare global period technical
RVU_NONFACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_DISCONTINUEDRVU nonfacility practice expense discontinued
RVU_NONFACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_PROFESSIONALRVU nonfacility practice expense professional
RVU_NONFACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSE_TECHNICALRVU nonfacility practice expense technical
RVU_NONFACILITY_PRACTICE_EXPENSERVU nonfacility practice expense
RVU_TOTAL_FACILITY_DISCONTINUEDRVU total facility discontinued
RVU_TOTAL_FACILITY_PROFESSIONALRVU total facility professional
RVU_TOTAL_FACILITY_TECHNICALRVU total facility technical
RVU_TOTAL_NONFACILITY_DISCONTINUEDRVU total nonfacility discontinued
RVU_TOTAL_NONFACILITY_PROFESSIONALRVU total nonfacility professional
RVU_TOTAL_NONFACILITY_TECHNICALRVU total nonfacility technical
RXAUIRxNorm atom identifier for the atom it is connected to
RXCUIRxNorm concept identifier for the atom this is connected to
RXN_ACTIVATEDDate the RxNorm atom was reactivated
RXN_AIRXCUI of BOSS Active Ingredient preceded by RXCUI of SCDC responsible for value
RXN_AMRXCUI of BOSS Active Moiety preceded by RXCUI of SCDC responsible for value
RXN_AVAILABLE_STRENGTHAvailable drug strengths listed in the order of ingredients from the drug
RXN_BN_CARDINALITYCardinality of RxNorm Brand Name Atom
RXN_HUMAN_DRUGDrug available for use in Humans
RXN_IN_EXPRESSED_FLAGStrength Expressed As Precise Flag
RXN_OBSOLETEDDate the RxNorm atom became obsolete
RXN_QUANTITYNormal Form quantity factor
RXN_STRENGTHStrength plus unit of SCDC
RXN_VET_DRUGDrug available for use in animals
RXRReplacement: cross reference from obsolete code to current code
RXTERM_FORMThe RxTerm dose form name for this drug
SBSNOMED International subset indicator - valid values: * =can code using two T codes or G code for laterality B Bethesda system (Morphology); IC= ICDO (Oncology) related; N=Nursing; N* =Nursing, provisional; U=Ultrastructure (Morphology); V= Veterinary; V* =Veterinary AND can code using two T codes or G code for laterality (Topography)
SCOREFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for score
SCMeSH Supplemental record class.
SECONDLEVELSecond Level code
SEQ_NOSequence number
SHAPETEXTFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for shape text
SHAPEFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for shape
SHFSNOMED Hospital Formulary Code - the American Hospital Formulary Code for a chemical contained in SNOMED International (e.g. 84:24:12)
SICSNOMED ICD9CM Reference - the ICD9CM code or codes listed as relevant to the meaning of the concept in SNOMED International.
SIDSecondary GO ID (e.g. GO:0020034)
SIZEFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for size
SLOT_SYNONYMslot synonym
SMQ_ALGOStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Algorithm. Boolean expression of algorithm for the SMQ. "N" if the SMQ does not utilize an algorithm.
SMQ_LEVELStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Level. Value between 1 and 5 identifying the level of the SMQ within the hierarchy of SMQs; 1 is the most general, 5 is the most narrow.
SMQ_SOURCEStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Source. Source for the development of the SMQ, e.g. medical references.
SMQ_STATUSStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Status. "A" = active; "I" = inactive.
SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSIONStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Addition Version. Version of MedDRA in which term was added to the SMQ.
SMQ_TERM_CATStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Category. A single alphabetical letter indicating the category of the term for application of the SMQ algorithm. If the SMQ does not use algorithms, then all Term_category values are assigned "A." For a child SMQ, this field is assigned "S."
SMQ_TERM_LEVELStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Level. The MedDRA hierarchy level of a term (4=PT, 5=LLT) or 0 (zero) for a child SMQ.
SMQ_TERM_LMVERSIONStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Last Modified Version. Version of MedDRA in which term was last modified in the SMQ.
SMQ_TERM_SCOPEStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Scope. Defines the MedDRA term as a member of the broad scope (1), narrow scope (2) of the SMQ search, or a child SMQ (0) (zero).
SMQ_TERM_STATUSStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Status. Identifies a term as active ("A") or inactive ("I") within this SMQ.
SMQ_TERM_WEIGHTStandardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Weight. Used for some SMQ algorithms; "0" is used as default.
SMXSNOMED Multiaxial coding - an alphanumeric string that includes hyphens, parentheses, and sometimes ellipses.
SNGL_OR_MULT_SRC_PRDSingle or multi-source product
SORTSort field
SOSScope Statement
SOURCE_EFFECTIVE_TIMESource effective time
SOURCE_UIUnique identifier from the source
SPL_SET_IDFDA Structured Product Label SET_ID code
SRCMeSH Literature source of chemical name - a citation to an article in a journal indexed for MEDLINE in which the chemical has been identified. (Note: Not to be confused with source abbreviation of SRC)
STATE_OF_DETERMINATIONState of determination
STATUS_REASONClassification of the reason for concept status in LOINC
STATUS_TEXTExplanation of concept status in narrative text in LOINC
STATUSIndicates status of "active" (current) or "inactive" (obsolete/deprecated)
STConcept Attributes Status - valid values: R Reviewed, U Unreviewed
SUBSEQUENT_TEXT_PROMPTSubsequent text prompt
SUBSET_MEMBERSubset member
SWPSwiss Protein Number
SYCODESynonym Code
SYMBOLFDA Structured Product Label imprint attribute for symbol
SYN_QUALIFIERSynonym qualifier
TARGET_EFFECTIVE_TIMETarget effective time
TERMIDTerm identifier
TERMUITerm unique identifier
TERM_BROWSER_VALUE_SET_DESCRIPTIONTerm browser value set description
THIRDLEVELThird Level code
THMeSH Thesaurus ID - identifies thesauri other than MeSH in which the MeSH heading or cross-reference is included.
TORSABRoot source abbreviation for the "to" identifiers of a map set
TOVSABVersioned source abbreviation for the "to" identifiers of a map set
TRANSLATIONTranslated name of the neuroanatomical structure
TYPEMultum Medical Supply Category (e.g. natural supplements)
UMLSRELAUMLS relationship attribute
UMLSRELThe UMLS Metathesaurus REL relationship (SY, CHD, RN, RB, RO) assigned to SNOMED CT relationship identifiers.
UNAPPROVED_DRUG_OTHERMarketing category unapproved_drug_other for MTHSPL atom
UNITS_AND_RANGEUnits and range
UNIVERSAL_LAB_ORDERS_VALUE_SETA value of "TRUE" indicates that the LOINC NUM is a member of the LOINC Universal Lab Orders Value Set
UPCUniversal Product Code
USAGE_NOTESUsage notes
USAGEThe average usage percentage among all institutions (i.e. sum of individual usage percentages divided by 7), not populated for concepts retired from Subset
USE_ADDITIONALCertain conditions have both an underlying etiology and multiple body system manifestations due to the underlying etiology. ICD-10-CM has a coding convention that requires the underlying condition be sequenced first followed by the manifestation. Wherever such a combination exists there is a "use additional code" note at the etiology code. These instructional notes indicate the proper sequencing order of the codes, etiology followed by manifestation. In most cases the manifestation codes will have in the code title, "in diseases classified elsewhere." Codes with this title are a component of the etiology/ manifestation convention. The code title indicates that it is a manifestation code. "In diseases classified elsewhere" codes are never permitted to be used as first listed or principle diagnosis codes. They must be used in conjunction with an underlying condition code and they must be listed following the underlying condition.
USE_FORUse for
UWTA semantic type provided from terms from the University of Washington Digital Anatomist
VACCINE_STATUSVaccine status. CVX codes for inactive vaccines allow transmission of historical immunization records.
VACVA Class - the code of an NDF/HT drug class name (e.g. AM110)
VA_CLASS_NAMEVA class name
VA_DISPENSE_UNITVA dispense unit
VA_GENERIC_NAMEVA generic name
VERSION_FIRST_RELEASEDVersion first released
VERSION_LAST_CHANGEDVersion last changed
VMOVA CMOP (central mail - order pharmacy) ID
FULL-MULTIPLEFull contexts, multiple tree positions
FULL-NOSIB-IGNORE-RELAFull contexts, no siblings, RELA not used when computing ancestors/descendants
FULL-NOSIB-MULTIPLE-IGNORE-RELAFull contexts, no siblings, multiple tree positions, RELA not used when computing ancestors/descendants
FULL-NOSIB-MULTIPLEFull contexts, no siblings, multiple tree positions
FULL-NOSIBFull contexts, no siblings
FULLFull contexts
CODEUnique Identifier or code for string in source
CUIConcept unique identifier
SCUISource asserted concept unique identifier
Empty attribute name
AQAllowed qualifier
CHDhas child relationship in a Metathesaurus source vocabulary
DELDeleted concept
PARhas parent relationship in a Metathesaurus source vocabulary
QBcan be qualified by.
RBhas a broader relationship
RLthe relationship is similar or "alike". the two concepts are similar or "alike". In the current edition of the Metathesaurus, most relationships with this attribute are mappings provided by a source, named in SAB and SL; hence concepts linked by this relationship may be synonymous, i.e. self-referential: CUI1 = CUI2. In previous releases, some MeSH Supplementary Concept relationships were represented in this way.
RNhas a narrower relationship
ROhas relationship other than synonymous, narrower, or broader
RQrelated and possibly synonymous.
RURelated, unspecified
SYsource asserted synonymy.
XRNot related, no mapping
Empty relationship
abnormal_cell_affected_by_chemical_or_drugabnormal cell affected by chemical or drug
abnormality_associated_with_alleleabnormality associated with allele
absorbability_ofAbsorbability of
access_device_used_byAccess device used by
access_instrument_ofAccess instrument of
access_ofAccess of
active_ingredient_ofActive ingredient of
active_metabolites_ofActive metabolites of
active_moiety_ofActive Moiety of
activity_of_alleleactivity of allele
actual_outcome_ofActual outcome of
add_on_code_forAdd on code for (Report with)
adheres_toAdheres to
adjacent_toAdjacent to
adjectival_form_ofAdjectival form of
adjustment_ofAdjustment of
afferent_toAfferent to
allele_absent_from_wild-type_chromosomal_locationallele absent from wild-type chromosomal location
allele_has_abnormalityallele has abnormality
allele_has_activityallele has activity
allele_in_chromosomal_locationallele in chromosomal location
allele_plays_altered_role_in_processallele plays altered role in process
allele_plays_role_in_metabolism_of_chemical_or_drugallele plays role in metabolism of chemical or drug
allelic_variant_ofAllelic Variant of
alternative_ofAlternative of
analyzed_byAnalyzed by
anatomic_structure_has_locationanatomic structure has location
anatomic_structure_is_physical_part_ofanatomic structure is physical part of
anatomical_entity_observed_inanatomical entity observed in
anatomy_originated_from_biological_processanatomy originated from biological process
answer_to_is_sterileAnswer to is sterile
answer_toanswer to
anterior_toanterior to
anteroinferior_toanteroinferior to
anterolateral_toanterolateral to
anteromedial_toanteromedial to
anterosuperior_toanterosuperior to
approach_of_excludedApproach of excluded
approach_of_possibly_includedApproach of possibly included
approach_ofApproach of
archetype_ofArchetype of
arterial_supply_ofArterial supply of
articulates_withArticulates with
associated_condition_ofAssociated condition of
associated_diseaseAssociated disease
associated_etiologic_finding_ofAssociated etiologic finding of
associated_finding_of_excludedAssociated finding of excluded
associated_finding_of_possibly_includedAssociated finding of possibly included
associated_finding_ofAssociated finding of
associated_function_ofAssociated function of
associated_genetic_conditionAssociated genetic condition
associated_morphology_ofAssociated morphology of
associated_observation_ofAssociated observation of
associated_procedure_of_excludedAssociated procedure of excluded
associated_procedure_of_possibly_includedAssociated procedure of possibly included
associated_procedure_ofAssociated procedure of
associated_with_malfunction_of_gene_productassociated with malfunction of gene product
associated_withAssociated with
attaches_toAttaches to
basic_dose_form_ofBasic dose form of
basis_of_strength_substance_ofBasis of strength substance of
biological_process_has_associated_locationbiological process has associated location
biological_process_has_initiator_chemical_or_drugbiological process has initiator chemical or drug
biological_process_has_initiator_processbiological process has initiator process
biological_process_has_result_anatomybiological process has result anatomy
biological_process_has_result_biological_processbiological process has result biological process
biological_process_has_result_chemical_or_drugbiological process has result chemical or drug
biological_process_involves_chemical_or_drugbiological process involves chemical or drug
biological_process_involves_gene_productbiological process involves gene product
biological_process_is_part_of_processbiological process is part of process
biological_process_results_from_biological_processbiological process results from biological process
biomarker_type_includes_gene_productbiomarker type includes gene product
biomarker_type_includes_genebiomarker type includes gene
bounded_byBounded by
branch_ofBranch of
british_form_ofBritish form of
causative_agent_ofCausative agent of
cause_ofCause of
cell_type_is_associated_with_eo_diseasecell type is associated with eo disease
cell_type_or_tissue_affected_by_chemical_or_drugcell type or tissue affected by chemical or drug
challenge_ofChallenge of
characterized_byCharacterized by
chemical_or_drug_affects_abnormal_cellchemical or drug affects abnormal cell
chemical_or_drug_affects_cell_type_or_tissuechemical or drug affects cell type or tissue
chemical_or_drug_affects_gene_productchemical or drug affects gene product
chemical_or_drug_has_mechanism_of_actionchemical or drug has mechanism of action
chemical_or_drug_has_physiologic_effectchemical or drug has physiologic effect
chemical_or_drug_initiates_biological_processchemical or drug initiates biological process
chemical_or_drug_is_metabolized_by_enzymechemical or drug is metabolized by enzyme
chemical_or_drug_is_product_of_biological_processchemical or drug is product of biological process
chemical_or_drug_metabolism_is_associated_with_allelechemical or drug metabolism is associated with allele
chemical_or_drug_plays_role_in_biological_processchemical or drug plays role in biological process
chemotherapy_regimen_has_componentchemotherapy regimen has component
chromosomal_location_of_allelechromosomal location of allele
chromosomal_location_of_wild-type_genechromosomal location of wild-type gene
chromosome_involved_in_cytogenetic_abnormalitychromosome involved in cytogenetic abnormality
chromosome_mapped_to_diseasechromosome mapped to disease
class_code_classified_byClass code classified by
class_ofClass of
classified_asClassified as
classifies_class_codeClassifies class code
clinical_course_ofClinical course of
clinically_associated_withClinically associated with
clinically_similarClinically similar
clinician_form_ofClinician form of
co-occurs_withCo-ocurrs with
coating_material_ofCoating material of
common_name_ofcommon name of
completely_excised_anatomy_has_procedurecompletely excised anatomy has procedure
completely_excised_anatomy_may_have_procedureCompletely excised anatomy may have procedure
complex_has_physical_partcomplex has physical part
component_of_excludedComponent of excluded
component_of_possibly_includedComponent of possibly included
component_ofComponent of
compositional_material_ofCompositional material of
concentration_strength_denominator_unit_ofConcentration strength denominator unit of
concentration_strength_denominator_value_ofConcentration strength denominator value of
concentration_strength_numerator_unit_ofConcentration strength numerator unit of
concentration_strength_numerator_value_ofConcentration strength numerator value of
concept_in_subsetconcept in subset
conceptual_part_ofConceptual part of
connected_toconnected to
connection_type_ofconnection type of
consider_fromConsider from
consists_ofConsists of
constitutional_part_ofConstitutional part of
consumer_friendly_form_ofConsumer friendly form of
contained_inContained in
context_binding_ofContext binding of
continuation_branch_ofContinuation branch of
continuous_distally_withcontinuous distally with
continuous_proximally_withcontinuous proximally with
continuous_withContinuous with
contraindicated_class_ofContraindicated class of
contraindicated_mechanism_of_action_ofContraindicated mechanism of action of
contraindicated_physiologic_effect_ofContraindicated physiologic effect of
contraindicated_with_diseaseContraindicated with disease
corresponds_tocorresponds to
count_of_active_ingredient_ofCount of active ingredient of
count_of_base_of_active_ingredient_ofCount of base of active ingredient of
course_ofCourse of
ctcae_5_parent_ofctcae_5 parent of
cytogenetic_abnormality_involves_chromosomecytogenetic abnormality involves chromosome
data_element_ofdata element of
default_inpatient_classification_ofDefault inpatient classification of
default_mapped_fromDefault mapped from
default_mapped_toDefault mapped to
default_outpatient_classification_ofDefault outpatient classification of
defining_characteristic_ofDefining characteristic of
definitional_manifestation_ofDefinitional manifestation of
degree_ofDegree of
dependent_ofDependent of
derives_fromderives from
development_type_ofdevelopment type of
developmental_stage_ofdevelopmental stage of
develops_fromDevelops from
develops_intodevelops into
device_characteristic_ofDevice characteristic of
device_intended_site_ofDevice intended site of
device_used_byDevice used by
diagnosed_byDiagnosed by
diagnostic_criteria_ofDSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ICD code
direct_cell_shape_ofdirect cell shape of
direct_device_ofDirect device of
direct_left_ofdirect left of
direct_morphology_ofDirect morphology of
direct_procedure_site_ofDirect procedure site of
direct_right_ofdirect right of
direct_site_ofDirect site of
direct_substance_ofDirect substance of
disease_excludes_abnormal_celldisease excludes abnormal cell
disease_excludes_cytogenetic_abnormalitydisease excludes cytogenetic abnormality
disease_excludes_findingdisease excludes finding
disease_excludes_metastatic_anatomic_sitedisease excludes metastatic anatomic site
disease_excludes_molecular_abnormalitydisease excludes molecular abnormality
disease_excludes_normal_cell_origindisease excludes normal cell origin
disease_excludes_normal_tissue_origindisease excludes normal tissue origin
disease_excludes_primary_anatomic_sitedisease excludes primary anatomic site
disease_has_abnormal_celldisease has abnormal cell
disease_has_accepted_treatment_with_regimenDisease Has Accepted Treatment With Regimen
disease_has_associated_anatomic_sitedisease has associated anatomic site
disease_has_associated_diseasedisease has associated disease
disease_has_associated_genedisease has associated gene
disease_has_cytogenetic_abnormalitydisease has cytogenetic abnormality
disease_has_findingdisease has finding
disease_has_metastatic_anatomic_sitedisease has metastatic anatomic site
disease_has_molecular_abnormalitydisease has molecular abnormality
disease_has_normal_cell_origindisease has normal cell origin
disease_has_normal_tissue_origindisease has normal tissue origin
disease_has_primary_anatomic_sitedisease has primary anatomic site
disease_is_gradedisease is grade
disease_is_marked_by_genedisease is marked by gene
disease_is_stagedisease is stage
disease_mapped_to_chromosomedisease mapped to chromosome
disease_mapped_to_geneDisease mapped to gene
disease_may_have_abnormal_celldisease may have abnormal cell
disease_may_have_associated_diseasedisease may have associated disease
disease_may_have_cytogenetic_abnormalitydisease may have cytogenetic abnormality
disease_may_have_findingdisease may have finding
disease_may_have_molecular_abnormalitydisease may have molecular abnormality
disease_may_have_normal_cell_origindisease may have normal cell origin
disposition_ofDisposition of
distal_todistal to
divisor_ofDivisor of
do_not_code_withDo not code with (excludes)
dose_form_administration_method_ofDose form administration method of
dose_form_intended_site_ofDose form intended site of
dose_form_ofDose form of
dose_form_release_characteristic_ofDose form release characteristic of
dose_form_transformation_ofDose form transformation of
doseformgroup_ofDose form group of
drains_intodrains into
due_toDue to
effect_may_be_inhibited_byEffect may be inhibited by
efferent_toEfferent to
endogenous_product_related_toEndogenous Product Related To
ends_duringEnds during
energy_used_byEnergy used by
entire_anatomy_structure_ofEntire anatomy structure of
entry_combination_ofEntry Combination of
entry_version_ofEntry version of
enzyme_metabolizes_chemical_or_drugenzyme metabolizes chemical or drug
eo_anatomy_is_associated_with_eo_diseaseeo anatomy is associated with eo disease
eo_disease_has_associated_cell_typeeo disease has associated cell type
eo_disease_has_associated_eo_anatomyeo disease has associated eo anatomy
eo_disease_has_property_or_attributeeo disease has property or attribute
eo_disease_maps_to_human_diseaseeo disease maps to human disease
episodicity_ofEpisodicity of
evaluation_ofEvaluation of
excised_anatomy_has_procedureexcised anatomy has procedure
excised_anatomy_may_have_procedureexcised anatomy may have procedure
exhibited_byExhibited by
expanded_form_ofExpanded form of
expected_outcome_ofExpected outcome of
extended_to_by_processExtended to by process
extent_ofExtent of
external_toexternal to
filling_ofFilling of
finding_context_ofFinding context of
finding_informer_ofFinding informer of
finding_method_ofFinding method of
finding_site_ofFinding site of
focus_ofFocus of
form_ofForm of
formed_byformed by
full_grown_phenotype_offull grown phenotype of
fuses_withfuses with
fusion_offusion of
gene_associated_with_diseasegene associated with disease
gene_encodes_gene_productgene encodes gene product
gene_found_in_organismgene found in organism
gene_has_abnormalitygene has abnormality
gene_has_physical_locationgene has physical location
gene_in_chromosomal_locationgene in chromosomal location
gene_involved_in_molecular_abnormalitygene involved in molecular abnormality
gene_involved_in_pathogenesis_of_diseasegene involved in pathogenesis of disease
gene_is_biomarker_ofgene is biomarker of
gene_is_biomarker_typegene is biomarker type
gene_is_element_in_pathwaygene is element in pathway
gene_mapped_to_diseasegene mapped to disease
gene_mutant_encodes_gene_product_sequence_variationgene mutant encodes gene product sequence variation
gene_plays_role_in_processgene plays role in process
gene_product_affected_by_chemical_or_druggene product affected by chemical or drug
gene_product_encoded_by_genegene product encoded by gene
gene_product_expressed_in_tissuegene product expressed in tissue
gene_product_has_abnormalitygene product has abnormality
gene_product_has_associated_anatomygene product has associated anatomy
gene_product_has_biochemical_functiongene product has biochemical function
gene_product_has_chemical_classificationgene product has chemical classification
gene_product_has_gene_product_variantgene product has gene product variant
gene_product_has_organism_sourcegene product has organism source
gene_product_has_structural_domain_or_motifgene product has structural domain or motif
gene_product_is_biomarker_ofgene product is biomarker of
gene_product_is_biomarker_typegene product is biomarker type
gene_product_is_element_in_pathwaygene product is element in pathway
gene_product_is_physical_part_ofgene product is physical part of
gene_product_malfunction_associated_with_diseasegene product malfunction associated with disease
gene_product_plays_role_in_biological_processgene product plays role in biological process
gene_product_sequence_variation_encoded_by_gene_mutantgene product sequence variation encoded by gene mutant
gene_product_variant_of_gene_productgene product variant of gene product
genetic_biomarker_related_togenetic biomarker related to
germ_origin_ofGerm origin of
grade_ofgrade of
happens_duringHappens during
has_absorbabilityHas absorbability
has_access_instrumentHas access instrument
has_accessHas access
has_action_guidanceHas action guidance
has_active_ingredientHas active ingredient
has_active_metabolitesHas active metabolites
has_active_moietyHas Active Moiety
has_actual_outcomeHas actual outcome
has_add_on_codeHas add on code (Report with)
has_adherentHas adherent
has_adjustmentHas adjustment
has_aggregation_viewHas aggregation view
has_aliasHas alias
has_allelic_variantHas allelic variant
has_alternativeHas alternative
has_answerhas answer
has_approach_guidanceHas approach guidance
has_approachHas approach
has_archetypeHas archetype
has_arterial_supplyHas arterial supply
has_associated_etiologic_findingHas associated etiologic finding
has_associated_findingHas associated finding
has_associated_functionHas associated function
has_associated_morphologyHas associated morphology
has_associated_observationHas associated observation
has_associated_procedureHas associated procedure
has_at_risk_populationHas at risk population
has_basic_dose_formHas basic dose form
has_basis_of_strength_substanceHas basis of strength substance
has_branchHas branch
has_british_formHas British form
has_causative_agentHas causative agent
has_challengeHas challenge
has_classHas class
has_clinical_courseHas clinical course
has_clinician_formHas clinician form
has_coating_materialHas coating material
has_common_nameHas common name
has_communication_with_woundHas communication with wound
has_componentHas component
has_compositional_materialHas compositional material
has_concentration_strength_denominator_unitHas concentration strength denominator unit
has_concentration_strength_denominator_valueHas concentration strength denominator value
has_concentration_strength_numerator_unitHas concentration strength numerator unit
has_concentration_strength_numerator_valueHas concentration strength numerator value
has_conceptual_partHas conceptual part
has_connection_typehas connection type
has_constitutional_partHas constitutional part
has_consumer_friendly_formHas consumer friendly form
has_context_bindingHas context binding
has_continuation_branchHas continuation branch
has_contraindicated_classHas contraindicated class
has_contraindicated_drugHas contraindicated drug
has_contraindicated_mechanism_of_actionHas contraindicated mechanism of action
has_contraindicated_physiologic_effectHas contraindicated physiologic effect
has_count_of_active_ingredientHas count of active ingredient
has_count_of_base_of_active_ingredientHas count of base of active ingredient
has_countHas count
has_courseHas course
has_ctcae_5_parenthas ctcae_5 parent
has_ctdc_valuehas ctdc value
has_data_elementhas data element
has_default_inpatient_classificationHas default inpatient classification
has_default_outpatient_classificationHas default outpatient classification
has_defining_characteristicHas defining characteristic
has_definitional_manifestationHas definitional manifestation
has_degreeHas degree
has_dependentHas dependent
has_development_typehas development type
has_developmental_stagehas developmental stage
has_device_characteristicHas device characteristic
has_device_intended_siteHas device intended site
has_diagnostic_criteriaICD has DSM-5 diagnostic criteria
has_direct_cell_shapehas direct cell shape
has_direct_deviceHas direct device
has_direct_morphologyHas direct morphology
has_direct_procedure_siteHas direct procedure site
has_direct_siteHas direct site
has_direct_substanceHas direct substance
has_dispositionHas disposition
has_divisorHas divisor
has_dose_form_administration_methodHas dose form administration method
has_dose_form_intended_siteHas dose form intended site
has_dose_form_release_characteristicHas dose form release characteristic
has_dose_form_transformationHas dose form transformation
has_dose_formHas dose form
has_doseformgroupHas dose form group
has_entire_anatomy_structureHas entire anatomy structure
has_entry_combinationHas Entry Combination
has_entry_versionHas entry version
has_episodicityHas episodicity
has_evaluationHas evaluation
has_examHas exam
has_excluded_approachHas excluded approach
has_excluded_associated_findingHas excluded associated finding
has_excluded_associated_procedureHas excluded associated procedure
has_excluded_componentHas excluded component
has_excluded_localeHas excluded locale
has_excluded_methodHas excluded method
has_excluded_pathologyHas excluded pathology
has_excluded_patient_typeHas excluded patient type
has_excluded_procedure_deviceHas excluded procedure device
has_excluded_procedure_siteHas excluded procedure site
has_excluded_route_of_administrationHas excluded route of administration
has_excluded_specimenHas excluded specimen
has_excluded_surgical_extentHas excluded surgical extent
has_expanded_formHas expanded form
has_expected_outcomeHas expected outcome
has_extentHas extent
has_fillingHas filling
has_finding_contextHas finding context
has_finding_informerHas finding informer
has_finding_methodHas finding method
has_finding_siteHas finding site
has_focusHas focus
has_formHas form
has_free_acid_or_base_formhas free acid or base form
has_full_grown_phenotypehas full grown phenotype
has_fusionhas fusion
has_gene_product_elementhas gene product element
has_germ_originHas germ origin
has_given_pharmaceutical_substanceHas given pharmaceutical substance
has_gradehas grade
has_icdc_valuehas icdc value
has_imaged_locationHas imaged location
has_imaging_focusHas imaging focus
has_inactive_ingredientHas Inactive Ingredient
has_inc_parenthas inc parent
has_indirect_deviceHas indirect device
has_indirect_morphologyHas indirect morphology
has_indirect_procedure_siteHas indirect procedure site
has_ingredient_characteristicHas ingredient characteristic
has_ingredient_qualitative_strengthHas ingredient qualitative strength
has_ingredientsHas ingredients
has_ingredientHas ingredient
has_inherent_3d_shapeHas inherent 3-D shape
has_inherent_attributeHas inherent attribute
has_inherent_locationHas inherent location
has_inheritance_typeHas inheritance type
has_insertionhas insertion
has_instrumentationHas instrumentation
has_intentHas intent
has_interpretationHas interpretation
has_lab_numberHas lab number
has_lateral_anatomic_locationHas lateral anatomic location
has_lateral_location_presenceHas lateral location presence
has_lateralityHas laterality
has_life_circumstanceHas life circumstance
has_localeHas locale
has_locationHas location
has_loinc_numberHas Loinc number
has_lymphatic_drainageHas lymphatic drainage
has_maneuver_typehas maneuver type
has_manifestationHas manifestation
has_mapping_qualifierHas mapping qualifier
has_measured_componentHas measured component
has_measurement_methodHas measurement method
has_mechanism_of_actionHas mechanism of action
has_memberHas member
has_methodHas method
has_modality_subtypeHas modality subtype
has_modality_typehas modality type
has_modificationHas modification
has_multi_level_categoryHas multi-level category
has_nerve_supplyHas nerve supply
has_object_guidanceHas object guidance
has_observed_anatomical_entityhas observed anatomical entity
has_occurrenceHas occurrence
has_onsetHas onset
has_originHas origin
has_owning_affiliateHas owning affiliate
has_owning_sectionHas owning section
has_owning_subsectionHas owning subsection
has_panel_elementCPT laboratory panel code has laboratory panel test member
has_parent_groupHas parent group
has_parentHas parent
has_part_anatomy_structureHas part anatomy structure
has_partHas part
has_pathological_processHas pathological process
has_pathologyHas pathology
has_patient_typeHas patient type
has_pcdc_aml_permissible_valuehas pcdc aml permissible value
has_pcdc_data_typehas pcdc data type
has_pcdc_ews_permissible_valuehas pcdc ews permissible value
has_pcdc_gct_permissible_valuehas pcdc gct permissible value
has_permuted_termHas permuted term
has_pharmaceutical_administration_methodhas pharmaceutical administration method
has_pharmaceutical_basic_dose_formhas pharmaceutical basic dose form
has_pharmaceutical_intended_sitehas pharmaceutical intended site
has_pharmaceutical_release_characteristicshas pharmaceutical release characteristics
has_pharmaceutical_state_of_matterhas pharmaceutical state of matter
has_pharmaceutical_transformationhas pharmaceutical transformation
has_pharmacokineticsHas pharmacokinetics
has_phenotypeHas phenotype
has_physical_part_of_anatomic_structurehas physical part of anatomic structure
has_physiologic_effectHas physiologic effect
has_physiologic_stateHas physiologic state
has_possibly_included_approachHas possibly included approach
has_possibly_included_associated_findingHas possibly included associated finding
has_possibly_included_associated_procedureHas possibly included associated procedure
has_possibly_included_componentHas possibly included component
has_possibly_included_methodHas possibly included method
has_possibly_included_panel_elementCPT laboratory panel code has possibly included laboratory panel test member
has_possibly_included_pathologyHas possibly included pathology
has_possibly_included_patient_typeHas possibly included patient type
has_possibly_included_procedure_deviceHas possibly included procedure device
has_possibly_included_procedure_siteHas possibly included procedure site
has_possibly_included_route_of_administrationHas possibly included route of administration
has_possibly_included_surgical_extentHas possibly included surgical extent
has_precise_active_ingredientHas precise active ingredient
has_precise_ingredientHas precise ingredient
has_preconditionHas precondition
has_presence_guidanceHas presence guidance
has_presentation_strength_denominator_unitHas presentation strength denominator unit
has_presentation_strength_denominator_valueHas presentation strength denominator value
has_presentation_strength_numerator_unitHas presentation strength numerator unit
has_presentation_strength_numerator_valueHas presentation strength numerator value
has_prev_nameHas previous name
has_prev_symbolHas previous symbol
has_primary_segmental_supplyHas primary segmental supply
has_print_nameHas print name
has_priorityHas priority
has_procedure_contextHas procedure context
has_procedure_deviceHas procedure device
has_procedure_morphologyHas procedure morphology
has_procedure_siteHas procedure site
has_process_durationHas process duration
has_process_outputHas process output
has_product_characteristicHas product characteristic
has_product_monograph_titlehas product monograph title
has_projectionhas projection
has_property_typeHas property type
has_propertyHas property
has_quantified_formHas quantified form
has_realizationHas realization
has_recipient_categoryHas recipient category
has_regional_partHas regional part
has_related_developmental_entityhas related developmental entity
has_related_factorHas related factor
has_resultHas result
has_revision_statusHas revision status
has_risk_factorHas risk factor
has_route_of_administrationHas route of administration
has_salt_formhas salt form
has_scale_typeHas scale type
has_scaleHas scale
has_secondary_segmental_supplyHas secondary segmental supply
has_segmental_compositionHas segmental composition
has_segmental_supplyHas segmental supply
has_severityHas severity
has_sign_or_symptomHas sign or symptom
has_single_level_categoryHas single level category
has_sort_versionHas sort version
has_specialtyHas specialty
has_specimen_procedureHas specimen procedure
has_specimen_source_identityHas specimen source identity
has_specimen_source_morphologyHas specimen source morphology
has_specimen_source_topographyHas specimen source topography
has_specimen_substanceHas specimen substance
has_specimenHas specimen
has_stageHas stage
has_state_of_matterHas state of matter
has_structural_classStructural class of
has_subject_of_informationHas subject of information
has_subject_relationship_contextHas subject relationship context
has_subjectHas subject
has_suffixHas suffix
has_supersystemHas supersystem
has_supported_concept_propertyHas supported concept property
has_supported_concept_relationshipHas supported concept relationship
has_surface_characteristicHas surface characteristic
has_surface_textureHas surface texture
has_surgical_approachhas surgical approach
has_surgical_extentHas surgical extent
has_systemHas system
has_target_populationHas target population
has_targethas target
has_techniqueHas technique
has_temporal_contextHas temporal context
has_therapeutic_classHas therapeutic class
has_time_aspectHas time aspect
has_time_modifierHas time modifier
has_timing_ofHas timing of
has_tradenameHas tradename
has_translationHas translation
has_transliterated_formHas transliterated form
has_tributaryHas tributary
has_unit_of_presentationHas unit of presentation
has_unitsHas units
has_venous_drainageHas venous drainage
has_versionHas version
has_view_typeHas view type
homonym_forHomonym for
homonym_ofHomonym of
human_disease_maps_to_eo_diseasehuman disease maps to eo disease
icd_asteriskICD asterisk
icd_daggerICD dagger
icdc_value_oficdc value of
imaged_anatomy_has_procedureimaged anatomy has procedure
inactive_ingredient_ofInactive Ingredient Of
inc_parent_ofinc parent of
includes_sub_specimenIncludes sub specimen
indirect_device_ofIndirect device of
indirect_morphology_ofIndirect morphology of
indirect_procedure_site_ofIndirect procedure site of
induced_byInduced by
inferior_toinferior to
inferolateral_toinferolateral to
inferomedial_toinferomedial to
ingredient_characteristic_ofIngredient characteristic of
ingredient_ofIngredient of
ingredient_qualitative_strength_ofIngredient qualitative strength of
ingredients_ofIngredients of
inherent_3d_shape_ofInherent 3-D shape of
inherent_location_ofInherent location of
inheres_inInheres in
inheritance_type_ofInheritance type of
insertion_ofinsertion of
instrumentation_ofInstrumentation of
intent_ofIntent of
internal_tointernal to
interpretation_ofInterpretation of
inverse_duringInverse during
inverse_ends_duringInverse ends during
inverse_happens_duringInverse happens during
inverse_isaInverse is a
inverse_relative_toInverse relative to
inverse_was_aInverse was a
is_abnormal_cell_of_diseaseis abnormal cell of disease
is_abnormality_of_gene_productis abnormality of gene product
is_abnormality_of_geneis abnormality of gene
is_action_guidance_forIs action guidance for
is_aggregation_view_ofIs aggregation view of
is_approach_guidance_forIs approach guidance for
is_associated_anatomic_site_ofis associated anatomic site of
is_associated_anatomy_of_gene_productis associated anatomy of gene product
is_associated_disease_ofis associated disease of
is_biochemical_function_of_gene_productis biochemical function of gene product
is_chemical_classification_of_gene_productis chemical classification of gene product
is_chromosomal_location_of_geneis chromosomal location of gene
is_component_of_chemotherapy_regimenis component of chemotherapy regimen
is_ctdc_value_ofis ctdc value of
is_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_diseaseis cytogenetic abnormality of disease
is_exam_forIs exam for
is_finding_of_diseaseis finding of disease
is_given_pharmaceutical_substance_forIs given pharmaceutical substance for
is_grade_of_diseaseis grade of disease
is_imaged_location_forIs imaged location for
is_imaging_focus_ofIs imaging focus of
is_interpreted_byIs interpreted by
is_lateral_anatomic_location_ofIs lateral anatomic location of
is_location_of_anatomic_structureis location of anatomic structure
is_location_of_biological_processis location of biological process
is_maneuver_type_forIs maneuver type for
is_marked_by_gene_productis marked by gene product
is_mechanism_of_action_of_chemical_or_drugis mechanism of action of chemical or drug
is_metastatic_anatomic_site_of_diseaseis metastatic anatomic site of disease
is_modality_subtype_forIs modality subtype for
is_modality_type_forIs modality type for
is_modification_ofIs modification of
is_molecular_abnormality_of_diseaseis molecular abnormality of disease
is_normal_cell_origin_of_diseaseis normal cell origin of disease
is_normal_tissue_origin_of_diseaseis normal tissue origin of disease
is_not_abnormal_cell_of_diseaseis not abnormal cell of disease
is_not_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_diseaseis not cytogenetic abnormality of disease
is_not_finding_of_diseaseis not finding of disease
is_not_metastatic_anatomic_site_of_diseaseis not metastatic anatomic site of disease
is_not_molecular_abnormality_of_diseaseis not molecular abnormality of disease
is_not_normal_cell_origin_of_diseaseis not normal cell origin of disease
is_not_normal_tissue_origin_of_diseaseis not normal tissue origin of disease
is_not_primary_anatomic_site_of_diseaseis not primary anatomic site of disease
is_object_guidance_forIs object guidance for
is_organism_source_of_gene_productis organism source of gene product
is_paired_with_value_setis paired with value set
is_pcdc_aml_permissible_value_for_variableis pcdc aml permissible value for variable
is_pcdc_ews_permissible_value_for_variableis pcdc ews permissible value for variable
is_pcdc_gct_permissible_value_for_variableis pcdc gct permissible value for variable
is_pharmaceutical_route_forIs pharmaceutical route for
is_physical_location_of_geneis physical location of gene
is_physiologic_effect_of_chemical_or_drugis physiologic effect of chemical or drug
is_presence_guidance_forIs presence guidance for
is_presence_of_lateral_locationIs presence of lateral location
is_primary_anatomic_site_of_diseaseis primary anatomic site of disease
is_property_or_attribute_of_eo_diseaseis property or attribute of eo disease
is_qualified_byis qualified by
is_related_to_endogenous_productIs Related To Endogenous Product
is_stage_of_diseaseis stage of disease
is_sterileIs sterile
is_structural_domain_or_motif_of_gene_productis structural domain or motif of gene product
is_subject_ofIs subject of
is_targetis target
is_timing_forIs timing for
is_view_type_forIs view type for
isaIs a
kind_is_domain_ofkind is domain of
kind_is_range_ofkind is range of
lab_number_ofLab number
larger_thanLarger Than
lateral_tolateral to
laterality_ofLaterality of
left_lateral_toleft lateral to
left_medial_toleft medial to
life_circumstance_ofLife circumstance of
locale_of_excludedLocale of excluded
locale_ofLocale of
location_ofLocation of
loinc_number_ofLoinc number of
lymphatic_drainage_ofLymphatic drainage of
manifestation_ofManifestation of
manufactured_bymanufactured by
mapped_fromMapped from
mapped_toMapped to
mapping_qualifier_ofMapping qualifier of
matures_frommatures from
matures_intomatures into
may_be_abnormal_cell_of_diseasemay be abnormal cell of disease
may_be_associated_disease_of_diseasemay be associated disease of disease
may_be_cytogenetic_abnormality_of_diseasemay be cytogenetic abnormality of disease
may_be_diagnosed_byMay be diagnosed by
may_be_finding_of_diseasemay be finding of disease
may_be_molecular_abnormality_of_diseasemay be molecular abnormality of disease
may_be_normal_cell_origin_of_diseasemay be normal cell origin of disease
may_be_prevented_byMay be prevented by
may_be_qualified_byMay be qualified by
may_be_treated_byMay be treated by
may_diagnoseMay diagnose
may_inhibit_effect_ofMay inhibit effect of
may_preventMay prevent
may_qualifyMay qualify
may_treatMay treat
measured_byMeasured by
measured_component_ofMeasured component of
measurement_method_ofMeasurement method of
mechanism_of_action_ofMechanism of action of
medial_tomedial to
member_ofMember of
merges_withmerges with
metabolic_site_ofMetabolic site of
method_of_excludedMethod of excluded
method_of_possibly_includedMethod of possibly included
method_ofMethod of
modified_byModified by
molecular_abnormality_involves_genemolecular abnormality involves gene
moved_fromMoved from
moved_toMoved to
mth_british_form_ofMTH British form of
mth_expanded_form_ofMTH expanded form of
mth_has_british_formMTH has British form
mth_has_expanded_formMTH has expanded form
mth_has_plain_text_formHas plain text form, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_has_xml_formHas XML form, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_plain_text_form_ofPlain text form of, Metathesaurus-asserted
mth_xml_form_ofXML form of, Metathesaurus-asserted
multiply_mapped_fromMultiply mapped from
multiply_mapped_toMultiply mapped to
negatively_regulated_byNegatively regulated by
negatively_regulatesNegatively regulates
neoplasm_has_special_categoryneoplasm has special category
nerve_supply_ofNerve supply of
noun_form_ofNoun form of
occurs_afterOccurs after
occurs_beforeOccurs before
occurs_inOccurs in
onset_ofOnset of
organism_has_geneorganism has gene
origin_ofOrigin of
other_mapped_fromOther mapped from
other_mapped_toOther mapped to
owning_affiliate_ofOwning affiliate of
owning_section_ofOwning section of
owning_subsection_ofOwning subsection of
panel_element_of_possibly_includedCPT laboratory panel test member is possibly included element of laboratory code
panel_element_ofCPT laboratory panel test member is element of laboratory code
parent_group_ofParent group of
parent_ofParent of
part_anatomy_structure_ofPart anatomy structure of
part_ofPart of
part_referred_to_byPart referred to by
partially_excised_anatomy_has_procedurepartially excised anatomy has procedure
partially_excised_anatomy_may_have_procedurepartially excised anatomy may have procedure
pathogenesis_of_disease_involves_genepathogenesis of disease involves gene
pathological_process_ofPathological process of
pathology_of_excludedPathology of excluded
pathology_of_possibly_includedPathology of possibly included
pathology_ofPathology of
pathway_has_gene_elementpathway has gene element
patient_type_of_excludedPatient type of excluded
patient_type_of_possibly_includedPatient type of possibly included
patient_type_ofPatient type of
pcdc_data_type_ofpcdc data type of
permuted_term_ofPermuted term of
pharmaceutical_administration_method_ofpharmaceutical administration method of
pharmaceutical_basic_dose_form_ofpharmaceutical basic dose form of
pharmaceutical_intended_site_ofpharmaceutical intended site of
pharmaceutical_release_characteristics_ofpharmaceutical release characteristics of
pharmaceutical_state_of_matter_ofpharmaceutical state of matter of
pharmaceutical_transformation_ofpharmaceutical transformation_of
pharmacokinetics_ofPharmacokinetics of
phenotype_ofPhenotype of
physiologic_effect_ofPhysiologic effect of
physiologic_state_ofPhysiologic state of
place_traveled_fromPlace traveled from
place_traveled_toPlace traveled to or resided in
plays_rolePlays role
population_at_risk_forPopulation at risk for
positively_regulated_byPositively regulated by
positively_regulatesPositively regulates
possibly_equivalent_toPossibly equivalent to
posterior_toposterior to
posteroinferior_toposteroinferior to
posterolateral_toposterolateral to
posteromedial_toposteromedial to
posterosuperior_toposterosuperior to
precise_active_ingredient_ofPrecise active ingredient of
precise_ingredient_ofPrecise ingredient of
precondition_ofPrecondition of
presentation_strength_denominator_unit_ofPresentation strength denominator unit of
presentation_strength_denominator_value_ofPresentation strength denominator value of
presentation_strength_numerator_unit_ofPresentation strength numerator unit of
presentation_strength_numerator_value_ofPresentation strength numerator value of
prev_name_ofPrevious name of
prev_symbol_ofPrevious symbol of
primary_mapped_fromPrimary mapped from
primary_mapped_toPrimary mapped to
primary_segmental_supply_ofPrimary segmental supply of
print_name_ofPrint name of
priority_ofPriority of
procedure_context_ofProcedure context of
procedure_device_of_excludedProcedure device of excluded
procedure_device_of_possibly_includedProcedure device of possibly included
procedure_device_ofProcedure device of
procedure_has_completely_excised_anatomyprocedure has completely excised anatomy
procedure_has_excised_anatomyprocedure has excised anatomy
procedure_has_imaged_anatomyprocedure has imaged anatomy
procedure_has_partially_excised_anatomyprocedure has partially excised anatomy
procedure_has_target_anatomyprocedure has target anatomy
procedure_may_have_completely_excised_anatomyprocedure may have completely excised anatomy
procedure_may_have_excised_anatomyprocedure may have excised anatomy
procedure_may_have_partially_excised_anatomyprocedure may have partially excised anatomy
procedure_morphology_ofProcedure morphology of
procedure_site_of_excludedProcedure site of excluded
procedure_site_of_possibly_includedProcedure site of possibly included
procedure_site_ofProcedure site of
process_altered_by_alleleprocess altered by allele
process_duration_ofProcess duration of
process_extends_toProcess extends to
process_includes_biological_processprocess includes biological process
process_initiates_biological_processprocess initiates biological process
process_involves_geneprocess involves gene
process_output_ofProcess output of
product_characteristic_ofProduct characteristic of
product_monograph_title_ofproduct monograph title of
projects_fromprojects from
projects_toprojects to
property_ofProperty of
property_type_ofProperty type of
proximal_toproximal to
qualifier_applies_toqualifier applies to
quantified_form_ofQuantified form of
realization_ofRealization of
receives_attachment_fromreceives attachment from
receives_drainage_fromreceives drainage from
receives_input_fromReceives input from
receives_projectionreceives projection
recipient_category_ofRecipient category of
referred_to_byreferred to by
refers_torefers to
reformulated_toReformulated to
reformulation_ofReformulation of
regimen_has_accepted_use_for_diseaseRegimen Has Accepted Use For Disease
regional_part_ofRegional part of
regulated_byRegulated by
related_developmental_entity_ofrelated developmental entity of
related_factor_ofRelated factor of
related_objectrelated object
related_partrelated part
related_to_genetic_biomarkerrelated to genetic biomarker
related_toIs Related to
relative_to_part_ofRelative to part of
relative_toRelative to
replaced_byReplaced by
result_ofResult of
revision_status_ofRevision status of
right_lateral_toright lateral to
right_medial_toright medial to
risk_factor_ofRisk factor of
role_has_domainrole has domain
role_has_parentrole has parent
role_has_rangerole has range
role_is_parent_ofrole is parent of
role_played_byRole played by
route_of_administration_of_excludedRoute of administration of excluded
route_of_administration_of_possibly_includedRoute of administration of possibly included
route_of_administration_ofRoute of administration of
same_asSame as
scale_ofScale of
scale_type_ofScale type of
secondary_segmental_supply_ofSecondary segmental supply of
see_fromSee from
segmental_composition_ofSegmental composition of
segmental_supply_ofSegmental supply of
sends_output_toSends output to
severity_ofSeverity of
sign_or_symptom_ofSign or symptom of
site_of_metabolismSite of metabolism
smaller_thanSmaller Than
sort_version_ofSort version of
special_category_includes_neoplasmspecial category includes neoplasm
specialty_ofSpecialty of
specimen_of_excludedSpecimen of excluded
specimen_ofSpecimen of
specimen_procedure_ofSpecimen procedure of
specimen_source_identity_ofSpecimen source identity of
specimen_source_morphology_ofSpecimen source morphology of
specimen_source_topography_ofspecimen source topography of
specimen_substance_ofSpecimen substance of
stage_ofStage of
state_of_matter_ofState of matter of
structural_class_ofHas structural class
sub_specimen_included_bySub specimen included by
subject_of_information_ofSubject of information of
subject_relationship_context_ofSubject relationship context of
subset_includes_conceptsubset includes concept
substance_used_by_excludedSubstance used by excluded
substance_used_by_possibly_includedSubstance used by possibly included
substance_used_bySubstance used by
suffix_ofSuffix of
superior_tosuperior to
superolateral_tosuperolateral to
superomedial_tosuperomedial to
supersystem_ofSupersystem of
supported_concept_property_inSupported concept property in
supported_concept_relationship_inSupported concept relationship in
surface_characteristic_ofSurface characteristic of
surface_texture_ofSurface texture of
surgical_approach_ofsurgical approach of
surgical_extent_of_excludedSurgical extent of excluded
surgical_extent_of_possibly_includedSurgical extent of possibly included
surgical_extent_ofSurgical extent of
surrounded_bySurrounded by
system_ofSystem of
target_anatomy_has_proceduretarget anatomy has procedure
target_population_ofTarget population of
technique_ofTechnique of
temporal_context_ofTemporal context of
temporally_followed_byTemporally followed by
temporally_followsTemporally follows
temporally_related_toTemporally related to
therapeutic_class_ofTherapeutic class of
time_aspect_ofTime aspect of
time_modifier_ofTime modifier of
tissue_is_expression_site_of_gene_producttissue is expression site of gene product
tradename_ofTradename of
transforms_fromtransforms from
transforms_intotransforms into
translation_ofTranslation of
treated_byTreated by
tributary_ofTributary of
uniquely_mapped_fromUniquely mapped from
uniquely_mapped_toUniquely mapped to
unit_of_presentation_ofUnit of presentation of
units_ofUnits of
used_byUsed by
used_forUsed for
uses_access_deviceUses access device
uses_deviceUses device
uses_energyUses energy
uses_excluded_substanceUses excluded substance
uses_possibly_included_substanceUses possibly included substance
uses_substanceUses substance
value_set_is_paired_withvalue set is paired with
venous_drainage_ofVenous drainage of
version_ofVersion of
was_aWas a
wound_has_communication_withWound has communication with
Empty relationship attribute
0No additional restrictions; general terms of the license agreement apply.
1General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.1
2General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.2
3General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.3
4General terms + additional restrictions in category 12.4
9General terms + SNOMED CT Affiliate License in Appendix 2
PFPreferred form of term
VCWCase and word-order variant of the preferred form
VCCase variant of the preferred form
VOVariant of the preferred form
VWWord-order variant of the preferred form
AUIAtom identifier
CODEUnique Identifier or code for string in source
CUIConcept unique identifier
RUIRelationship identifier
SCUISource asserted concept unique identifier
SDUISource asserted descriptor identifier
AUIAtom identifier
CODEUnique Identifier or code for string in source
CUIConcept unique identifier
SCUISource asserted concept unique identifier
SDUISource asserted descriptor identifier
AUIAtom identifier
CODEUnique Identifier or code for string in source
CUIConcept unique identifier
SCUISource asserted concept unique identifier
SDUISource asserted descriptor identifier
ESuppressible due to editor decision
NNot suppressible
OObsolete, SAB,TTY may be independently suppressible
YSuppressible due to SAB,TTY
Suppressibility not yet assigned by the UMLS
BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION_SDUIBoolean expression of SDUI values
BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION_STRBoolean expression of STR values
CODEUnique Identifier or code for string in source
SCUISource asserted concept unique identifier
SDUISource asserted descriptor identifier
No type, used for XR mappings.
PPreferred LUI of the CUI
SNon-Preferred LUI of the CUI
pPreferred LUI of the CUI, suppressible (only used in ORF MRCON)
sNon-Preferred LUI of the CUI, suppressible (only used in ORF MRCON)
AAAttribute type abbreviation
ABAbbreviation in any source vocabulary
AMShort form of modifier
ASAttribute type synonym
ATAttribute type
AUNAuthority name
BDFully-specified drug brand name that can be prescribed
BNFully-specified drug brand name that can not be prescribed
BPCKBranded Drug Delivery Device
BRBinding realm
CA2ISO 3166-1 standard country code in alpha-2 (two-letter) format
CA3ISO 3166-1 standard country code in alpha-3 (three-letter) format
CCNChemical code name
CCSFIPS 10-4 country code
CCTrimmed ICPC component process
CDAClinical drug name in abbreviated format
CDCClinical drug name in concatenated format (NDDF), Clinical drug name (NDFRT)
CDDClinical drug name in delimited format
CDOConcept domain
CDClinical Drug
CEEntry term for a Supplementary Concept
CHNChemical structure name
CMNCommon name
CNLOINC official component name
COComponent name (these are hierarchical terms, as opposed to the LOINC component names which are analytes)
CPRConcept property
CPICPC component process (in original form)
CRConcept relationship
CSNChemical Structure Name
CSYCode system
CSShort component process in ICPC, i.e. include some abbreviations
CUCommon usage
CVContent view
CXComponent, with abbreviations expanded.
DC10Diagnostic criteria for ICD10 code
DC9Diagnostic criteria for ICD9 code
DEVDescriptor entry version
DFGDose Form Group
DFDose Form
DIDisease name
DNDisplay Name
DPDrug Product
DSVDescriptor sort version
DSShort form of descriptor
DTDefinitional term, present in the Metathesaurus because of its connection to a Dorland's definition or to a definition created especially for the Metathesaurus
EPPrint entry term
EQEquivalent name
ESShort form of entry term
ETALEntry Term Alias
ETCFEntry term, consumer friendly description
ETCLINEntry term, clinician description
ETEntry term
EXExpanded form of entry term
FBDForeign brand name
FIFinding name
FNFull form of descriptor
FSYForeign Synonym
GLPGlobal period
GNGeneric drug name
GPCKGeneric Drug Delivery Device
GTGlossary term
HCHierarchical class
HDHierarchical descriptor
HGJKN1Japanese High Level Group Term (kana1)
HGJKNJapanese High Level Group Term (kana)
HGHigh Level Group Term
HSShort or alternate version of hierarchical term
HTJKN1Japanese Hierarchical term (kana1)
HTJKNJapanese Hierarchical term (kana)
HTNHL7 Table Name
HTHierarchical term
HXExpanded version of short hierarchical term
IDNursing indicator
INName for an ingredient
ISObsolete Synonym
ITIndex term
IVCIntervention categories
LALOINC answer
LCLong common name
LLTJKN1Japanese Lower Level Term (kana1)
LLTJKNJapanese Lower Level Term (kana)
LLTLower Level Term
LNLOINC official fully specified name
LOObsolete official fully specified name
LPDNLOINC parts display name
LPNLOINC parts name
LSExpanded system/sample type (The expanded version was created for the Metathesaurus and includes the full name of some abbreviations.)
LVDNLinguistic variant display name
LVLexical variant
MDCCS multi-level diagnosis categories
MHMain heading
MINname for a multi-ingredient
MPPreferred names of modifiers
MSMultum names of branded and generic supplies or supplements
MTH_ACRMTH acronym
MTH_CNMTH Component, with abbreviations expanded.
MTH_ETMetathesaurus entry term
MTH_FNMTH Full form of descriptor
MTH_HGMTH High Level Group Term
MTH_HTMTH Hierarchical term
MTH_HXMTH Hierarchical term expanded
MTH_ISMetathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete synonym
MTH_LLTMTH Lower Level Term
MTH_LNMTH Official fully specified name with expanded abbreviations
MTH_LOMTH Expanded LOINC obsolete fully specified name
MTH_OAFMetathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active fully specified name
MTH_OAPMetathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active preferred term
MTH_OASMetathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete active synonym
MTH_OETMetathesaurus obsolete entry term
MTH_OFMetathesaurus-supplied form of obsolete fully specified name
MTH_OLMTH Non-current Lower Level Term
MTH_OPNMetathesaurus obsolete preferred term, natural language form
MTH_OPMetathesaurus obsolete preferred term
MTH_OSMTH System-organ class
MTH_PTGBMetathesaurus-supplied form of British preferred term
MTH_PTNMetathesaurus preferred term, natural language form
MTH_PTMetathesaurus preferred term
MTH_RXN_BDRxNorm Created BD
MTH_RXN_CDRxNorm Created CD
MTH_RXN_DPRxNorm Created DP
MTH_SIMTH Sign or symptom of
MTH_SMQMetathesaurus version of Standardised MedDRA Query
MTH_SYGBMetathesaurus-supplied form of British synonym
MTH_SYMTH Designated synonym
MVMulti-level procedure category
N1Chemical Abstracts Service Type 1 name of a chemical
NAName aliases
NMName of Supplementary Concept
NPTHL7 non-preferred for language term
NPNon-preferred term
NSShort form of non-preferred term
NXExpanded form of non-preferred term
OAFObsolete active fully specified name
OAMObsolete Modifier Abbreviation
OAPObsolete active preferred term
OASObsolete active synonym
OAObsolete abbreviation
OCNursing outcomes
OETObsolete entry term
OFObsolete fully specified name
OLCObsolete Long common name
OLGObsolete LOINC group name
OLJKN1Japanese Non-current Lower Level Term (kana1)
OLJKNJapanese Non-current Lower Level Term (kana)
OLNon-current Lower Level Term
OMObsolete modifiers in HCPCS
ONPObsolete non-preferred for language term
OOSNObsolete official short name
OPNObsolete preferred term, natural language form
OPObsolete preferred name
OSJKN1Japanese System-organ class in the WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology (kana1)
OSJKNJapanese System-organ class in the WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology (kana)
OSNOfficial short name
OSSystem-organ class
PCEPreferred entry term for Supplementary Concept
PCPreferred "trimmed term" in ICPC
PEPPreferred entry term
PHENO_ETPhenotype entry term
PINName from a precise ingredient
PMMachine permutation
PNMetathesaurus preferred name
POSPlace of service
PQQualifier for a problem
PRName of a problem
PSCProtocol selection criteria
PSNPrescribable Names
PSShort forms that needed full specification
PTAVPreferred Allelic Variant
PTCSPreferred Clinical Synopsis
PTGBBritish preferred term
PTJKN1Japanese Designated preferred name (kana1)
PTJKNJapanese Designated preferred name (kana)
PTNPreferred term, natural language form
PTDesignated preferred name
PXQPreferred qualifier term
PXExpanded preferred terms (pair with PS)
QABQualifier abbreviation
QEVQualifier entry version
QSVQualifier sort version
RABRoot abbreviation
RHTRoot hierarchical term
RPTRoot preferred term
RSYRoot synonym
RSExtracted related names in SNOMED2
RTTerm that is related to, but often considered non-synonymous with, the preferred term
RXN_INRxnorm Preferred Ingredient
RXN_PTRxnorm Preferred
SBDCSemantic Branded Drug Component
SBDFSemantic branded drug and form
SBDGSemantic branded drug group
SBDSemantic branded drug
SBNamed subset of a source
SCDCSemantic Drug Component
SCDFSemantic clinical drug and form
SCDGSemantic clinical drug group
SCDSemantic Clinical Drug
SCNScientific name
SCSpecial Category term
SDCCS diagnosis categories
SIName of a sign or symptom of a problem
SMQStandardised MedDRA Query
SPCCS procedure categories
SSNSource short name, used in the UMLS Knowledge Source Server
SSSynonymous "short" forms
SUActive Substance
SXMixed-case component synonym with expanded abbreviations
SYGBBritish synonym
SYNDesignated alias
SYDesignated synonym
TCTerm class
TGName of the target of an intervention
TMSYTall Man synonym
TQTopical qualifier
TXCCPSS synthesized problems for TC termgroup
UAUNUnique authority name
UCNUnique common name
UEUnique equivalent name
USNUnique scientific name
USYUnique synonym
VABVersioned abbreviation
VPTVersioned preferred term
VSYVersioned synonym
VSValue Set
XDExpanded descriptor in AOD
XMCross mapping set
XQAlternate name for a qualifier

Last Reviewed: October 29, 2021