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MEDLINE/PubMed Search and Smallpox Information Resources

Smallpox Search

The MEDLINE®/PubMed® Smallpox search retrieves over 30,000 references on smallpox and related diseases from MEDLINE/PubMed from 1780s to the present. See details of the search strategy below.

Search Details

The Reference and Web Services Section of the National Library of Medicine created and maintains this smallpox search strategy.

poxviral[tiab] OR
poxvirus OR
poxviruses OR
"pox virus" OR
"pox viruses" OR
"pox vaccine" OR
"pox vaccines" OR
"pox vaccinia" OR
camelpox OR
"camel pox" OR
cowpox OR
cow pox OR
monkeypox OR
monkey pox OR
orthopoxvirus OR
poxviridae[mh:noexp] OR
poxviridae infections[mh:noexp] OR
para vaccinia virus OR
alastrim OR
almaas OR
vaccinia OR
variola OR
variola virus OR
smallpox OR
small pox OR
variola virus OR
smallpox virus OR
"malignant smallpox" OR
"hemorrhagic smallpox" OR
smallpox vaccine OR
variolar[tw] OR
vaccinia virus NOT
("plum pox" OR "prunus")


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Smallpox Information Resources

Last Reviewed: May 23, 2019