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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Veterinary Science Filter

This query is not updated.
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This strategy was created to facilitate searching for veterinary medicine and animal health literature. It includes a wide range of subject search terms and journal titles.

Strategy last modified February 2019.

((animals[majr] OR
animals/abnormalities[mh] OR
animals/anatomy and histology[mh] OR
animals/blood[mh] OR
animals/cerebrospinal fluid[mh] OR
animals/classification[mh] OR
animals/drug effects[mh] OR
animals/embryology[mh] OR
animals/cytology[mh] OR
animals/enzymology[mh] OR
animals/growth and development[mh] OR
animals/immunology[mh] OR
animals/injuries[mh] OR
animals/metabolism[mh] OR
animals/microbiology[mh] OR
animals/physiology[mh] OR
animals/psychology[mh] OR
animals/radiation effects[mh] OR
animals/surgery[mh] OR
animals/urine[mh] OR
animals/virology[mh] OR
behavior, animal[mh] OR
hermaphroditic organisms[mh] OR
animal structures[majr] NOT
insects[mh] AND
animals[mh:noexp]) OR
(animals/genetics[mh] OR
parasitology[majr] OR
genetics[majr] OR
venoms[mh] OR
bites and stings[mh] OR
poisoning[mh] OR
rabies[mh] OR
rabies virus[mh] OR
rabies vaccine[mh] OR
wounds and injuries[mh] OR
wound healing[mh] AND
animals[mh:noexp] AND
vertebrates[mh]) OR
((animal population groups[mh] OR chordata[mh] OR invertebrates[mh] NOT
insects[mh]) AND plants, genetically modified[mh] AND animals[mh:noexp]) OR
abattoirs[mh] OR
anatomy, veterinary[mh] OR
animal diseases[mh] OR
animal experimentation[mh] OR
animal feed[mh] OR
animal husbandry[majr] OR
animal identification system[mh] OR
animal nutrition physiology[mh] OR
animal nutrition sciences[mh] OR
animal nutrition[mh] OR
animal population groups[majr] OR
animal technicians[mh] OR
animal testing alternatives[mh] OR
animal welfare[mh] OR
animals, domestic[mh] OR
animals/parasitology[mh] OR
aquaculture[majr] OR
bees[mh] OR
bonding, human-pet[mh] OR
dairying[majr] OR
education, veterinary[mh] OR
euthanasia, animal[mh] OR
flight, animal[mh] OR
hospitals, animal[mh] OR
housing, animal[mh] OR
legislation, veterinary[mh] OR
models, animal[mh] OR
physical conditioning, animal[mh] OR
practice management, veterinary[mh] OR
pregnancy, animal[mh] OR
rumination, digestive[mh] OR
sex behavior, animal[mh] OR
veterinarians[mh] OR
veterinary drugs[mh] OR
veterinary medicine[mh] OR
veterinary[sh] OR
(zoonoses[mh] NOT
cat scratch disease[mh])) OR
(alligator[ti] OR
alligators[ti] OR
alpaca[ti] OR
amphibian[ti] OR
amphibians[ti] OR
animal[ti] OR
animals[ti] OR
antelope[ti] OR
antelopes[ti] OR
anura[ti] OR
ape[ti] OR
apes[ti] OR
apiaries[ti] OR
apiary[ti] OR
apiculture[ti] OR
apis[ti] OR
artiodactyla[ti] OR
avian[ti] OR
bat[ti] OR
bats[ti] OR
beagle[ti] OR
beagles[ti] OR
bear[ti] OR
bears[ti] OR
bee[ti] OR
beehive[ti] OR
beehives[ti] OR
bees[ti] OR
bird[ti] OR
birds[ti] OR
bison[ti] OR
bitch[ti] OR
bitches[ti] OR
boa[ti] OR
boas[ti] OR
bovine[ti] OR
bovines[ti] OR
buffalo[ti] OR
buffaloes[ti] OR
bullfrog[ti] OR
bullfrogs[ti] OR
bumblebee[ti] OR
bumblebees[ti] OR
calf[ti] OR
calves[ti] OR
camel[ti] OR
camelidae[ti] OR
camels[ti] OR
camelus[ti] OR
canaries[ti] OR
canary[ti] OR
((canine[ti] OR canines[ti]) NOT ((human[tw] OR humans[tw] OR patient[tw] OR patients[tw]) AND
(dental[tw] OR teeth[tw] OR tooth[tw] OR mandibular[tw] OR mandible[tw] OR maxillary[tw] OR impacted[tw]))) OR
canine digestive tract[tw] OR
canine leishmaniosis[tw] OR
canine model[tw] OR
canis[ti] OR
capra[ti] OR
carnivora[ti] OR
carnivore[ti] OR
carnivores[ti] OR
carp[ti] OR
carps[ti] OR
cat [ti] OR
catfish[ti] OR
catfishes[ti] OR
cats[ti] OR
cattle[ti] OR
cetacea[ti] OR
cheetah[ti] OR
cheetahs[ti] OR
chick[ti] OR
chicken[ti] OR
chickens[ti] OR
chicks[ti] OR
chimp[ti] OR
chimpanzee[ti] OR
chimpanzees[ti] OR
chimps[ti] OR
chinchilla[ti] OR
chinchillas[ti] OR
chiroptera[ti] OR
clutch size[ti] OR
colt[ti] OR
colts[ti] OR
companion animal[tw] OR
companion animals[tw] OR
cow[ti] OR
cows[ti] OR
coyote[ti] OR
coyotes[ti] OR
cricetinae[ti] OR
crocodile[ti] OR
crocodiles[ti] OR
cub[ti] OR
cubs[ti] OR
cygnet[ti] OR
deer[ti] OR
deers[ti] OR
dog[ti] OR
dogs[ti] OR
dolphin[ti] OR
dolphins[ti] OR
donkey[ti] OR
donkeys[ti] OR
doves[ti] OR
duck[ti] OR
duckling[ti] OR
ducklings[ti] OR
ducks[ti] OR
eagle[ti] OR
eagles[ti] OR
echidna[ti] OR
echidnas[ti] OR
elephant[ti] OR
elephants[ti] OR
epizoot*[ti] OR
equidae[ti] OR
equine[ti] OR
equines[ti] OR
ewe[ti] OR
ewes[ti] OR
falcon[ti] OR
falcons[ti] OR
feline[ti] OR
felis[ti] OR
ferret[ti] OR
ferrets[ti] OR
filly[ti] OR
fillies[ti] OR
fish[ti] OR
fishes[ti] OR
foal[ti] OR
foals[ti] OR
fowl[ti] OR
fox[ti] OR
foxes[ti] OR
frog[ti] OR
frogs[ti] OR
gallus[ti] OR
geese[ti] OR
gerbil[ti] OR
gerbils[ti] OR
giraffe[ti] OR
giraffes[ti] OR
goat[ti] OR
goats[ti] OR
goldfish[ti] OR
goldfishes[ti] OR
goose[ti] OR
gorilla[ti] OR
gorillas[ti] OR
gosling[ti] OR
goslings[ti] OR
hamster[ti] OR
hamsters[ti] OR
hawk[ti] OR
hawks[ti] OR
heifer[ti] OR
heifers[ti] OR
hen[ti] OR
hens[ti] OR
herd[ti] OR
herds[ti] OR
herpestidae[ti] OR
hinds[ti] OR
hippopotami[ti] OR
hippopotamidae[ti] OR
hippopotamus[ti] OR
hog[ti] OR
hogs[ti] OR
honeybee[ti] OR
honeybees[ti] OR
hornet[ti] OR
hornets[ti] OR
horse[ti] OR
horses[ti] OR
hound[ti] OR
hounds[ti] OR
hyena[ti] OR
hyenas[ti] OR
hyraces[ti] OR
Hyracoidea[ti] OR
hyrax[ti] OR
hyraxes[ti] OR
ibex[ti] OR
iguana[ti] OR
iguanas[ti] OR
kangaroo[ti] OR
kangaroos[ti] OR
kennel[ti] OR
kennels[ti] OR
kitten[ti] OR
kittens[ti] OR
lagomorpha[ti] OR
lamb[ti] OR
lambs[ti] OR
leopard[ti] OR
leopards[ti] OR
lion[ti] OR
lioness[ti] OR
lions[ti] OR
litter mate[ti] OR
litter mates[ti] OR
litter size[ti] OR
litter sizes[ti] OR
livestock[ti] OR
lizard[ti] OR
lizards[ti] OR
llama[ti] OR
llamas[ti] OR
mammal[ti] OR
mammals[ti] OR
manatee[ti] OR
manatees[ti] OR
mare[ti] OR
mares[ti] OR
marsupial[ti] OR
marsupialia[ti] OR
marsupials[ti] OR
mice[ti] OR
mithun[ti] OR
mithuns[ti] OR
moles[ti] OR
monkey[ti] OR
monkeys[ti] OR
moose[ti] OR
mouse[ti] OR
mule[ti] OR
mules[ti] OR
mus[ti] OR
opossum[ti] OR
opossums[ti] OR
orangutan[ti] OR
orangutans[ti] OR
oryctolagus[ti] OR
ostrich[ti] OR
ostriches[ti] OR
ovine[ti] OR
ovines[ti] OR
ovis[ti] OR
owl[ti] OR
owls[ti] OR
panda[ti] OR
pandas[ti] OR
parakeet[ti] OR
parakeets[ti] OR
parrot[ti] OR
parrots[ti] OR
peccaries[ti] OR
peccary[ti] OR
penguin[ti] OR
penguins[ti] OR
perissodactyla[ti] OR
pet food[ti] OR
pet therapy[ti] OR
pets[ti] OR
pig[ti] OR
pigeon[ti] OR
pigeons[ti] OR
piglet[ti] OR
piglets[ti] OR
pigs[ti] OR
pinnipedia[ti] OR
platypus[ti] OR
porcine[ti] OR
porcupine[ti] OR
porcupines[ti] OR
porpoise[ti] OR
porpoises[ti] OR
poultry[ti] OR
primate[ti] OR
primates[ti] OR
proboscidea[ti] OR
pronghorn[ti] OR
pronghorns[ti] OR
pullet[ti] OR
pullets[ti] OR
puma[ti] OR
pumas[ti] OR
pup[ti] OR
puppies[ti] OR
puppy[ti] OR
pups[ti] OR
python[ti] OR
pythons[ti] OR
rabbit[ti] OR
rabbits[ti] OR
(rabid[ti] OR rabies[ti] NOT
(human[ti] OR humans[ti])) OR
raccoon[ti] OR
raccoons[ti] OR
ram[ti] OR
rams[ti] OR
raptor[ti] OR
raptors[ti] OR
rat[ti] OR
rats[ti] OR
rattus[ti] OR
reindeer[ti] OR
reptile[ti] OR
reptiles[ti] OR
rhinoceros[ti] OR
rodent[ti] OR
rodents[ti] OR
rooster[ti] OR
roosters[ti] OR
ruminant[ti] OR
ruminants[ti] OR
scrofa[ti] OR
seal[ti] OR
seals[ti] OR
serpent[ti] OR
serpents[ti] OR
serpentes[ti] OR
shark[ti] OR
sharks[ti] OR
sheep[ti] OR
sirenia[ti] OR
sire[ti] OR
sires[ti] OR
snake[ti] OR
snakes[ti] OR
song bird[ti] OR
song birds[ti] OR
songbird[ti] OR
songbirds[ti] OR
sow[ti] OR
sows[ti] OR
spider[ti] OR
spiders[ti] OR
squirrel[ti] OR
squirrels[ti] OR
stallion[ti] OR
stallions[ti] OR
sus[ti] OR
swan[ti] OR
swans[ti] OR
swine [ti] OR
swines[ti] OR
tapir[ti] OR
tapirs[ti] OR
tarantula[ti] OR
tarantulas[ti] OR
terrapin[ti] OR
terrapins[ti] OR
tiger[ti] OR
tigers[ti] OR
tigress[ti] OR
tilapia[ti] OR
toad[ti] OR
toads[ti] OR
tortoise[ti] OR
tortoises[ti] OR
turtle[ti] OR
turtles[ti] OR
ursidae[ti] OR
veterinarian[tw] OR
veterinarians[tw] OR
veterinary[tw] OR
vole[ti] OR
voles [ti] OR
walrus[ti] OR
walruses[ti] OR
wasp[ti] OR
wasps[ti] OR
whale[ti] OR
whales[ti] OR
wolf[ti] OR
wolves[ti] OR
yellow jacket[ti] OR
yellow jackets[ti] OR
zebra[ti] OR
zebras[ti] OR
zoo[ti] OR
zoonotic[ti] OR
zoonoses[ti] OR
zoos[ti] NOT
(canary[ti] AND mine[ti]) NOT
(cart[ti] AND horse[ti]) NOT
(bird[ps] OR
wolf[ps] OR
canary island[ti] OR
canary islands[ti] OR
cat map[ti] OR
cat maps[ti] OR
cat scratch[ti] OR
chick peas[ti] OR
crocodile tears[ti] OR
dark horse[ti] OR
eagle eye[ti] OR
fish oil[ti] OR
fish oils[ti] OR
gift horse[ti] OR
hawk dove[ti] OR
horse chestnut[ti] OR
horse chestnuts[ti] OR
lamb wave[ti] OR
lamb waves[ti] OR
lamb shift[ti] OR
lamb shifts[ti] OR
lame duck[ti] OR
reap[ti] OR
schrodinger[ti] OR
swan neck[ti] OR
wolf s clothing[ti]) AND
(jsubsetom[text] OR
pubstatusnihms OR pmcbook OR
pubstatuspmcsd OR "last 5 years"[dp] OR 1800:1964[dp])) OR
(animals[mh] AND jsubsetom[text]) OR
(Acta Med Vet Napoli [ta] OR
Acta Theriol Warsz [ta] OR
Acta Vet Acad Sci Hung [ta] OR
Acta Vet Beogr [ta] OR
Acta Vet Hung [ta] OR
Acta Vet Scand [ta] OR
Acta Vet Scand Suppl [ta] OR
Acta Zool Pathol Antverp [ta] OR
Adv Mar Biol [ta] OR
Adv Vet Med [ta] OR
Adv Vet Sci [ta] OR
Adv Vet Sci Comp Med [ta] OR
Altern Lab Anim [ta] OR
Am J Vet Res [ta] OR
Am Zool [ta] OR
Anat Histol Embryol [ta] OR
Anim Behav [ta] OR
Anim Biotechnol [ta] OR
Anim Blood Groups Biochem Genet [ta] OR
Anim Cogn [ta] OR
Anim Genet [ta] OR
Anim Health Res Rev [ta] OR
Anim Learn Behav [ta] OR
Anim Prod [ta] OR
Anim Reprod Sci [ta] OR
Anim Sci J [ta] OR
Anim Technol [ta] OR
Anim Welf [ta] OR
Animal [ta] OR
Ann Biol Anim Biochim Biophys [ta] OR
Ann Genet Sel Anim [ta] OR
Ann Rech Vet [ta] OR
Annu Rev Anim Biosci[ta] OR
Appl Anim Behav Sci [ta] OR
Aquaculture [ta] OR
Aquat Toxicol [ta] OR
Arch Anim Nutr [ta] OR
Arch Exp Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Arch Tierernahr [ta] OR
Arch Vet Ital [ta] OR
Arch Vet Pol [ta] OR
Argos [ta] OR
ATLA Abstr [ta] OR
Aust J Zool [ta] OR
Aust Vet J [ta] OR
Avian Dis [ta] OR
Avian Pathol [ta] OR
Beitr Trop Landwirtsch Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
Berl Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
BMC Vet Res [ta] OR
Br Poult Sci [ta] OR
Br Vet J [ta] OR
Bull Acad Vet Fr [ta] OR
Bull Anim Health Prod Afr [ta] OR
Bull Epizoot Dis Afr [ta] OR
Bull Off Int Epizoot [ta] OR
Cah Med Vet [ta] OR
Can J Comp Med [ta] OR
Can J Comp Med Vet Sci [ta] OR
Can J Vet Res [ta] OR
Can J Zool [ta] OR
Can Vet J [ta] OR
Canine Pract [ta] OR
Cas Cesk Vet [ta] OR
Clin Tech Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
Clin Vet Milano [ta] OR
Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis [ta] OR
Comp Med [ta] OR
Compend Contin Educ Vet [ta] OR
Contemp Top Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
Cornell Vet [ta] OR
Curr Protoc Mouse Biol[ta] OR
Dis Aquat Organ [ta] OR
Domest Anim Endocrinol [ta] OR
Dongwuxue Yanjiu [ta] OR
Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
Equine Vet J [ta] OR
Equine Vet J Suppl [ta] OR
Exp Anim [ta] OR
Feline Pract [ta] OR
Fish Physiol Biochem [ta] OR
Fish Shellfish Immunol [ta] OR
Folia Vet Lat [ta] OR
Folia Veterinaria [ta] OR
Fortschr Tierphysiol Tierernahr [ta] OR
Fortschr Zool [ta] OR
Front Zool [ta] OR
Genet Sel Evol [ta] OR
Hist Med Vet [ta] OR
ILAR J [ta] OR
In Pract [ta] OR
In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim [ta] OR
Indian J Anim Sci [ta] OR
Indian Vet J [ta] OR
Int J Study Anim Probl [ta] OR
Int Wildl [ta] OR
Integr Comp Biol [ta] OR
Iowa State Univ Vet [ta] OR
Ir Vet J [ta] OR
Isr J Zool [ta] OR
J Am Anim Hosp Assoc [ta] OR
J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Am Vet Med Assoc [ta] OR
J Anim Breed Genet [ta] OR
J Anim Ecol [ta] OR
J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr Berl [ta] OR
J Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Appl Anim Welf Sci [ta] OR
J Aquat Anim Health [ta] OR
J Avian Med Surg [ta] OR
J Comp Pathol [ta] OR
J Dairy Res [ta] OR
J Dairy Sci [ta] OR
J Exp Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Exp Mar Biol Ecol [ta] OR
J Exp Psychol Anim Behav Process [ta] OR
J Exp Zool [ta] OR
J Exp Zool A Comp Exp Biol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool A Ecol Genet Physiol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool Suppl [ta] OR
J Feline Med Surg [ta] OR
J Fish Biol [ta] OR
J Fish Dis [ta] OR
J Mammal [ta] OR
J Med Vet Mycol [ta] OR
J S Afr Vet Assoc [ta] OR
J S Afr Vet Med Assoc [ta] OR
J Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
J Vet Cardiol [ta] OR
J Vet Dent [ta] OR
J Vet Diagn Invest [ta] OR
J Vet Emerg Crit Care San Antonio [ta] OR
J Vet Intern Med [ta] OR
J Vet Med Educ [ta] OR
J Vet Med Sci [ta] OR
J Vet Med A Physiol Pathol Clin Med [ta] OR
J Vet Med B Infect Dis Vet Public Health [ta] OR
J Vet Pharmacol Ther [ta] OR
J Vet Sci [ta] OR
J Wildl Dis [ta] OR
J Zoo Wildl Med [ta] OR
J Zool [ta] OR
Jikken Dobutsu [ta] OR
Jpn J Vet Res [ta] OR
Lab Anim [ta] OR
Lab Anim Care [ta] OR
Lab Anim NY [ta] OR
Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
Learn Behav [ta] OR
Mamm Genome [ta] OR
Mammalia [ta] OR
Mar Genomics [ta] OR
Med Mycol [ta] OR
Med Vet Entomol [ta] OR
Med Weter [ta] OR
Mod Vet Pract [ta] OR
Mol Mar Biol Biotechnol [ta] OR
Monatsh Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Mont Wildl [ta] OR
N Z Vet J [ta] OR
Natl Inst Anim Health Q Tokyo [ta] OR
Nippon Juigaku Zasshi [ta] OR
Nord Vet Med [ta] OR
North Am Vet [ta] OR
Onderstepoort J Vet Res [ta] OR
Onderstepoort J Vet Sci Anim Ind [ta] OR
Pathol Vet [ta] OR
Physiol Biochem Zool [ta] OR
Physiol Zool [ta] OR
Pol Arch Weter [ta] OR
Pol J Vet Sci [ta] OR
Poult Sci [ta] OR
Prev Vet Med [ta] OR
Probl Vet Med [ta] OR
Proc Anim Care Panel [ta] OR
Proc Annu Meet U S Anim Health Assoc [ta] OR
Prog Vet Microbiol Immunol [ta] OR
Rec Med Vet Ec Alfort [ta] OR
Reprod Domest Anim [ta] OR
Res Vet Sci [ta] OR
Rev Bras Parasitol Vet [ta] OR
Rev Elev Med Vet Pays Trop [ta] OR
Rev Med Vet Toulouse [ta] OR
Rev Sci Tech [ta] OR
Rev Suisse Zool [ta] OR
S Afr J Anim Sci [ta] OR
Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd [ta] OR
Semin Vet Med Surg Small Anim [ta] OR
Soc Anim [ta] OR
Syst Zool [ta] OR
Theriogenology [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Ausg G Grosstiere Nutztiere [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Ausg K Kleintiere Heimtiere[ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Suppl [ta] OR
Tierarztl Umsch [ta] OR
Tijdschr Diergeneeskd [ta] OR
Top Companion Anim Med [ta] OR
Transbound Emerg Dis [ta] OR
Trop Anim Health Prod [ta] OR
Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis [ta] OR
Vet Anaesth Analg [ta] OR
Vet Bull [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Exot Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Food Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Large Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin Pathol [ta] OR
Vet Comp Oncol [ta] OR
Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol [ta] OR
Vet Dermatol [ta] OR
Vet Herit [ta] OR
Vet Historisch Genoot Cah [ta] OR
Vet Hum Toxicol [ta] OR
Vet Immunol Immunopathol [ta] OR
Vet Ital [ta] OR
Vet J [ta] OR
Vet Med [ta] OR
Vet Med Int[ta] OR
Vet Med Nauki [ta] OR
Vet Med Praha [ta] OR
Vet Med Rev [ta] OR
Vet Med Sci [ta] OR
Vet Med Small Anim Clin [ta] OR
Vet Microbiol [ta] OR
Vet Ophthalmol [ta] OR
Vet Parasitol [ta] OR
Vet Pathol [ta] OR
Vet Pathol Suppl [ta] OR
Vet Q [ta] OR
Vet Radiol Ultrasound [ta] OR
Vet Rec [ta] OR
Vet Res [ta] OR
Vet Res Commun [ta] OR
Vet Surg [ta] OR
Vet Ther [ta] OR
Veterinaria [ta] OR
Veterinarian [ta] OR
Veterinariia [ta] OR
Veterinarstvi [ta] OR
Vic Vet Proc [ta] OR
Wien Tierarztl Monatsschr [ta] OR
Wildl Dis [ta] OR
Worlds Poult Sci J [ta] OR
Z Tierphysiol Tierernahr Futtermittelkd [ta] OR
Z Tierzuecht Zuechtungsbiol [ta] OR
Z Versuchstierkd [ta] OR
Z Wiss Zool [ta] OR
Zebrafish [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed A [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed B [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed C [ta] OR
Zoo Biol [ta] OR
Zool Sci Contrib N Y Zool Soc [ta] OR
Zool Zhurnal [ta] OR
Zoolog Sci [ta] OR
Zoology Jena [ta] OR
Zoonoses Public Health [ta] OR
Zoonoses Res [ta] OR
Zootaxa[ta] OR
Zuchthygiene [ta]) OR
clinical trials, veterinary as topic[mh] OR
clinical trial, veterinary[pt] OR
observational study, veterinary [pt]

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Last Reviewed: February 20, 2019