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Accessing ChemIDplus Content from PubChem

ChemIDplus content is being migrated to PubChem. Follow the steps below to find the ChemIDPlus content in PubChem.

  1. Start a search in the PubChem search by entering a chemical name, molecular formula, CAS RN, SMILES, or InChI identifier.
    Screen capture of a search in PubChem.

  2. Select the “Best Match” compound
    Screen capture of selecting the "best match" from the results list.

  3. ChemIDplus content is distributed in various sections and fields in PubChem. Use the accordion style menu to expand/collapse the sections. Use “Ctrl F” shortcut key to find the field name.
    Screen capture of selecting the "best match" from the results list.

  4. IMPORTANT! How to find ChemIDplus-ONLY content

    STEP 1: Scroll down to the LAST section “Information Sources
    Scroll down to the bottom of the record using the inner scroll bar. Click on "Filter by Source".

    STEP 2: Go to “Information Sources”, expand the “FILTER BY SOURCE” menu
    Click on the drop down menu to "Filter by Source".

    STEP 3: Select ChemIDplus under the TOXNET sources.
    Once clicking on the Filter by Source, select TOXNET -> ChemIDplus to activate filter that display ChemIDplus ONLY content.

Applying this filter will allow you to access ChemIDplus-only content in PubChem.

Last Reviewed: September 23, 2019