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Accessing LactMed Content from NCBI Bookshelf

LactMed content is migrated to NCBI Bookshelf. Follow the steps below to find the LactMed content in Bookshelf.

  1. Search LactMed from Bookshelf home page

    1. On the Bookshelf home page, enter “LactMed”, or “Drug Lactation” in the search box.
      Screen capture of Bookshelf search in LactMed

    2. Select “Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) [Internet]” from the results list.
      Screen capture of Bookshelf search results showing Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) [Internet].

    3. Enter your search term, and then select the record of interest. You can search by drug names or trade names, for example, Advil or ibuprofen.
      Screen capture of searching in Bookshelf with drug name - ibuprofen.

  2. Access LactMed from PubMed

    1. To search a LactMed drug record citation in PubMed, enter “pmcbook LactMed” in the search box followed by a drug name.
      For example, “pmcbook LactMed acetaminophen
      Screen capture of searching for a drug acetaminophen in LactMed from PubMed, using search term "pmcbook LactMed acetaminophen".

    2. Click on the “Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed)” logo or the “Free full text” link in the right navigation area to view the full text content of the drug record in Books.
      Screen capture of the PubMed result of the  acetaminophen drug record in LactMed.  Clicking on the "Full text links" will take users to the LactMed record in Bookshelf.

    3. Searching “pmcbook LactMed” returns the complete listing of LactMed citations in PubMed.

  3. Access LactMed from PubChem

    1. Search PubChem for a drug and choose a Compound record from the search results. PubChem Compound displays the Summary section of the LactMed drug record. To find it, either use the Table of Contents or use “Ctrl F” to find “Drug Effects during Lactation”.
      Screen capture of PubChem compound record with section on Drug Effects during Lactation.

    2. Click on the field “Drug Effects during Lactation” to view the “Summary” section ofthe LactMed drug record. Click on the NCBI Books link to go to the LactMed in Bookshelf.
      Screen capture of PubChem Compound record showing annotation of LactMed content, with link to LactMed in NCBI Books.


Last Reviewed: September 24, 2019