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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Preclinical Sciences
QS Human Anatomy
QT Physiology
QU Biochemistry
QV Pharmacology
QW Microbiology. Immunology
QX Parasitology
QY Clinical Pathology
QZ Pathology


General Health and Medicine
W General Medicine. Health Professions
WA Public Health
WB Practice of Medicine


Diseases of the Whole Body; Aviation, Space, Naval Medicine
WC Communicable Diseases
WD Disorders of Systemic, Metabolic or Environmental Origin, etc.


Body Systems
WE Musculoskeletal System
WF Respiratory System
WG Cardiovascular System
WH Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
WI Digestive System
WJ Urogenital System
WK Endocrine System
WL Nervous System


Specialty Areas
WM Psychiatry
WN Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging
WO Surgery
WP Gynecology
WQ Obstetrics
WR Dermatology
WS Pediatrics
WT Geriatrics. Chronic Disease
WU Dentistry. Oral Surgery
WV Otolaryngology
WW Ophthalmology
WX Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
WY Nursing


WZ History of Medicine. Medical Miscellany
19th Century schedule All works published between 1801-1913

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