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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Library of Congress Classification vs. NLM Classification

  • Some LCC numbers or range of numbers appear in the NLM Classification index
  • Although these numbers are verified against the LCC schedules periodically, the pertinent LCC schedules must be consulted since the numbers may change over time
  • In some cases, a term is indexed to numbers in both the NLM and the LC classification schedules, depending on emphasis
  • If medical aspects predominate, classify the work in the NLM schedule
  • If social, religious, or other aspects predominate, classify in the LCC schedule
  • In case of doubt, prefer the NLM schedule
    • Example:


      Screen capture of Abortion, Induced in the NLM schedule.


    • A general work on social problems related to induced abortion is classed in the LCC schedule general works number for abortion, HQ 767-767.52. A work on how to perform an abortion is classed in the NLM schedule number for abortion, WQ 440

Human Medicine vs. Animal Medicine

  • If the emphasis is on human medicine, classify with the medical aspect in the NLM schedule
    • Example:
      • A work discussing cancer research using laboratory animals in order to learn what causes cancer in humans, is classified in QZ with works on the etiology of cancer in humans 
  • When an animal is discussed in connection with research, classify in QY under the specific number for the animal
  • Class with the general number for Animals, Laboratory, if no specific number is available
  • Care and breeding of laboratory animals also goes in QY
  • When animal diseases, anatomy, and physiology, or the care and breeding of domestic animals are discussed, choose an appropriate number from the LCC schedules
  • When the focus is on the laboratory animal rather than the disease, class with the laboratory animal

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