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VSAC Support Center

Change Value Set Ownership

If an author group or steward group is no longer associated with a value set for a number of reasons such as a personnel change, you will need to transfer that value set from its current author or steward group to a target group. This move must be agreed upon in advance by all current and target group members.

Permission and Rules: Use the Change Value Set Ownership function to assign a new author group or steward group to a value set.
  1. Authoring Tab → My Value Sets → Select the checkbox next to your value set(s) you need to transfer → Change Value Set Ownership Change owner
  2. A Change Value Set Ownership dialog box will appear. Select whether you want to change the author group or steward group. In this example, we will change the steward group.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the target steward group to which you want to assign value set(s).
  4. Click the Change Ownership button.
    Change Value Set Ownership
  5. A confirmation message appears.
    Change owner
  6. My Value Sets should now display your new steward group assignment for your selected value set(s). If you do not see your expected changes, click the Refresh link at the top of the table.

Last Reviewed: April 19, 2022