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VSAC Support Center

Value Set Usage Summary

Value set users can view a value set’s usage summary statistics. You can view lifetime usage statistics or the usage statistics for a specified date range.

You can generate and download a report that includes the number of times users have:

Access Usage Summary Statistics

Search Value Sets

All VSAC users can access value set usage summary information in the public Search Value Sets area of VSAC. Search for and select a value set OID, then click the Usage Summary button in the Metadata tab of Value Set Details for the value set:


Authoring (for authors and stewards only)

In the Authoring tab of VSAC, search for and select a value set OID, then click the Usage Summary button in the Metadata tab:


Select Your Desired Date Range for Usage Summary Statistics

In the Usage Summary pop-up window, specify a date range for which you want to see usage statistics for a value set, and then click the Submit button. There are several date range options available for you to select from the pull-down menu.


Date Range Selection From To
Past Year (default) One year ago Present day
Lifetime* Value set creation date Present day
Program Year January 1st of the selected program year December 31st of the selected program year
Since Last Update "Updated Date" column in the Authoring tab Present day
Quarterly for the Past 12 Months One year ago Present day (divided into 4 equal quarters)
Custom Selected by User Selected by User

*We define a value set's lifetime as beginning with the creation date of its first definition version. This method includes counts of draft version usage as well as published expansion usage.

VSAC displays the following usage summary statistics for the value set during each specified date range:


Download Value Set Usage Report


How Value Set Usage Counts Increase

Please note: VSAC increases the download count regardless of whether the user’s download request is successful. If a user generates a downloaded file or API request and then chooses to ‘Cancel’ the request, VSAC still counts the download action as a legitimate request and increases the download count.

Individual value set downloads




Bulk Downloads

The bulk download count for a specified value set increases when any user downloads an eCQM or C-CDA program release file that contains the value set.

For example: Value set 2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.1489 is published in the ‘eCQM Update 2022-05-05’ program release, and it belongs to ‘Eligible Clinicians’ quality program of eCQM. Clicking any buttons circled red in the picture below triggers a ‘Bulk Download’ count increase for value set 2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.1489.

The image shows the following circled files: All files available for “eCQM Value Sets for Eligible Clinicians Published May 05, 2022” and all files available for “All eCQM Value Sets (Eligible Clinicians, Eligible Hospitals and Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting) Published May 05, 2022.

API Requests

Last Reviewed: July 8, 2024