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VSAC Support Center

Value Set Usage Summary for Authors and Stewards

Value set stewards and authors can determine their value set’s usage by the number of times users have downloaded a value set or have requested a value set through the API during a specified time period.

Value set stewards and authors can generate a report that includes the number of times users have:

Prerequisite: The user needs to be a member of the value set’s author or steward group in order to view usage information. For example, to see the usage summary of value set OID 2.16.840.1.113883.3.464.1003.1161, the user needs to belong to NCQA PHEMUR group.

View Value Set Usage Summary


We define a value set's lifetime as of the creation date of its first definition version. This method includes counts of draft version usage as well as published expansion usage.


Download Value Set Usage Report


How Value Set Usage Counts Increase




The image shows the following circled files: All files available for “eCQM Value Sets for Eligible Clinicians Published May 05, 2022” and all files available for “All eCQM Value Sets (Eligible Clinicians, Eligible Hospitals and Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting) Published May 05, 2022.

Please note: VSAC increases the download count if the user’s download request is successful. If a user generates a downloaded file but the user chooses to ‘Cancel’ it, VSAC still counts the download action as a legitimate request and increases the download count.

For example: VSAC increases the value set’s SVS API counts for any parameter variation of the following SVS API calls:{oid}

Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022