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VSAC Support Center

VSAC 2.9.2 Release Notes

NLM launched VSAC update version 2.9.2 on January 26, 2015.

VSAC 2.9.2 includes the following updated code system versions:

   ICD10CM 2015, ICD10PCS 2015, CPT 2015, CDT 2015, CVX 2015, HCPCS 2015, LOINC 2.50, and RxNorm 2015-01

Expansion Profile Created for the 2015 Release of the 2014 Clinical Quality Measure MU2 Value Sets

With the availability of the updated code systems in 2.9.2, the Expansion Profile has been created for the 2015 Clinical Quality Measure MU2 value sets. When you validate a Value Set, you are able to validate against the new expansion profile. Select MU2 Update 2015-0501.

New VSAC SVS API implemented in production January 27, 2015.

  • We continue to support the old API, but we encourage all users to switch to the new API as soon as possible.
  • Documentation for the new API will be posted on the VSAC Support Center website later today. Please read this documentation, experiment with the new API, and give us any feedback.

New Tutorials in the VSAC Support Center:

  • Deleting Selected Codes
  • Pre-packaged Value Set Downloads

Thank you for your continued support of the Value Set Authority Center at the National Library of Medicine. Please send any questions or feedback to Contact Us