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VSAC 2.9.7 Release Notes

NLM launched VSAC update version 2.9.7 on May 28, 2015.

NEW: Value Set Code Similarity Calculation in VSAC Authoring Tool

In the VSAC Authoring Tool, you will notice a change. In the left frame there is a new orange bar with two choices: Harmonization and Report. Harmonization provides a Check Similarity link. You can click Check Similarity to discover other value sets that may contain the same codes as the value set you are currently authoring. You can set the threshold to your desired similarity threshold score. The Value Set Similarity Tool provides similarity indexes based on three calculation methodologies: Jaccard, Sorenson and Cosine. The index range is from >0.0 to 1.0. For example, you may only want to see similar value sets with a threshold of 0.85, based on the methodologies. In a future release, we will provide a Check Overlap calculation which will help you discover superset or subset value sets that include the codes within your value set.

CHANGED: In the VSAC Authoring Tool, Export Value Set Details

In the VSAC Authoring Tool, the Export Value Set Details link has been moved to the new orange bar: Report --> Export Value Set Details

NEW: eCQM Measure GUID in the Data Element Catalog

The NLM VSAC team implemented this change in the Data Element Catalog (DEC), as requested by users. The Measure GUID is (and always was) in the XML exported from the Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) as a <setId root> element. The VSAC algorithm now extracts the Measure GUID from each Measure XML file and inserts the Measure GUID into a new column in the DEC with the column name "eMeasure GUID."

NEW: An explanation icon (?) for the CVX code system in the VSAC Authoring Tool.

We added an explanation icon (?) to the CVX codesystem choice in the VSAC Authoring Tool. Centers for Disease Control marks CVX codes as inactive to represent administrable vaccine formulations that are no longer available for patient administration but can be found in historical patient records; or, an historical record of a vaccine administered for which the exact formulation is unknown. Please refer to the following link for more information: CDC CVX

CHANGED: Value Set Validate dropdown choice

The Default Expansion Profile dropdown choice was changed to "VSAC Auto Expansion."
Explanation: Leading up to the publication of the value sets for the Clinical Quality Measures Annual Update on May 1, 2015, we set the VSAC Authoring Tool default dropdown choice expansion profile to 'MU2 Update 2015-05-01' as a courtesy to our CQM value set authors. Users access this expansion profile dropdown choice when they click 'Validate' for the value set they are authoring.

REVISED: The presentation of the VSAC API documentation in the VSAC Support Center.

Please click the [Help] button on the VSAC page and find the VSAC API documentation under the How to Use VSAC dropdown.


All MU2 value sets are locked for changes until July 1. These value sets were published on May 1, 2015 for the CMS Clinical Quality Measures. If you have any questions, or if this presents a problem, please contact us.