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VSAC 2.10.0 Release Notes

NLM launched VSAC update version 2.10.0 on August 21, 2015.

UPDATED: Code System Versions

RxNorm 2015-08
LOINC 2.52

CHANGED: In Excel Exports, Display Code System OIDs for Member Value Sets within Grouping Value Sets

In the Excel spreadsheet "Export Value Set Details" for grouping value sets, we now display the code system OID for the individual member value sets. You will find this new Code System OID column in the Grouping List tab of this exported spreadsheet.

CHANGED: Default Search Logic is AND in Search Value Sets

In Search Value Sets, we have changed the default search logic to AND. When you enter multiple terms into the Query box under
Search the NLM Value Set Repository, the VSAC search logic will return the intersection (AND) of these terms.

FIXED: Auto-generate OID and User-Selected OID

In the VSAC Authoring Tool, some users reported that these two functions were not mutually exclusive. We fixed this bug so that if you choose to enter your own OID when creating a new value set, the tool will not overwrite your OID with an auto-generated OID. We recommend using the default behavior of OID-auto-generation by VSAC.

FIXED: Ability to Create Grouping Value Sets in Internet Explorer

Users reported an incompatibility with Internet Explorer that prevented users from creating grouping value sets. We fixed this so that you are now able to create grouping value sets using the Internet Explorer browser. Please be aware, however, that VSAC does not recommend using Internet Explorer browsers with VSAC. We recommend other browser such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

FIXED: Allow Import Function for Inactive Codes

Users reported that the bulk Import function in the VSAC Authoring Tool prevented import of inactive codes into a value set code list. In general, we discourage using any inactive or retired codes in value sets, but we understand this is occasionally necessary when using a value set for historical electronic health record purposes. Please know that in order to publish any value set in which you must include inactive codes, you will need to contact VSAC Support so we can add your inactive codes to your expansion profile.