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VSAC 2.10.4 Release Notes

NLM released VSAC update version 2.10.4 on January 19, 2016.

UPDATED: Code System Versions

  CDT 2016, CPT 2016, CVX 2016, HCPCS 2016, ICD10CM 2016, ICD10PCS 2016, LOINC 2.54, RxNorm 2016-01

NEW: Expansion Profile for CMS Annual Update of eCQM Value Sets

With the availability of the updated code systems in 2.10.4, VSAC has created the value set expansion profile for the 2016 Annual Update of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Clinical Quality Measure value sets. When you validate a value set in the VSAC Authoring Tool editing screen, you are able to validate against this new expansion profile. Select MU2 Update 2016-04-01. NOTE: This expansion profile does not yet include anticipated legacy codes. CMS will add their required legacy codes in this expansion profile after February 1.

CHANGES: VSAC Representation of the CVX Vaccine Code system

In the past, VSAC has represented the CVX vaccine codes by using the CVX native vaccine_status=inactive to designate those codes as inactive and therefore unavailable for use in published value sets. In consultation with ONC and CDC, we have developed a more accurate representation of the CVX vaccine code system such that VSAC displays the CVX Vaccine Status in the VSAC Property column. Now, the only inactive CVX codes are those with a CDC Vaccine Status of "Never Active" or a CVX designation of "do not use."

The following values display in the CVX Property field in the VSAC code query, to represent CVX Vaccine Status:

  • Active: A currently available administrable vaccine
  • Inactive: An administrable vaccine formulation that is no longer available for patient administration, but can be found in historical patient records, or, a historical record of a vaccine administered where the exact formulation is unknown
  • Pending: A vaccine that is expected to become active in the future
  • Non-US: A vaccine that available outside the US only
  • Never Active: A vaccine that was never available and is not in the pipeline of new vaccines
    Excerpted from the CVX Web site