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VSAC 2.10.11 Release Notes

NLM released VSAC update version 2.10.11 on April 20, 2016.

UPDATED: Code System Versions

RxNorm 2016-02, 2016-03, 2016-04
US Edition of SNOMED CT 2016-03

See all VSAC-hosted code system versions in the VSAC Support Center. Select the Help button on any VSAC page and go to Code Systems and Tools

NEW: VSAC Authoring and VSAC Collaboration Support for CMS eCQM Value Set Annual Update

VSAC Authoring: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) value sets are now available again for updating by eCQM value set authors. VSAC locks the eCQM value sets during the eCQM value set update publishing process to preserve data integrity.

VSAC Collaboration: VSAC posted updated value set details for each of the 93 CMS eCQM Collaboration sites, using the expansion profile for MU2 Update 2016-04-01. This will assist CMS measure developers as they begin the next value set update cycle for 2017. Access VSAC Collaboration with your UMLS License username and password.

CHANGES: View Value Set Summary

In Search Value Sets public repository, when highlighting a value set row and clicking the View link, users indicated an incorrect display field named Organization. We appreciate users calling this to our attention and we have removed the Organization field. The View link displays a value set summary that represents the latest expansion detail of the selected value set.