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VSAC 2.14.0 Release Notes

NLM released VSAC update version 2.14.0 on June 9, 2017

NEW: C-CDA R2.1 Value Sets Available

  • We are pleased to announce the VSAC publication and downloadable files of the HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) R2.1 value sets, authored by the HL7 Terminology group.
  • In the VSAC Downloads tab, select the “C-CDA Value Sets” section. Sign in with your UMLS username and password to gain access to the Excel and pipe-delimited Text files.
  • In the VSAC Search Value Sets tab, we added a specific filter for C-CDA value sets so you can browse all C-CDA value sets in their entirety, including very large value sets.
  • The published downloadable C-CDA R2.1 release excludes several C-CDA value sets for which VSAC does not yet have the required supporting code systems. You can view the list of C-CDA R2.1 Value Sets Available and Unavailable in VSAC in the section below the downloadable files.

Please send any questions or feedback to: NLM Customer Support