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VSAC Support Center

VSAC Utility API Calls: 'profiles' and 'latest profile'

NLM developed utility calls as a method to retrieve metadata associated with value sets. These utility calls are not associated with the SVS API and do not adhere to the SVS specification. Utility calls require no authentication.

URLs using the profiles or latest profile parameters support the following use cases:

  • Retrieve all expansion profile labels so that you can then use an expansion profile label to retrieve a correctly calculated expansion for your desired value set.
  • Retrieve the latest profile label for your program so that you can then use your program's most recently developed expansion profile label to retrieve a correctly calculated expansion for your desired value set.

Related VSAC SVS API Endpoint Calls:

Query Parameters

Parameter name Required? Y/N Description
profiles Y Defines a calculation algorithm containing predetermined code system versions and legacy codes. For example: 'eCQM Update 2019-05-10'
latest profile Y The most recently available expansion profile to be used by a specified program

Related Utility Calls

The base URL for VSAC utility calls is

URL Description Retrieve all expansion profile labels supported by VSAC.{programName}/latest profile Return the value of the most recently available expansion profile to be used by the specified program in an upcoming VSAC program release of that program's value set content. Value of latest profile is subject to change according to the goals of the program it represents.

Sample Output

Sample output for (retrieved 01/03/2020)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <profile>Most Recent Code System Versions in VSAC</profile>
    <profile>CMS Pre-rulemaking eCQM 2019-08-30</profile>
    <profile>C-CDA R2.1 2019-06-28</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 2019-05-10</profile>
    <profile>CMS Pre-rulemaking eCQM 2019-05-10</profile>
    <profile>RCKMS Release 1.0 2018-10-31</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 2018-09-17</profile>
    <profile>C-CDA R2.1 2018-06-15</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 2018-05-04</profile>
    <profile>C-CDA R2.1 2018-02-01</profile>
    <profile>CMS 2018 IQR Voluntary Hybrid Reporting</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 2018 EP-EC and EH</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 4Q2017 EH</profile>
    <profile>C-CDA R2.1 2017-06-09</profile>
    <profile>eCQM Update 2017-05-05</profile>
    <profile>MU2 Update 2017-01-06</profile>
    <profile>C-CDA R1.1 2016-06-23</profile>
    <profile>MU2 Update 2016-04-01</profile>
    <profile>MU2 Update 2015-05-01</profile>
    <profile>MU2 EP Update 2014-05-30</profile>
    <profile>MU2 EH Update 2014-04-01</profile>
    <profile>MU2 EP Update 2013-06-14</profile>
    <profile>MU2 EH Update 2013-04-01</profile>
    <profile>MU2 Update 2012-12-21</profile>
    <profile>MU2 Update 2012-10-25</profile>

Sample output for eCQM and Hybrid Measure/latest profile (retrieved 01/03/2020)

    "name": "eCQM Update 2019-05-10",
    "requestTime": "2020-01-03 02:50:42 PM"

Last Reviewed: March 2, 2020