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VSAC Utility API Calls: versions

NLM developed utility calls as a method to retrieve metadata associated with value sets. These utility calls are not associated with the SVS API and do not adhere to the SVS specification. Utility calls require no authentication.

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URLs using the versions parameter support the following use case:

  • Retrieve all expansion version labels for a specified value set OID so that you can then use an expansion version label to retrieve a correctly calculated expansion for your desired value set.

Related VSAC SVS API Endpoint Calls:

Query Parameters

Parameter name Required? Y/N Description
id Y VSAC value set object identifier (OID)
versions Y Retrieves all expansion version labels for a specified OID. An expansion version uniquely identifies a published value set expansion. For example: 'eCQM Update 2019-05-10' or '20170505'

Related Utility Calls

The base URL for VSAC utility calls is

URL Description{oid}/versions Retrieve list of expansion version labels available for a specified value set OID.

Sample Output

Sample output for (retrieved 01/03/2020)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<VersionList oid="2.16.840.1.113883.">
    <version>eCQM Update 2019-05-10</version>
    <version>eCQM Update 2018-09-17</version>
    <version>eCQM Update 2018-05-04</version>
    <version>eCQM Update 2018 EP-EC and EH</version>
    <version>eCQM Update 4Q2017 EH</version>
    <version>eCQM Update 2017-05-05</version>
    <version>MU2 Update 2017-01-06</version>
    <version>MU2 Update 2016-04-01</version>
    <version>MU2 Update 2015-05-01</version>
    <version>MU2 EH Update 2014-04-01</version>
    <version>MU2 EH Update 2013-04-01</version>
    <version>MU2 Update 2012-12-21</version>
    <version>MU2 Update 2012-10-25</version>

Last Reviewed: March 2, 2020