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Lister Hill Center Auditorium Guide

The Lister Hill Center (LHC) Auditorium will be undergoing renovation projects and will not be able to accept or confirm reservations until the spring of 2024 at the earliest. Please check this page for future updates. For questions, please contact the Office of Communications & Public Liaison at

General Information for the LHC Auditorium

The Lister Hill Auditorium (LHC) is a unique, 176-seat facility equipped with sophisticated audiovisual equipment and a projection system. As a unique biomedical communication facility, it is to be used for specialized events that require its capabilities. It is not to be considered a facility for regular meetings of advisory bodies, but should be reserved primarily for conferences, symposia and workshops that require multimedia equipment.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the LHC Auditorium is wheelchair accessible. Restrooms and water fountains are wheelchair accessible and there are six handicapped parking spaces located on the rooftop of the parking garage next to Building 38A. We can supply devices for the hearing impaired but please give us advance notice. There is a TTY public phone behind the NLM Visitor Center.

The normal operating hours of the LHC Auditorium are Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 6:00pm. Weekend and/or evening meetings are only allowed by special exception approved by the NLM Director. If meetings are approved to extend beyond regular weekday hours or take place on a weekend, the sponsoring IC must provide a CAN number to pay for NIH security guards.

Priorities for LHC Auditorium Reservations

Programmatic activities which support the mission of the NLM receive first priority for use of the LHC Auditorium. When space is not required for these activities, it may be scheduled under the following general priorities:

Only the NLM Director can change a confirmed event reservation.

How to Make an LHC Auditorium Reservation

  1. A tentative reservation is made by submitting form NIH 827-2A (Rev. 3/2019) “Request to Use the LHC Auditorium”.
    • A hard copy of the form and the LHC Auditorium Guide may be printed from the website (//
    • Submit form NIH 827-2A (Rev. 3/2019) by e-mail to the NLM Communications Office at
    • Once a meeting request is approved by NLM staff, you will receive an email confirmation along with the attached form NIH 827-2B (Rev. 3/2019).
  2. Complete form NIH 827-2B (Rev. 3/2019) and submit at least 30 days prior to the event. Failure to submit the form at least 30 days prior to the event date will cause you to lose your reservation.
  3. If you have any questions about any part of the forms, please refer to the Lister Hill Center Auditorium Guide or email the NLM Communications Office at

Sponsor/Event Coordinator Responsibilities

Prior to Your Event

  1. Complete Form NIH 827-2A, Request to use the LHC Auditorium.
  2. Complete Form NIH 827-2B, Event Support Request.

Event Support Information

- Your reservation of the LHC Auditorium also includes use of the Lister Hill Center lobby for registration. A registration desk and phone are available for your use. If you choose to use the registration desk, it is your responsibility to staff the registration desk during the event.

- NIH Web Collaboration (Adobe Connect), NIH provided Videocasting, or Video Teleconferencing is considered additional support. You are required to contact CIT Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings for arrangements and fees. Arrangements should be made as soon as possible upon receipt of reservation confirmation.

- Poster Sessions and Catering Services are contractor provided services requiring additional arrangements and fees. Contact the NLM Communications Office for further information at

  1. Assign an Onsite Event Coordinator for the day of the event.
  2. Provide a copy of your agenda to the NLM Communications Office ( at least 30 days prior to your event. Any major changes must be provided as they develop. An accurate agenda will determine the ability to provide the required audiovisual support requested.
  3. Inform the speakers to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to presenting. See presenters’ responsibilities below for important details.
  4. Inform the NLM Communications Office ( if you have scheduled a court reporter to transcribe the proceedings of your meetings. We will reserve space for that person and help him/her plug into our audio system.
  5. If you require materials to be shipped to the LHC Auditorium in advance of your event, please contact the NLM Communications Office ( for shipping details.

Day of the Event

  1. Make contact with the LHC Auditorium Coordinator and identify your Onsite Event Coordinator who will be present in the auditorium during the event. This person will be the facilitator between the speaker(s) and the audiovisual personnel.
  2. Direct all presenters to the podium so that LHC Auditorium Coordinator and technical AV support staff will know that they have arrived and are ready to be oriented to the podium.
    • Presenters' Responsibilities
      • Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before speaking.
      • First time presenters should arrive during lunch or breaks in the agenda preceding their talk to check in their audiovisual materials and receive a brief orientation to the podium.
      • If presentation requires the use of a USB flash drive or portable hard drive in the LHC Auditorium PC, NIH IT security requires that they be scanned for viruses. There are no exceptions! Bring your drive(s) at least 30-45 minutes before the start of your session to avoid delays. No software may be installed on the LHC auditorium PC without prior consent of an NLM Systems Administrator. Please discuss this with the LHC Auditorium Coordinator.
  3. Read the required Auditorium Announcements to your attendees in the Auditorium prior to your event.
    • Required Auditorium Announcements
      • Attendees are prohibited from bringing food and drink, including all water bottles, into the auditorium. We require that you monitor this.
      • A conference microphone is located at each table position in the lower section and can be activated by pressing the “MIC” button. A red ring will light up when the microphone is active. Only 6 microphones can be active at one time. Press the “MIC” button again to turn the microphone off when finished speaking.

General Lister Hill Center Information

Contact Information

Last Reviewed: May 14, 2024