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History (continued)

There are several ways to combine searches in your History:

  • Click "Add" to add the search to the search builder with "AND."
  • Click the search number to expand the options menu and select a Boolean operator.
  • Create a search strategy using the search numbers, either in the search builder or the search box.

Please enable JavaScript to view the video on this page.
The video illustrates the directions that are on this page.

This video can be seen directly at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/disted/pubmedtutorial/videos/020_410.mp4

PubMed History Tips:

  • History numbers are used across databases. #1 may be in PubMed, #2 in the MeSH Database, #3 in the NLM Catalog, etc. PubMed History will only display those run in PubMed.

  • History can hold a maximum of 100 search statements. Once that number is reached, PubMed will remove the oldest search to add the most current.

  • Search History is automatically lost after 8 hours of inactivity, but your last 6 months of activity is saved in the Recent Activity feature of My NCBI, if you use a My NCBI account.

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Last Reviewed: August 23, 2018