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Using the Full display for Bursitis, let's build a search strategy within the MeSH database for citations about the diagnosis of bursitis in the knee joint.

  • : Check the Diagnosis subheading.

  • : Click Add to search builder. The term with any specifications will appear in the PubMed search builder.

  • : To add additional terms to this strategy, continue searching the MeSH database and add terms to the PubMed search builder using the Add to search builder button and the appropriate boolean connector (AND, OR or NOT). Enter knee joint in the search box, click Search.

  • : Let's restrict to citations where the major focus of the article is knee joints and then add this term to the strategy. Click in the check box for: Restrict to MeSH Major Topic.

  • : Click Add to search builder. Use the default boolean operator, AND.

  • : Now the search is built and ready to be run in PubMed. Click the Search PubMed button below the PubMed search builder to send the strategy to PubMed.
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Last Reviewed: October 28, 2019