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NLM Catalog Journals Search

The NLM Catalog has a special tool that allows you to look up information about a PubMed journal. Click Journals in NCBI Databases from the PubMed home page.

You can search for a journal using:

  • journal title
  • MEDLINE/PubMed journal title abbreviation
  • print and electronic International Standard Serial Numbers (pISSNs and eISSNs)
  • subject terms

Note: The NLM Catalog includes journals in all NLM collections and Entrez databases (e.g., PubMed, Nucleotide, Protein).

For a list of broad topics assigned to MEDLINE journals and links to the journals assigned to each, click on Browse MEDLINE Journals by broad subject terms under More Resources.

For a list of full-text journals available on the Web to which PubMed currently links, click on Journal lists by FTP under More Resources.

New journals are added regularly. Some journals may require that you register, subscribe, or pay a fee in order to view the full-text of an article. Contact the journal publishers as noted on their individual Web sites for specific access information.

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