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Use My NCBI Collections to save PubMed citations for future use in PubMed.

To save items in a Collection, you have two options:

Send to Collections

  • Step 1 (not shown): From your Summary display of results, use the checkboxes to select the search result items you wish to save.
    • Note: If no items are checked, all (up to 1000*) items are included.
  • : Click Send to and select Collections. Click Add to Collections. If you are not already signed into My NCBI, you will be prompted to do so.
  • : Either choose to create a new collection or append to an existing one. Click Save.

* If you have saved any Collections prior to February 2009, then these will remain with 500 as the maximum number unless you recreate the Collection.

Select Favorite from the Abstract Display

  • : While viewing an abstract in PubMed, click Favorite, in the right column. A collection called "Favorites" is displayed at the top. If you are signed in to My NCBI, all of your collections are listed.
  • : Choose the collection to which you want to add items. The star next to the collection name will turn blue when the item is added.

To remove this item from the collection, click on the collection name a second time. The star will revert to clear.

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Last Reviewed: November 2, 2019