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NCBI Site Preferences

  • Your My NCBI account password, email address, and linked accounts are managed on the Account Settings page.
  • Your preferences for PubMed settings are managed on the My NCBI Preferences page.
    • Choose to highlight PubMed search words in retrieval when you are signed into My NCBI.
    • Turn off or on the auto suggest feature, which suggests terms as you type into the search box.
    • Show the Abstract Supplemental Data (Publication Types, MeSH terms, substances, grant information) by default.
    • Select a document delivery provider (see your librarian).
    • Select an Outside Tool to view your full text access options (see your librarian).
    • Show the author information.
    • Change your default result display settings.

These preferences are in effect whenever you are signed in to My NCBI.

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Last Reviewed: November 17, 2019