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Exercise 1 - Suggested Answer

Click the Steps to run the demonstration.

Find citations to articles about the ethics of liver transplantation. Check Details to see how the terms are mapped. Filter to review articles. Select a few items and add them to the Clipboard. Go to the Clipboard and view the selected items in Abstract format to see the assigned MeSH terms.

  • : Enter your terms (ethics liver transplantation) in the PubMed search box and click Search. PubMed retrieves the items and displays them in Summary display format, 20 per page.

  • : Look at the Search Details to see how PubMed translated the search:("ethics"[Subheading] OR "ethics"[All Fields] OR "ethics"[MeSH Terms]) AND ("liver transplantation"[MeSH Terms] OR ("liver"[All Fields] AND "transplantation"[All Fields]) OR "liver transplantation"[All Fields])

  • : Click the number under Result to return to the search results. Select the Review filter to see only review articles.

  • : Scan the items and select a few (by clicking the check box) that are interesting to you. Send these items to the Clipboard by selecting Clipboard from the Send to menu.

  • : Click on the number of items link for the Clipboard to view the Clipboard items.

  • : Use Display Settings to select the Abstract display format.

This is a suggested answer. Your approach, as well as the number of results retrieved, may vary. New citations are added regularly to PubMed.

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