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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Cancer Filter

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This strategy uses terms from the Neoplasms (and related) branches of MeSH, cancer-related text words, and MEDLINE journal titles. It was originally created jointly by NLM and the National Cancer Institute to facilitate searching for subjects in all areas of cancer, ranging from clinical care to basic research.

Strategy last modified February 2019.

OR American Cancer Society
OR angiogenesis inducing agents
OR antibodies, neoplasm
OR antigens, neoplasm
OR antineoplastic agents
OR antineoplastic protocols
OR biomarkers, tumor
OR biopsy [mh]
OR biopsy [tw]
OR bone marrow purging
OR bone marrow transplantation
OR cancer care facilities
OR cancer vaccines
OR carcinogenicity tests
OR carcinogens
OR chemoembolization, therapeutic
OR clonal evolution [mh]
OR clonal evolution [tw]
OR colonography, computed tomographic
OR colonoscopy
OR colposcopy
OR combined modality therapy
OR cryosurgery
OR cytapheresis
OR dna, neoplasm
OR drug resistance, neoplasm
OR drug screening assays, antitumor
OR early detection of cancer
OR gene expression regulation, neoplastic
OR genes, neoplasm
OR graft vs tumor effect
OR hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
OR hematopoietic stem cell mobilization
OR immunotherapy, adoptive
OR leukostasis
OR lymph node excision
OR lymphocytes, tumor-infiltrating
OR mammography
OR mastectomy
OR medical oncology
OR metastasectomy
OR mohs surgery
OR myelodysplastic-myeloproliferative diseases
OR neoplasm grading
OR neoplasm proteins
OR neoplasm staging
OR neoplasm transplantation
OR neoplastic processes
OR neoplastic stem cells
OR oncogene fusion
OR oncogenic viruses
OR oncology nursing
OR oncology service, hospital
OR oncolytic viruses
OR papanicolaou test [mh]
OR papillomavirus vaccines
OR peripheral blood stem cell transplantation
OR polyomavirus
OR radiotherapy
OR radiotherapy planning, computer assisted
OR rna, neoplasm
OR second-look surgery
OR SEER program
OR stem cell transplantation [mh:noexp]
OR transplantation conditioning
OR tumor cells, cultured
OR tumor escape
OR tumor lysis syndrome
OR tumor necrosis factors
OR receptors, tumor necrosis factor
OR tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated peptides and proteins
OR ultrasonography, mammary
OR AJCC [tw]
OR (ASCO NOT fungi)
OR "National Cancer Institute (U.S.)" [mh]
OR aCML [tw]
OR AILD [tw]
OR AML [tw]
OR ANLL [tw]
OR ATLL [tw]
OR BRCA [tw]
OR BRCA1 [tw]
OR BRCA2 [tw]
OR CIN [tw]
OR CLL [tw]
OR CMML [tw]
OR CMPD [tw]
OR ECCL [tw]
OR FMTC [tw]
OR GLNH [tw]
OR HPV [tw]
OR HSIL [tw]
OR ICD O [tw]
OR JCML [tw]
OR JMML [tw]
OR LGLL [tw]
OR MGUS [tw]
OR MLH1[tw]
OR MPD [tw]
OR MSH2[tw]
OR RAEB [tw]
OR RCMD [tw]
OR SCLC [tw]
OR VOD [tw]
OR 5q syndrome [tw]
OR c erbB 2 [tw]
OR c erbB2 [tw]
OR carney complex [tw]
OR cone biopsy [tw]
OR denys drash [tw]
OR essential thrombocythemia [tw]
OR estrogen receptor negative [tw]
OR estrogen receptor positive [tw]
OR li fraumeni [tw]
OR meigs syndrome [tw]
OR molar pregnancy [tw]
OR mycosis fungoides [tw]
OR peutz jeghers [tw]
OR sentinel lymph node [tw]
OR sezary syndrome [tw]
OR struma ovarii [tw]
OR sturge weber [tw]
OR zollinger ellison [tw]
OR (aberrant [tw] AND crypt [tw] AND foci [tw])
OR ((anti-n-methyl-d-aspartate [tw] OR anti-nmda) AND encephalitis [tw])
OR (barrett [tw] AND esophagus [tw])
OR (gestational [tw] AND trophoblastic [tw])
OR (microsatellite [tw] AND instability [tw])
OR (paget [tw] AND (breast [tw] OR nipple [tw]))
OR (polycythemia [tw] AND vera [tw])
OR (radiation [tw] AND therapy [tw])
OR (WAGR [tw] AND syndrome [tw])
OR (pap [tw] AND (smear [tw] OR smears [tw]))
OR cervical smear [tw]
OR cervical smears [tw]
OR pap test [tw]
OR pap tests [tw]
OR (PSA [tw] AND prostate)
OR PSA test [tw]
OR PSA testing [tw]
OR (prostate [tw] AND specific [tw] AND antigen [tw])
OR acanthoma [tw]
OR acanthomas [tw]
OR acrochordon [tw]
OR acrochordons [tw]
OR acrospiroma [tw]
OR acrospiromas [tw]
OR adamantinoma [tw]
OR adamantinomas [tw]
OR adenoacanthoma [tw]
OR adenoacanthomas [tw]
OR adenoameloblastoma [tw]
OR adenoameloblastomas [tw]
OR adenocanthoma [tw]
OR adenocanthomas [tw]
OR adenocarcinoma [tw]
OR adenocarcinomas [tw]
OR adenofibroma [tw]
OR adenofibromas [tw]
OR adenolipoma [tw]
OR adenolipomas [tw]
OR adenolymphoma [tw]
OR adenolymphomas [tw]
OR adenoma [tw]
OR adenomas [tw]
OR adenomatosis [tw]
OR adenomatous [tw]
OR adenomyoepithelioma [tw]
OR adenomyoepitheliomas [tw]
OR adenomyoma [tw]
OR adenomyomas [tw]
OR adenosarcoma [tw]
OR adenosarcomas [tw]
OR adenosis [tw]
OR aesthesioneuroblastoma [tw]
OR aesthesioneuroblastomas [tw]
OR ameloblastoma [tw]
OR ameloblastomas [tw]
OR amyloidoses [tw]
OR amyloidosis [tw]
OR anaplasia [tw]
OR androblastoma [tw]
OR androblastomas [tw]
OR angioblastoma [tw]
OR angioblastomas [tw]
OR angioendothelioma [tw]
OR angioendotheliomas [tw]
OR angioendotheliomatosis [tw]
OR angiofibroma [tw]
OR angiofibromas [tw]
OR angiofibrosarcoma [tw]
OR angiogenesis factor [tw]
OR angiokeratoma [tw]
OR angiokeratomas [tw]
OR angioleiomyoma [tw]
OR angioleiomyomas [tw]
OR angiolipoma [tw]
OR angiolipomas [tw]
OR angioma [tw]
OR angiomas [tw]
OR angiomatosis [tw]
OR angiomyolipoma [tw]
OR angiomyolipomas [tw]
OR angiomyoma [tw]
OR angiomyomas [tw]
OR angiomyxoma [tw]
OR angiomyxomas [tw]
OR angioreticuloma [tw]
OR angioreticulomas [tw]
OR angiosarcoma [tw]
OR angiosarcomas [tw]
OR anticancer [tw]
OR anticarcinogenesis [tw]
OR anticarcinogenic [tw]
OR antimutagenesis [tw]
OR antineoplastic [tw]
OR antioncogene [tw]
OR antioncogenes [tw]
OR antitumor [tw]
OR antitumors [tw]
OR antitumour [tw]
OR antitumours [tw]
OR apudoma [tw]
OR apudomas [tw]
OR argentaffinoma [tw]
OR argentaffinomas [tw]
OR arrhenoblastoma [tw]
OR arrhenoblastomas [tw]
OR astroblastoma [tw]
OR astroblastomas [tw]
OR astrocytoma [tw]
OR astrocytomas [tw]
OR astroglioma [tw]
OR astrogliomas [tw]
OR atypia [tw]
OR baltoma [tw]
OR basiloma [tw]
OR basilomas [tw]
OR biochemotherapies [tw]
OR biochemotherapy [tw]
OR bioradiotherapy [tw]
OR Birt-Hogg-Dube [tw]
OR blastoma [tw]
OR blastomas [tw]
OR Buschke-Lowenstein [tw]
OR cachexia [tw]
OR cancer [tw]
OR cancerous [tw]
OR cancers [tw]
OR carcinogen [tw]
OR carcinogenesis [tw]
OR carcinogenic [tw]
OR carcinogens [tw]
OR carcinoid [tw]
OR carcinoma [tw]
OR carcinomas [tw]
OR carcinomatosis [tw]
OR carcinosarcoma [tw]
OR carcinosarcomas [tw]
OR cavernoma [tw]
OR cavernomas [tw]
OR cementoma [tw]
OR cementomas [tw]
OR cerbB2 [tw]
OR ceruminoma [tw]
OR ceruminomas [tw]
OR chemodectoma [tw]
OR chemodectomas [tw]
OR chemoimmunoradiotherapy [tw]
OR chemoimmunotherapies [tw]
OR chemoimmunotherapy [tw]
OR chemoprevention [tw]
OR chemoradiation [tw]
OR chemoradiotherapies [tw]
OR chemoradiotherapy [tw]
OR cherubism [tw]
OR chloroma [tw]
OR chloromas [tw]
OR cholangiocarcinoma [tw]
OR cholangiocarcinomas [tw]
OR cholangiohepatoma [tw]
OR cholangioma [tw]
OR cholangiomas [tw]
OR cholangiosarcoma [tw]
OR cholesteatoma [tw]
OR cholesteatomas [tw]
OR chondroblastoma [tw]
OR chondroblastomas [tw]
OR chondroma [tw]
OR chondromas [tw]
OR chondrosarcoma [tw]
OR chondrosarcomas [tw]
OR chordoma [tw]
OR chordomas [tw]
OR chorioadenoma [tw]
OR chorioadenomas [tw]
OR chorioangioma [tw]
OR chorioangiomas [tw]
OR choriocarcinoma [tw]
OR choriocarcinomas [tw]
OR chorioepithelioma [tw]
OR chorioepitheliomas [tw]
OR chorionepithelioma [tw]
OR chorionepitheliomas [tw]
OR choristoma [tw]
OR choristomas [tw]
OR chromaffinoma [tw]
OR chromaffinomas [tw]
OR cocarcinogenesis [tw]
OR collagenoma [tw]
OR collagenomas [tw]
OR colonoscopies [tw]
OR coloscopy [tw]
OR coloscopies [tw]
OR comedocarcinoma [tw]
OR comedocarcinomas [tw]
OR condyloma [tw]
OR condylomas [tw]
OR corticotropinoma [tw]
OR corticotropinomas [tw]
OR craniopharyngioma [tw]
OR craniopharyngiomas [tw]
OR cylindroma [tw]
OR cylindromas [tw]
OR cyst [tw]
OR cysts [tw]
OR cystadenocarcinoma [tw]
OR cystadenocarcinomas [tw]
OR cystadenofibroma [tw]
OR cystadenofibromas [tw]
OR cystadenoma [tw]
OR cystadenomas [tw]
OR cystoma [tw]
OR cystomas [tw]
OR cystosarcoma [tw]
OR cystosarcomas [tw]
OR dentinoma [tw]
OR dentinomas [tw]
OR dermatofibroma [tw]
OR dermatofibromas [tw]
OR dermatofibrosarcoma [tw]
OR dermatofibrosarcomas [tw]
OR dermoid [tw]
OR desmoid [tw]
OR desmoplastic [tw]
OR dictyoma [tw]
OR dysgerminoma [tw]
OR dysgerminomas [tw]
OR dyskeratoma [tw]
OR dyskeratomas [tw]
OR dysmyelopoiesis [tw]
OR dysplasia [tw]
OR dysplastic [tw]
OR ectomesenchymoma [tw]
OR ectomesenchymomas [tw]
OR elastofibroma [tw]
OR elastofibromas [tw]
OR enchondroma [tw]
OR enchondromas [tw]
OR enchondromatosis [tw]
OR endothelioma [tw]
OR endotheliomas [tw]
OR ependymoblastoma [tw]
OR ependymoblastomas [tw]
OR ependymoma [tw]
OR ependymomas [tw]
OR epidermoid [tw]
OR epithelioma [tw]
OR epitheliomas [tw]
OR erythroleukaemia [tw]
OR erythroleukaemias [tw]
OR erythroleukemia [tw]
OR erythroleukemias [tw]
OR erythroplakia [tw]
OR erythroplakias [tw]
OR erythroplasia [tw]
OR esthesioneuroblastoma [tw]
OR esthesioneuroblastomas [tw]
OR esthesioneuroepithelioma [tw]
OR esthesioneuroepitheliomas [tw]
OR exostosis [tw]
OR fibroadenoma [tw]
OR fibroadenomas [tw]
OR fibroadenosarcoma [tw]
OR fibroadenosis [tw]
OR fibrochondrosarcoma [tw]
OR fibroelastoma [tw]
OR fibroelastomas [tw]
OR fibroepithelioma [tw]
OR fibroepitheliomas [tw]
OR fibrofolliculoma [tw]
OR fibrofolliculomas [tw]
OR fibroid [tw]
OR fibroids [tw]
OR fibrolipoma [tw]
OR fibrolipomas [tw]
OR fibroliposarcoma [tw]
OR fibroma [tw]
OR fibromas [tw]
OR fibromatosis [tw]
OR fibromyoma [tw]
OR fibromyomas [tw]
OR fibromyxolipoma [tw]
OR fibromyxoma [tw]
OR fibromyxomas [tw]
OR fibroodontoma [tw]
OR fibroodontomas [tw]
OR fibrosarcoma [tw]
OR fibrosarcomas [tw]
OR fibrothecoma [tw]
OR fibrothecomas [tw]
OR fibroxanthoma [tw]
OR fibroxanthomas [tw]
OR fibroxanthosarcoma [tw]
OR fibroxanthosarcomas [tw]
OR ganglioblastoma [tw]
OR ganglioblastomas [tw]
OR gangliocytoma [tw]
OR gangliocytomas [tw]
OR ganglioglioma [tw]
OR gangliogliomas [tw]
OR ganglioneuroblastoma [tw]
OR ganglioneuroblastomas [tw]
OR ganglioneurofibroma [tw]
OR ganglioneurofibromas [tw]
OR ganglioneuroma [tw]
OR ganglioneuromas [tw]
OR gastrinoma [tw]
OR gastrinomas [tw]
OR germinoma [tw]
OR germinomas [tw]
OR glioblastoma [tw]
OR glioblastomas [tw]
OR gliofibroma [tw]
OR gliofibromas [tw]
OR glioma [tw]
OR gliomas [tw]
OR gliomatosis [tw]
OR glioneuroma [tw]
OR glioneuromas [tw]
OR gliosarcoma [tw]
OR gliosarcomas [tw]
OR glomangioma [tw]
OR glomangiomas [tw]
OR glomangiomatosis [tw]
OR glomangiomyoma [tw]
OR glomangiomyomas [tw]
OR glomangiosarcoma [tw]
OR glomangiosarcomas [tw]
OR glucagonoma [tw]
OR glucagonomas [tw]
OR gonadoblastoma [tw]
OR gonadoblastomas [tw]
OR gonocytoma [tw]
OR gonocytomas [tw]
OR granuloma [tw]
OR granulomas [tw]
OR granulomatosis [tw]
OR gynaecomastia [tw]
OR gynandroblastoma [tw]
OR gynecomastia [tw]
OR haemangioblastoma [tw]
OR haemangioblastomas [tw]
OR haemangioma [tw]
OR haemangiomas [tw]
OR haemangiopericytoma [tw]
OR haemangiopericytomas [tw]
OR haemangiosarcoma [tw]
OR haemangiosarcomas [tw]
OR hamartoma [tw]
OR hamartomas [tw]
OR hemangioblastoma [tw]
OR hemangioblastomas [tw]
OR hemangioendothelioma [tw]
OR hemangioendotheliomas [tw]
OR hemangioendotheliosarcoma [tw]
OR hemangioendotheliosarcomas [tw]
OR hemangioma [tw]
OR hemangiomas [tw]
OR hemangiomatosis [tw]
OR hemangiopericytoma [tw]
OR hemangiopericytomas [tw]
OR hemangioperithelioma [tw]
OR hemangiosarcoma [tw]
OR hemangiosarcomas [tw]
OR hepatoblastoma [tw]
OR hepatoblastomas [tw]
OR hepatocarcinoma [tw]
OR hepatocarcinomas [tw]
OR hepatocholangiocarcinoma [tw]
OR hepatocholangiocarcinomas [tw]
OR hepatoma [tw]
OR hepatomas [tw]
OR hibernoma [tw]
OR hibernomas [tw]
OR hidradenoma [tw]
OR hidradenomas [tw]
OR hidrocystoma [tw]
OR hidrocystomas [tw]
OR histiocytoma [tw]
OR histiocytomas [tw]
OR hodgkin [tw]
OR hodgkins [tw]
OR hydatidiform [tw]
OR hydradenoma [tw]
OR hydradenomas [tw]
OR hypernephroma [tw]
OR hypernephromas [tw]
OR immunochemoradiotherapy [tw]
OR immunochemotherapies [tw]
OR immunochemotherapy [tw]
OR immunocytoma [tw]
OR immunocytoma [tw]
OR immunoradiotherapy [tw]
OR insulinomas [tw]
OR integrative oncology [tw]
OR kasabach-merritt [tw]
OR keratoacanthoma [tw]
OR keratoacanthomas [tw]
OR keratosis [tw]
OR leiomyoblastoma [tw]
OR leiomyoblastomas [tw]
OR leiomyofibroma [tw]
OR leiomyofibromas [tw]
OR leiomyoma [tw]
OR leiomyomas [tw]
OR leiomyomatosis [tw]
OR leiomyosarcoma [tw]
OR leiomyosarcomas [tw]
OR leukaemia [tw]
OR leukaemias [tw]
OR leukemia [tw]
OR leukemias [tw]
OR leukoplakia [tw]
OR leukoplakias [tw]
OR lipoadenoma [tw]
OR lipoadenomas [tw]
OR lipoblastoma [tw]
OR lipoblastomas [tw]
OR lipoblastomatosis [tw]
OR lipoma [tw]
OR lipomas [tw]
OR lipomatosis [tw]
OR liposarcoma [tw]
OR liposarcomas [tw]
OR luteinoma [tw]
OR luteoma [tw]
OR luteomas [tw]
OR lymphangioendothelioma [tw]
OR lymphangioendotheliomas [tw]
OR lymphangioleiomyomatosis [tw]
OR lymphangioma [tw]
OR lymphangiomas [tw]
OR lymphangiomatosis [tw]
OR lymphangiomyoma [tw]
OR lymphangiomyomas [tw]
OR lymphangiomyomatosis [tw]
OR lymphangiosarcoma [tw]
OR lymphangiosarcomas [tw]
OR lymphoepithelioma [tw]
OR lymphoepitheliomas [tw]
OR lymphoma [tw]
OR lymphomas [tw]
OR lymphoproliferation [tw]
OR lymphoproliferations [tw]
OR lymphoproliferative [tw]
OR lymphoscintigraphic [tw]
OR lymphoscintigraphy [tw]
OR macroglobulinemia [tw]
OR macroglobulinemias [tw]
OR macroprolactinoma [tw]
OR malignancies [tw]
OR malignancy [tw]
OR malignant [tw]
OR maltoma [tw]
OR maltomas [tw]
OR mammogram [tw]
OR mammograms [tw]
OR masculinovoblastoma [tw]
OR mastocytoma [tw]
OR mastocytomas [tw]
OR mastocytosis [tw]
OR mcf-7 [tw]
OR medulloblastoma [tw]
OR medulloblastomas [tw]
OR medullocytoma [tw]
OR medullocytomas [tw]
OR medulloepithelioma [tw]
OR medulloepitheliomas [tw]
OR medullomyoblastoma [tw]
OR medullomyoblastomas [tw]
OR melanoacanthoma [tw]
OR melanoacanthomas [tw]
OR melanoameloblastoma [tw]
OR melanocytoma [tw]
OR melanocytomas [tw]
OR melanoma [tw]
OR melanomas [tw]
OR melanomatosis [tw]
OR meningioblastoma [tw]
OR meningioma [tw]
OR meningiomas [tw]
OR meningiomatosis [tw]
OR mesenchymoma [tw]
OR mesenchymomas [tw]
OR mesonephroma [tw]
OR mesonephromas [tw]
OR mesothelioma [tw]
OR mesotheliomas [tw]
OR metaplasia [tw]
OR metastases [tw]
OR metastasis [tw]
OR metastatic [tw]
OR microcarcinoma [tw]
OR microcarcinomas [tw]
OR microglioma [tw]
OR microgliomas [tw]
OR micrometastases [tw]
OR micrometastasis [tw]
OR mucositis [tw]
OR myelodysplasia [tw]
OR myelodysplasias [tw]
OR myelodysplastic [tw]
OR myelofibrosis [tw]
OR myelolipoma [tw]
OR myelolipomas [tw]
OR myeloma [tw]
OR myelomas [tw]
OR myelomatosis [tw]
OR myeloproliferation [tw]
OR myeloproliferations [tw]
OR myeloproliferative [tw]
OR myelosuppression [tw]
OR myoblastoma [tw]
OR myoblastomas [tw]
OR myoepithelioma [tw]
OR myoepitheliomas [tw]
OR myofibroblastoma [tw]
OR myofibroblastomas [tw]
OR myofibroma [tw]
OR myofibromas [tw]
OR myofibromatosis [tw]
OR myofibrosarcoma [tw]
OR myofibrosarcomas [tw]
OR myolipoma [tw]
OR myolipomas [tw]
OR myoma [tw]
OR myomas [tw]
OR myopericytoma [tw]
OR myosarcoma [tw]
OR myosarcomas [tw]
OR myxofibroma [tw]
OR myxofibromas [tw]
OR myxolipoma [tw]
OR myxolipomas [tw]
OR myxoliposarcoma [tw]
OR myxoma [tw]
OR myxomas [tw]
OR naevus [tw]
OR neoplasia [tw]
OR neoplasia [tw]
OR neoplasm [tw]
OR neoplasms [tw]
OR neoplastic [tw]
OR nephroblastoma [tw]
OR nephroblastomas [tw]
OR neurilemmoma [tw]
OR neurilemmomas [tw]
OR neurilemmomatosis [tw]
OR neurilemoma [tw]
OR neurilemomas [tw]
OR neurinoma [tw]
OR neurinomas [tw]
OR neuroblastoma [tw]
OR neuroblastomas [tw]
OR neurocytoma [tw]
OR neurocytomas [tw]
OR neuroepithelioma [tw]
OR neuroepitheliomas [tw]
OR neurofibroma [tw]
OR neurofibromas [tw]
OR neurofibromatosis [tw]
OR neurofibrosarcoma [tw]
OR neurofibrosarcomas [tw]
OR neurolipocytoma [tw]
OR neuroma [tw]
OR neuromas [tw]
OR neuronevus [tw]
OR neurothekeoma [tw]
OR neurothekeomas [tw]
OR nevus [tw]
OR nonhodgkin [tw]
OR nonhodgkins [tw]
OR nonseminoma [tw]
OR nonseminomas [tw]
OR nonseminomatous [tw]
OR odontoameloblastoma [tw]
OR odontoma [tw]
OR oligoastrocytoma [tw]
OR oligoastrocytomas [tw]
OR oligodendroglioma [tw]
OR oligodendrogliomas [tw]
OR oncocytoma [tw]
OR oncocytomas [tw]
OR oncogen [tw]
OR oncogene [tw]
OR oncogenes [tw]
OR oncogenesis [tw]
OR oncogenic [tw]
OR oncogens [tw]
OR oncologic [tw]
OR oncologist [tw]
OR oncologists [tw]
OR oncology [tw]
OR oncoprotein [tw]
OR oncoproteins [tw]
OR opsoclonus-myoclonus [tw]
OR orchioblastoma [tw]
OR orchioblastomas [tw]
OR osteoblastoma [tw]
OR osteoblastomas [tw]
OR osteochondroma [tw]
OR osteochondromas [tw]
OR osteochondrosarcoma [tw]
OR osteochondrosarcomas [tw]
OR osteoclastoma [tw]
OR osteoclastomas [tw]
OR osteofibrosarcoma [tw]
OR osteoma [tw]
OR osteomas [tw]
OR osteosarcoma [tw]
OR osteosarcomas [tw]
OR pancreatoblastoma [tw]
OR pancreatoblastomas [tw]
OR papilloma [tw]
OR papillomas [tw]
OR papillomata [tw]
OR papillomatosis [tw]
OR papillomavirus [tw]
OR papillomaviruses [tw]
OR parachordoma [tw]
OR parachordomas [tw]
OR paraganglioma [tw]
OR paragangliomas [tw]
OR paraneoplastic [tw]
OR perineurioma [tw]
OR perineuriomas [tw]
OR phaeochromocytoma [tw]
OR phaeochromocytomas [tw]
OR pheochromoblastoma [tw]
OR pheochromoblastomas [tw]
OR pheochromocytoma [tw]
OR pheochromocytomas [tw]
OR pilomatricoma [tw]
OR pilomatricomas [tw]
OR pilomatrixoma [tw]
OR pilomatrixomas [tw]
OR pinealblastoma [tw]
OR pinealoblastoma [tw]
OR pinealoblastomas [tw]
OR pinealoma [tw]
OR pinealomas [tw]
OR pineoblastoma [tw]
OR pineoblastomas [tw]
OR pineocytoma [tw]
OR pineocytomas [tw]
OR plasmacytoma [tw]
OR plasmacytomas [tw]
OR pneumoblastoma [tw]
OR pneumoblastomas [tw]
OR pneumocytoma [tw]
OR polyembryoma [tw]
OR polyembryomas [tw]
OR polyhistioma [tw]
OR polyhistiomas [tw]
OR polyp [tw]
OR polyposis [tw]
OR polyps [tw]
OR porocarcinoma [tw]
OR porocarcinomas [tw]
OR poroma [tw]
OR poromas [tw]
OR precancer [tw]
OR precancerous [tw]
OR preleukaemia [tw]
OR preleukaemias [tw]
OR preleukemia [tw]
OR preleukemias [tw]
OR premalignant [tw]
OR preneoplastic [tw]
OR prolactinoma [tw]
OR prolactinomas [tw]
OR protooncogene [tw]
OR protooncogenes [tw]
OR pseudotumor [tw]
OR pseudotumors [tw]
OR radiochemotherapy [tw]
OR radioimmunotherapies [tw]
OR radioimmunotherapy [tw]
OR reninoma [tw]
OR reninomas [tw]
OR reticuloendothelioma [tw]
OR reticuloendotheliomas [tw]
OR reticulohistiocytoma [tw]
OR reticulohistiocytomas [tw]
OR reticulosis [tw]
OR retinoblastoma [tw]
OR retinoblastomas [tw]
OR rhabdomyoma [tw]
OR rhabdomyomas [tw]
OR rhabdomyosarcoma [tw]
OR rhabdomyosarcomas [tw]
OR rhabdosarcoma [tw]
OR rhabdosarcomas [tw]
OR sarcoma [tw]
OR sarcomas [tw]
OR sarcomatosis [tw]
OR schwannoma [tw]
OR schwannomas [tw]
OR schwannomatosis [tw]
OR seminoma [tw]
OR seminomas [tw]
OR seminomatous [tw]
OR somatostatinoma [tw]
OR somatostatinomas [tw]
OR somatotropinoma [tw]
OR somatotropinomas [tw]
OR spermatocytoma [tw]
OR spiradenoma [tw]
OR spiradenomas [tw]
OR spongioblastoma [tw]
OR spongioblastomas [tw]
OR steatocystoma [tw]
OR steatocystomas [tw]
OR subependymoma [tw]
OR subependymomas [tw]
OR syringadenoma [tw]
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Last Reviewed: February 20, 2019