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Search Strategy Used to Create the Complementary Medicine Subset on PubMed

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This strategy was created using terms from the Alternative Medicine branch of MeSH, as well as additional terms and names of MEDLINE journals provided by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), NIH. It is provided to facilitate searching for subjects in the area of complementary and alternative medicine. This filter can also be used in a search as cam [sb].

     Example: osteoarthritis AND cam [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2018.

Acupunct Electrother Res [ta] OR
Acupuncture in Medicine [ta] OR
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine [ta] OR 
African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines [ta] OR
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine [ta] OR 
Alternative Medicine Review [ta] OR 
American Journal of Acupuncture [ta] OR 
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine [ta] OR 
The Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing [ta] OR
"Beginnings (American Holistic Nurses' Association)" [ta] OR
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine [ta] OR
British Homeopathic Journal [ta] OR
Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine [ta] OR
Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines [ta] OR
Complementary Medicine Research [ta] OR
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice [ta] OR 
Complementary Therapies in Medicine [ta] OR 
Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery [ta] OR 
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine eCAM [ta] OR
"Explore (NY)" [ta] OR
Fitoterapia [ta] OR
Forsch Komplementarmed [ta] OR
Forschende Komplementarmedizin und klassische Naturheilkunde [ta] OR
Holistic Nursing Practice [ta] OR
Homeopathy [ta] OR
Integrative Cancer Therapies [ta] OR
Integrative Medicine [ta] OR
International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms [ta] OR
International Journal of Yoga Therapy[ta] OR
Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies [ta] OR
The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine [ta] OR
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies [ta] OR  
Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine [ta] OR
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine [ta] OR
Journal of Ethnopharmacology [ta] OR
J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med [ta] OR
Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy [ta] OR
Journal of Holistic Nursing [ta] OR
Journal of Integrative Medicine [ta] OR
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics [ta] OR 
Journal of Medicinal Food [ta] OR
Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy [ta] OR
Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology [ta] OR 
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine [ta] OR
Journal of Natural Medicines [ta] OR
Natural product communications [ta] OR
Phytomedicine [ta] OR
Phytotherapy Research [ta] OR
Planta Medica [ta] OR
Zhen Ci Yan Jiu [ta] OR
Zhongguo Zhen Jiu [ta] OR
Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi [ta] OR  
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi [ta] OR
Zhong xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao [ta] OR 
Zhonghua Yi Shi Za Zhi [ta] OR
alternative medicine [tw] OR integrative medicine [tw] OR alternative therapies [tw] OR 
complementary medicine [tw] OR complementary therapy [tw] OR
complementary therapies [mh]OR complementary therapies [tw] OR 
orthomolecular therapy [mh] OR orthomolecular OR 
((megadosage [ti] OR megadose [ti] OR megadose therapy [ti] OR
megadoses [ti] OR megadosing [ti] OR megadosis [ti] OR
high dosage [ti] OR high dosages [ti] OR high dose [ti] OR
"large dosage" OR "large dose" OR "large dosed" OR
"large doses" OR adjuvant [ti] OR 
unorthodox [ti] OR unconventional [ti] OR supplement [ti]  OR
supplementation [ti] OR high daily intake [tw]) 
(vitamins [mh] OR vitamins [tw] OR vitamin [tw] OR
vegetables [mh] OR 
minerals [mh] OR minerals [tw] OR
androstenedione OR andro [tw] OR
arachidonic acid [tw] OR
ascorbic acid [tw] OR vitamin c [tw] OR 
biotin [tw] OR 
boron [tw] OR
bromelain [tw] OR bromelains [tw] OR
calcium [tw] OR
carotene [tw] OR carotenes [tw] OR carotenoids [mh] OR
choline [tw] OR
chromium [tw] OR
colloidal silver OR
conjugated linoleic acid OR
copper [tw] OR
docosahexaenoic acid [tw] OR dha [tw] OR
epigallocatechin gallate OR EGCG OR
folic acid [tw] OR
inositol [tw] OR 
iodine [tw] OR 
iron [tw] OR 
l-arginine [tw] OR
magnesium [tw] OR
manganese [tw] OR 
molybdenum [tw] OR 
niacin [tw] OR niacinamide [tw] OR
phosphatidyl choline [tw] OR lecithin [tw] OR
plant oils [tw] OR
potassium [tw] OR 
pyridoxine [tw] OR 
riboflavin [tw] OR 
retinoid [tw] OR retinoids [tw] OR retinoic [tw] OR retinal [tw] OR 
selenium [tw] OR
silicon [tw] OR
thiamine [tw] OR 
tocopherol [tw] OR tocopherols [tw] OR
vanadium [tw] OR
vitamin a [tw] OR 
vitamin d [tw] OR
vitamin e [tw] OR  
vitamin k [tw] OR 
zinc [tw] OR 
phytomedicine OR
micronutrient [tw] OR micronutrients)) 
(antioxidants AND dietary supplements) OR
(diseases category [mh] AND dietary supplements) OR
(dietary fats AND unsaturated fatty acids) OR
(diseases category [mh] AND omega-3 fatty acids)
((adjuvant [ti] OR complementary [ti] OR
unorthodox [ti] OR unconventional [ti] OR supplement [ti] OR
supplements [ti] OR supplementation [ti]) 
(co-enzyme Q10 OR ubiquinone OR 
carnitine [majr] OR carnitine [ti] OR
glutamine [majr] OR glutamine [ti] OR 
phenylalanine [majr] OR phenylalanine [ti] OR 
glucosamine sulfate [majr] OR glucosamine sulfate [ti] OR 
chondroitin sulfates [majr] OR chondroitin sulfate [ti] OR 
(chondroitin OR glucosamine AND joint diseases) OR
lipoic acid [ti] OR 
"medium chain" triglycerides OR 
phosphatidylserine [majr] OR phosphatidylserine [ti] OR 
melatonin [majr] OR melatonin [ti] OR "melatonin treatment" OR
dhea [tw] OR 
taurine  [majr] OR taurine [ti] OR 
lysine [majr] OR lysine [ti] OR 
tyrosine [majr] OR tyrosine [ti] OR 
gamma-oryzanol [tw] OR 
fatty acids [majr] OR fatty acids [ti] OR 
amino acids [majr] OR amino acids [ti] OR 
s-adenosylmethionine [majr] OR s-adenosylmethionine [ti])) 
(selenium vitamin e select) OR
"mind body" OR mind-body therapies [mh] OR mindfulness-based stress reduction OR mindfulness [ti] OR
yoga OR ayurveda OR medicine, ayurvedic OR ayurvedic OR
ayur veda OR ayur vedic OR siddha [tw] OR guggal [tw] OR guggul [tw] OR 
"balint group" OR "balint group work" OR "balint groups" OR 
cyberbiology OR 
(eye movement [tw] AND desensitization [tw] OR emdr) OR 
bach e [ps] OR
flower remedies OR (bach [tw] AND flower) OR flower essences [tw] OR
heliotherapy OR 
cayce [tw] OR 
sophrology OR 
wit and humor as topic [mh] OR laughter therapy OR
("past life" AND therapy) OR 
meditation OR 
kundalini OR 
(mental OR guided OR visualization OR rehearsal AND imagery) OR 
hypnosis OR hypnotherapy OR 
simonton [tw] OR 
biofeedback OR 
neurofeedback OR 
self-help groups [mh] OR support groups [tw] OR 
(group psychotherapy AND cancer) OR
autogenic training OR
transpersonal psychology OR 
relaxation therapy [tw] OR relaxation techniques [tw] OR 
("progressive relaxation" AND (pain OR anxiety)) OR
psychoneuroimmunology OR 
psychosomatic medicine [tw] OR
aversion therapy OR 
art therapy [tw] OR 
music therapy [tw] OR 
dance therapy [tw] OR 
drama therapy [tw] OR psychodrama OR
journaling OR 
animal assisted therapy[tw] OR (pet therapy [tw] AND animals [tw]) OR
feng shui OR 
syntonic OR 
religion and medicine [tw] OR 
mental healing [tw] OR 
spiritual healing [tw] OR 
alternative healer* OR
faith heal* OR 
special healer* OR 
shamanism OR shaman [tw] OR 
santeria OR 
witchcraft OR voodoo OR 
magic [mh] OR 
prayer* [tw] OR praying [tw] OR
spirituality OR 
psychospiritual OR
holistic nursing [tw] OR 
pastoral care [tw] OR 
alcoholics anonymous OR  
kirlian [tw] OR
ear candle* OR
native american traditional medicine OR korean traditional medicine OR traditional use [tw] OR
chinese traditional medicine OR chinese medicine [tiab] OR oriental traditional medicine OR
east asian traditional medicine OR kampo medicine OR tibetan traditional medicine OR 
qi [mh] OR ch'i [tw] OR yin-yang [mh] OR acupuncture therapy OR acupuncture analgesia OR 
acupuncture points OR acupressure OR acupuncture OR electroacupuncture OR 
auriculoacupuncture OR auriculotherapy OR "dry needling" OR 
trigger point injection* OR transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation OR 
acumoxa OR 
fu zheng [tw] OR 
huangdi neijing OR 
moxibustion OR 
qi gong [tw] OR qigong OR 
tai chi [tw] OR 
aikido [tw] OR 
medicine, traditional OR traditional medicine [tw] OR 
primitive medicine [tw] OR folk medicine [tw] OR folklore OR folk [tw] OR traditional indigenous OR 
home remedies [tw] OR home remedy [tw] OR 
traditional healer* OR 
unani OR 
tibbi [tw] OR tibb [tw] OR
traditional african medicine OR 
curanderismo OR 
tibetan medicine OR 
kampo OR 
((aboriginal OR aborigines) AND (medicinal OR medicine)) OR 
arabic medicine [tw] OR 
la'au OR 
yoruba OR 
homeopathy OR homeopath* [tw] OR homoeopath* [tw] OR materia medica OR homeopathic formularies OR
homeopathic pharmacopoeias OR environmental medicine [tw] OR 
restricted environmental stimulation therapy OR radiesthesia OR 
naturopathy OR naturopath* [tw] OR 
anthroposophy OR eclecticism OR 
holistic health [tw] OR ((wholistic OR holistic) AND (health [tw] OR medicine [tw] OR nursing)) OR
kneipp [tw] OR kneipp S [ps] OR ((bowen [tw] AND family) AND (therapy [tw] OR systems OR technique)) OR
phytotherap* [tw] OR phytotherapy OR chinese herb* OR herbal drugs [tw] OR
herbal medicine OR medicinal plants OR chinese herb nephropathy OR plant extracts estrogen-like OR
plant extracts/tu OR (plant extracts/pharmacology AND humans [mh]) OR
botanicals OR (botanical AND (supplementary OR supplemental OR medicine [tw] OR medicinal [tw] OR
remedy [tw] OR remedies [tw] OR therapy OR therapeutic use OR management [tw] OR
treatment [tw] OR antineoplastic* OR preparation [tw] OR preparations [tw])) OR
herbal OR herbals OR herbalism OR antineoplastic agents, phytogenic OR phytoestrogen* OR
pharmacognosy OR herb-drug interactions OR
artichoke extract OR (bitter orange [tw] AND oil [tw]) OR black cohosh OR
(bromelain [ti] OR (bromelain AND pineapple [tw]) AND (therapy OR therapeutic OR treatment)) OR 
bromelain/tu [mh:noexp] OR (anti-inflammatory OR antiinflammatory AND bromelain) OR
(flax [majr] AND (tumors OR cancer/pc OR cancer/dh OR plant extracts)) OR
ginkgo biloba OR bilobalides OR ginkgolides OR (cannabis [tw] OR marijuana [tw] OR marihuana [tw] AND medical) OR cannabis/tu OR
(therapeutic use OR antiinflammatory OR oral administration AND ellagic acid) OR
hypericum OR (st AND john AND wort) OR garlic OR (allicin AND sulfinic acids/tu [majr]) OR
ginseng [tw] OR panax OR astragalus plant [majr] OR (traditional use [tw] AND plant) OR
golden seal OR goldenseal OR
glyconutrient* OR
pomegranate [tw] OR
(honey [mh] AND therapy) OR
(resveratrol AND (therapy OR therapeutic)) OR
(extract OR extracts AND (butterbur OR butter bur OR grape seed [tw])) OR
guarana OR
(human growth hormone AND aging [majr]) OR
5-Hydroxytryptophan/tu [majr:noexp] OR
(alpha-lipoic acid AND therapeutic use [sh:noexp]) OR
abscisic acid insulin OR
acai [tw] OR
ba wei di huang wan OR
bear-bile OR
berberine OR
borage oil OR
arnica OR
cetyl myristoleate OR
"citrus pectin" OR
(cinnamon [tw] AND (antioxidants [mh] OR oils)) OR
(clove AND (oils OR extract* OR infusion)) OR
cordyceps OR
(chamomile OR cranberry AND (plant extracts OR diseases category [mh])) OR
echinacea OR 
flax seed [tw] OR
saw palmetto OR 
"urtica dioica" OR 
kava OR 
hawthorn [tw] OR 
"horse chestnut seed" OR
witch hazel OR 
bilberry OR 
ginger [tw] OR 
garcinia OR
grapefruit seed extract OR
aloe vera OR 
capsicum OR 
feverfew OR
(green AND tea [mh] OR green tea [ti]) OR 
tea tree oil OR 
(root[tw] OR roots [tw] AND licorice) OR 
yohimbe OR yohimbine/tu OR
rhodiola OR
valerian OR 
heliotrope [tw] OR 
bee pollen OR 
myrrh OR
cat's claw OR uncaria tomentosa[tw] OR 
evening primrose OR 
dong quai OR 
fenugreek OR 
(lavender AND (oil OR oils OR odors)) OR
maitake OR grifola frondosa OR
marshmallow OR 
mulberry leaf extract OR
olive leaf extract OR 
pine bark extract OR
(hoodia AND appetite) OR
psyllium OR 
stanol therapy OR
tumeric OR turmeric OR curcumin OR
mistletoe OR iscador OR
mahonia aquifolium OR 
(oleum AND menthae AND piperitae) OR
thunder god vine OR 
peppermint oil OR 
milk thistle OR "silybum marianum" OR silymarin OR silybin OR
ma huang OR 
(mushroom* AND (medicinal OR therapy OR antifungal OR antineoplastic)) OR
medicinal fungi [tw]  OR
purple sweet potato anthocyanin OR
ephedra OR 
padma [tw] OR 
hoxsey [tw] OR
essiac [tw] OR 
kombucha OR 
(pau OR palo AND arco) OR (avellanedae OR impetiginosa AND tabebuia) OR 
pc-spes OR 
(treatment OR therapy AND pumpkin seed*) OR
pygeum OR
(diet OR dietary AND rice bran [tw]) OR
red yeast rice OR
sam-e OR
tinospora OR
phyllanthus OR
nutriceutical* OR nutraceutical* OR
diet fads OR 
(probiotics OR prebiotics OR synbiotics AND therapy) OR
(macrobiotic AND diet) OR
pritikin [tw] OR 
mcdougall [tw] OR 
gerson [tw] OR 
(kelley [tw] AND diet therapy) OR 
(proteolytic enzymes [tw] AND (diet therapy OR oral administration) AND cancer) OR 
(wigmore [tw] AND diet) OR 
livingston-wheeler OR 
(atkins [tw] AND diet) OR
(low-carb OR low-carbohydrate AND diet) OR 
((omega-3 OR fish oil OR (n3 OR n-3 AND (oil OR oils OR PUFA OR fatty acid OR fatty acids))) AND (diet OR dietary OR supplement* [tw])) OR
(diamond [tw] AND diet) OR 
ketogenic diet* OR
((fasting [majr] OR fasting [ti]) AND diet therapy [sh]) OR 
high fiber [tw] OR high fibre [tw] OR 
macrobiotic diet OR 
mediterranean diet OR 
paleolithic diet OR 
asian diet [tw] OR 
(food OR foods [tw] OR diet OR dietary AND cultural) OR 
(fruit [tw] OR fruits OR plant [tw] OR
plants AND juice AND (prevention OR therapy)) OR 
(ornish [tw] AND diet) OR 
vegetarian diet OR vegetarianism OR vegan OR vegans OR
veganism OR
wssf OR water-soluble soybean fiber OR
phytosterols OR phytosterol [tw] OR
((soy OR soybeans OR soybean [tw] OR soybean proteins) AND (prevention OR therapy)) OR 
isoflavones OR isoflavone [tw] OR ipriflavone OR genistein OR
(anti-oxidant OR anti-oxidants OR antioxidant OR antioxidants [tw] OR consumption OR treatment OR therapy OR prevention OR therapeutic AND 
(flavonoid [tw] OR flavonoids OR bioflavinoid* OR bioflavonoid*)) OR
(antioxidants AND blueberr*) OR
(health food OR functional food* AND therapy) OR
(functional food [tw] AND antioxidants) OR 
coley toxins OR 
compound 714-X OR 
antineoplastons OR
(creatine AND huntington disease AND (therapy OR therapeutic)) OR 
(shark [tw] AND cartilage) OR 
(powdered AND cartilage AND wound) OR
(therapeutic OR prevention OR therapy AND shiitake) OR 
(stevia AND sweetner) OR stevia [ti] OR
edetic acid OR edta [tw] OR ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid [tw] OR 
(intravenous AND ozone AND therapy [tw]) OR ozonotherapy OR ozone/tu [majr:noexp] OR "ozone therapy" OR
oxymedicine OR hyperoxigenation therapy OR 
(hydrogen peroxide AND (intravenous OR infusions) AND (dosage OR therapy OR therapeutic use)) OR 
((hyperbaric oxygen therapy [ti] OR
hyperbaric oxygenation[majr]) NOT (wounds OR
wound healing OR decompression sickness OR diving)) OR 
immunoaugmentative OR 
revici [tw] OR 
cell therapy [tw] OR 
organotherapy OR 
tissue therapy [mh] OR tissue therapy [tw] OR 
(t tn [tw] AND vaccinat*) OR 
(enemas OR enema AND coffee) OR 
dibella [tw] OR 
greek cancer cure OR 
(hydrazine sulfate AND (therapy OR antineoplastic agents AND cancer) OR 
krebiozen [tw] OR 
laetrile OR 
urine therapy [tw] OR
(livingston [tw] AND therapy [tw]) OR 
(maggot [tw] AND therapy [tw]) OR 
(cancer OR neoplasms AND pannon) OR 
reishi [tw] OR 
staphage lysate OR 
cellasene OR 
(chacon [tw] AND cancer) OR 
chelation therapy OR 
(noni juice OR morinda citrifolia OR mth-68 AND (antineoplastic agents OR cancer OR analgesic OR antihelminthic)) OR 
chitosan weight loss OR 
(treatment [ti] OR therapy [ti] AND insulin [ti] AND potentiation [ti])) OR 
(thymus extract OR pancreatic extract AND therapeutic use) OR 
apitherapy OR apitherap* OR 
neural therapy [tw] OR prolotherapy OR neuraltherapy OR 
electrodiagnostics OR 
iridolog* OR iridodiagnosis OR 
(mora [tw] AND therapy) OR 
bioresonance OR
expressive writing [tw] OR 
(laxative AND (senna [tw] OR cascara sagrada [tw])) OR
(maruyama [tw] AND vaccine) OR 
neuroacoustic [tw] OR 
revici  OR 
naprapathy  OR
spinal manipulation OR
chiropractic [mh] OR chiropractic [tw] OR 
massage OR 
osteopathic medicine [tw] OR (manipulative OR manipulation AND osteopathic) OR 
(tui [tw] AND na [tw]) OR tuina OR
shiatsu [tw] OR 
reflexology [tw] OR reflexotherapy OR 
rolfing  [tw] OR 
applied kinesiology OR
energy polarity healing OR 
pranic healing OR
(body centered [tw] OR body oriented [tw] AND psychotherapy) OR 
(approach OR psychophysical OR bodywork OR body AND trager [tw]) OR 
(alexander [tw] AND technique) OR 
feldenkrais OR 
applied kinesiology OR 
pilates OR 
post isometric contract OR 
hold relax [tw] OR 
(amma [tw] AND therapy) OR 
(conductive AND education [tw]) OR 
((craniosacral OR cranio-sacral) AND (therapy OR treatment)) OR 
effleurage OR 
myofascial release OR gravity inversion [tw] OR 
hellerwork OR 
hippotherapy OR hydrotherapy OR balneotherapy OR balneology OR
ammotherapy OR sand bath* OR 
finnish baths OR 
mud pack* OR mud therapy OR mud bath* OR 
thalassotherapy OR climatotherapy OR speleotherapy OR
(jin [tw] AND shin [tw]) OR 
(hawaiian AND lomi) OR 
manual lymphatic drainage OR 
manual lymph drainage OR 
(meridian AND therapy [tw]) OR 
mesotherapy OR
myotherapy OR 
neurocranial restructuring OR 
neuromuscular integrated action OR 
reichian OR 
petrissage OR 
watsu OR 
colour therapy [tw] OR color therapy [MeSH Terms] OR color therapy [tw] OR 
aromatherapy OR 
heat therapy [tw] OR 
electrotherap* OR 
holotropic OR
(saline [tw] AND nasal irrigation) OR
alternate nostril breathing OR unilateral forced nostril breathing OR 
biofield OR 
healing art [tw] OR 
therapeutic touch [tw] OR healing touch [tw] OR caring touch [tw] OR 
reiki OR 
(natural [ti] AND healing [ti]) OR 
huna [tw] OR 
external qi healing OR 
psychic healing OR (psychic AND surgery [tw]) OR 
sensory deprivation [tw] OR 
(polarity AND therapy [tw]) OR
chronotherapy OR 
vitalism OR 
bioelectromagnetic* [tw] OR biomagnets OR
bioelectromagnetism OR magnetics/tu [mh:noexp] OR
electromagnetics/tu [mh:noexp] OR 
transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation OR 
repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation OR 
trigger-point-therapy  OR
myofascial trigger point pain electrotherapy OR
bobath OR 
electrostimulation OR 
blue light treatment [tw] OR 
holographic repatterning OR
((ultrasound [tw] OR radiofrequenc*) AND induced hyperthermia [mh:noexp]) OR
thermochemoradiotherapy OR
(magnet [ti] OR electromagnetic [ti] AND therapy [ti]) OR 
infrasound therapy OR 
(therapy OR treatment AND millimeter wave*) OR 
ion generated [tw] OR ion generating [tw] OR ion generator [tw] OR
nccam OR nccih

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