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DOCLINE NLM Only Library Account

As of May 15, 2024, the NLM Interlibrary Loan Request Portal will be decomissioned.

We would like to invite you to transfer your NLM Interlibrary Loan Request Portal account to a DOCLINE NLM Only Library account by following these 3 steps.

 1. Please write to the help desk with your LIBID and a list of email addresses that will be requesting user accounts so that we can confirm your request: Write to the Help Desk · NLM Customer Support Center (

DOCLINE now offers NLM Only Library accounts for international libraries and libraries that do not meet the Participant criteria. With these accounts, libraries may borrow from the National Library of Medicine.

Benefits of a DOCLINE NLM Only Library account include:

2. Request a DOCLINE NLM Only Library account.

If you have a LIBID that you use to login to your NLM Interlibrary Loan Request Portal account, you already have a DOCLINE NLM Only Library account for your institution. You just need to create your personal user account and login.

To apply for a new user account for your existing library account, go to and select the Apply Now button.

AP apply
Select the New User Account button.

Enter the form with you name, email address, and LIBID.  The LIBID should be entered in the Library ID field.

At this point NLM will approve or reject your request upon review.  You will be notified of the status of your request via the email you entered in the form.

If you enter your LIBID in the Library ID field, and you get the "This LIBID is not in DOCLINE" error message, please write to the Help Desk.
AP wrong libid

You may need to request a new NLM Only Library account.

If your request was rejected and you have questions, please write to the Help Desk.

3. After your request has been approved, follow the login steps guide to login: DOCLINE Login Guide (

Before your first request, please update your library's information such as contact and delivery information in Manage Library once you are able to login.

For tutorials, the DOCLINE Manual, and FAQs please visit our Resources for DOCLINE Libraries section.

Thank you for your interest in DOCLINE!

Last Reviewed: April 25, 2024