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DOCLINE 6 | Releases to date

6.2.19 (10/21/20)

  • Overall
    • Updates to streamline system codebase and reduce the need for custom coding in future iterations.
    • Help links modified. Links now point to NLM Support Center DOCLINE FAQs and Write to the Help Desk contact form.
  • Reports
    • New design templates including menu, header and footer revisions applied to Reports dashboards and detailed report pages
  • Libraries
    • New design template applied to Switch Library feature

6.2.18 (10/6/20)

  • User Accounts
    • Application updated to add clarity and additional contact options
  • Overall
    • EFTS file exchange updates

6.2.17 (9/23/20)

  • Borrow
    • Added "Free Full-Text" alert for PMID requests with PMC or publisher available content
  • Overall
    • EFTS process updates
    • Target URL for EFTS report help replaced
    • Permission Denied error page updated with new troubleshooting link and option
    • Login page text describing system and NNLM updated

6.2.16 (8/18/20)

  • Overall/Administration
    • Server upgrades
    • EFTS library status sychronization automated

6.2.15 (7/29/20)

  • Overall/Administration
    • EFTS process modifications
    • Security Update

6.2.14 (7/23/20)

  • Overall/Administration
    • EFTS Library Update process modifications

6.2.13 (7/13/20)

  • Library Profile
    • Lend Information>General
      • URL updated for MLA-Electronic Funds Transfer Service (EFTS)
      • Delivery Methods Offered: Helper text added
    • Borrow Information>Automated Routing Borrow Defaults
      • URL updated for EFTS
    • Journal Holdings accordion streamlined
  • Journals>Holdings>Edit
    • Bug fix: modified Holdings record 'Last updated by' so that long usernames do not cause errors when holdings edits are saved.
  • Overall
    • EFTS library updates processed
    • Results display modified to add number of results in Search: Borrow and Lend, Search Libraries, Journals and Journal Holdings, and to improve consistency across search
  • Administration
    • Request search updated to include 'Last Action LIBID' (e.g. Lender) for improved customer support

6.2.12 (6/23/20)

  • Search Results Update: Search results display modified to improve consistency and add number of results found
    • New display in Search Requests - Borrow and Lend, Search Libraries, Journals and Journal Holdings
  • Overall/Administration
    • Preparation for EFTS update

6.2.11 (6/17/20)

  • Request Search: Sort By options added to Lend & Borrow search
    • Options added: Requests - Oldest, Requests - Newest, Patron Name, Journal Title, and Lending Library - LIBID (in Borrow Search), Borrowing Library - LIBID (in Lend Search)
  • Overall/Administration
    • EFTS preparations for library synchronization
    • Server software update

6.2.10 (5/18/20)

  • Reports: Annual Borrower and Lender Journal Request Reports added to Request Reports dashboard
    • Only January-December 2019 (Calendar Year) available.  July 2019-June 2020 (Academic Year) scheduled.
    • 2019 Calendar Year reports include only requests placed in DOCLINE 6, March 4-December 31, 2019

6.2.9 (4/8/20)

  • Journals / Holdings Search
    • Added Library Status indicator to Holding Library card in Holdings search results

6.2.8 (4/2/20)

  • Libraries
    • Added Print Resources Available indicator in Lend Information>Loaning Policies
    • Added Print Resources Available Libraries Search filter

6.2.7 (4/1/20)

  • Journals
    • Added Holdings Report dashboard
    • Added ability to build and download Library Holdings Report (CSV)
  • Overall/Administration
    • Software library upgrade

6.2.6 (3/4/20)

  • Borrow
    • Added Resubmit feature for Retired Unfilled Requests
  • Overall/Administration
    • Web platform software update
    • EFTS transition preparation

6.2.5 (1/8/20)

  • Journal Holdings maintenance process integration

6.2.4 (12/4/19)

  • Requests: Added Routing Algorithm information, labeled "Via"
    • In Borrow Request confirmation display; Borrow Request History, and on Requests Receipts for both Borrower and Lender
  • Updated Search to include pagination at the bottom of pages in Requests, Libraries, Journals, and Holdings Search results
  • Revised Borrow Menu options to improve clarity and ease of use
  • Updated Account Application emails
  • Updated "Fill from Format" label on Request forms

6.2.3: (11/13/19)

  • Updated Limited Retention Holdings evaluation within Routing Algorithm
  • Updated Cancel Request logic regarding 'Last Action Library' used in 'Contact Library' feature 
  • Added Requests at 'Warning' status (pending removal for lack of receipt or update) to Lend>Pending Receipt or Update search results

6.2.2: (10/28/19)

  • Request Search
    • Added "Contact Library" feature. "Contact Library" envelope icon appears next to current Borrower/Lender on request card in Request search results
  • Library Profile
    • Updated and secured EFTS administration in Lend Information
    • Updated Contacts logic for required contact roles
  • Library Search
    • Added filters to limit search results by
      • DOCLINE Participant status
      • Open/Closed status
      • Library Type
      • Region
      • State
      • Routing Table inclusion
      • Lend Service Levels offered (ex. Rush, Urgent Patient Care)
      • Lend Delivery Methods offered
      • EFTS Participant status
      • Lending Days

6.2.1: (10/10/19)

  • Borrow
    • Added “in holdings” alert for PMID ordering
  • Journals
    • Added limited retention to holdings year search filter
    • Added additional journals
  • Overall/Administration 
    • Additional search options in the Administration Dashboard
    • System maintenance

6.2.0:   (10/1/19)

  • Borrow
    • Added ability to create Borrow requests using multiple PMIDs
    • PMID Request results page enhanced with more information about requested item(s), and about requests overall
    • Updated manual request receipt to include a second Author field (if present)
    • Manual request input form updated with user help
    • Button labels updated to improve clarity
  • Journals
    • Updated Journals Search to include user options when "No Journal Found"
  • Users
    • Added additional help text on "Permission Denied" sign in message to assist in trouble-shooting log in issues
    • User Account application emails links to NLM interlibrary loan and Customer Service updated
  • Overall/Administration
    • Updated NLM Customer Support links throughout website
    • Additional search options in Administration Dashboard
    • System maintenance

6.1.16: (8/28/19)

  • Web-platform updated

6.1.15: (8/12/19)

  • URL reverted to

6.1.14: (7/23/19)

  • Added Service Level (Rush, Urgent Patient Care) filter to Holdings Search to limit results to libraries that offer the selected level of service. After a journal is selected, Holdings filters display.
  • System updates for better performance
  • Fixed issue with National Institutes of Health user credentialing

6.1.13: (6/13/19)

  • Added secondary Place Order button to the top of request forms to reduce scrolling
  • Added multiple filters to Holdings Search. After a journal is selected, the following filters are available to limit Holdings search results:
    • Year
    • Volume
    • Format
    • Embargo
    • E-Pub Ahead of Print
    • Supplementary Data
    • My Library Groups
    • Selected Library Groups
    • Not in My Routing Table

 6.1.12: (6/4/19)

  • Updated Lend Receipt function to address bug caused by new or cancelled requests arriving when receipt is in process

6.1.11: (5/28/19)

  • Added Request Reports Dashboard
  • Added Monthly Activity Summary Report, including links for up to two prior months
    • Activity Summary includes Lender and Borrower statistics and performance tables
  • Added Lender Performance Statistics to Lend Information accordion in Library Profile

6.1.10: (4/29/19)

  • Updated required fields for PMID ordering, reducing the need to place Manual requests
  • Updated Need by Date Expiration for lender reporting

6.1.9: (4/9/19)

  • Added downloadable EFTS Manual Billing File report of filled requests for EFTS libraries.

6.1.8: (3/28/19)

  • Added Journal Unique Identifier (UI) ordering for non-PMID citations, which will allow requests to route via borrowers' Automated Routing Table.
  • Journal UI ordering can be initiated from Borrow menu, and from Journal search results, after a single journal card has been selected.

6.1.7: (3/27/19)

  • Added Copyright Compliance Review alert for PMID ordering if articles being ordered are older than 5 years and "guidelines" is selected by default.  
  • Updated routing defaults on Manual ordering form for ‘Route to NLM’  
  • Added Request review functionality for DOCLINE Coordinators 

6.1.6: (3/20/19)

  • Added "Previously Ordered PMID" alert in PMID ordering

6.1.5: (3/12/19)

  • Updated delivery defaults on Manual ordering form

6.1.4: (3/11/19)

  • Added Latest Route information to request receipts (current lender and action/reason)

6.1.3: (3/8/19)

  • Added label "Last 7 days" to Retired requests view, in My Borrowing Activity & Status card

6.1.2: (3/8/19)

  • Added Actual Delivery Method to Request information cards in Request Search results

6.1.1: (3/7/19)

  • Improved PMID ordering, reducing the need to place Manual requests
  • Updated Need by Date expiration

6.1.0 (3/4/19)

  • Added base Request features for Borrowing & Lending
    • Requesting with PMID & Manual methods
    • Automatic & Manual Routing
    • Routing algorithm
    • Lend Update
    • Request Search
    • Request status warnings and automatic re-routing (TTA)
    • Need by Date

Last Reviewed: October 21, 2020