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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Fiscal Year 2003 Awards

Below is a list of new and continuing grant awards made by NLM in fiscal year 2003. The list is sorted by grant program. Multi-year projects will appear each year in which funds are awarded. New investigators are investigators who have not previously received a significant NIH independent research grant. Early Stage investigators are new investigators in the first 10 years of their research career. Click the grant number to read the abstract and other information about a grant.

Grant Programs

Research Projects (R01)

Aliferis, Constantin F (New Investigator)
Principled Methods for Very Large-Scale Causal Discovery
1 R01 LM007948-01
Vanderbilt University

Ash, Joan S
Unintended Consequences of Physician Order Entry
2 R01 LM006942-04
Oregon Health and Science University

Bowie, James U
ACT Database: Protein Structure-Function Relationships
1 R01 LM007878-01A1
University of California Los Angeles

Boxwala, Aziz Alihusain
Creating Guidelines that Adapt to Local Contexts
5 R01 LM006955-03
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Burns, Gully Apc
Knowledge Management of the Neuroscientific Literature
5 R01 LM007061-03
University of Southern California

Chen, Hsinchun
UMLS Enhanced Dynamic Agents to Manage Medical Knowledge
5 R01 LM006919-03
University of Arizona

Chute, Christopher G
Development and Evaluation of Terminology Services
5 R01 LM007319-02
Mayo Clinic

Cimino, James J
Infobuttons to Improve Clinicians' Access to Information
5 R01 LM007593-02
Columbia University Health Sciences

Cork, Robert John
Enhancements to a Human Embryo, Serial-Section Database
5 R01 LM007591-02
Louisiana State Univ Hsc New Orleans

Crowley, Rebecca S (New Investigator)
An Intelligent Virtual Microscope Tutor on the Internet
1 R01 LM007891-01
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Dudoit, Sandrine
Statistical Design & Analysis of Microarray Experiments
5 R01 LM007609-02
University of California Berkeley

Dunker, Alan Keith
Bioinformatics Linkage of Protein Disorder and Function
1 R01 LM007688-01A1
Indiana Univ-purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Elkin, Peter L
Controlled Vocabulary Design for Clinical Applications
5 R01 LM006918-02
Mayo Clinic

Ely, John W
Obstacles to Answering Physicians' Patient-Care Question
5 R01 LM007179-03
University of Iowa

Foran, David J
PathMiner: Web Telemicroscopy & Intelligent Databases
5 R01 LM007455-02
Univ of Med/Dent NJ-R W Johnson Med Sch

Foran, David J
PathMiner: Web Telemicroscopy & Intelligent Databases
3 R01 LM007455-01A1S1
Univ of Med/Dent NJ- R W Johnson Med Sch

Friedman, Carol
Unlocking Data from Medical Records with Text Processing
5 R01 LM006274-06
Queens College

Friedman, Carol
Unlocking Data from Medical Records with Text Processing
7 R01 LM006274-07
Columbia University Health Sciences

Friedman, Carol
Capturing and Linking Genomic and Clinical Information
1 R01 LM007659-01
Columbia University Health Sciences

Giuse, Nunzia B
The Clinical Informationist: Does the Model Work?
1 R01 LM007849-01
Vanderbilt University

Goldstein, Mary K
Intelligent Critiquing of Clinical-Guideline Application
5 R01 LM006806-03
Stanford University

Harris, Marcelline Ruth
Terminological Systems for Representing Patient Status
5 R01 LM007453-02
Mayo Clinic

Harrison, James H (New Investigator)
Clinical Decision-Making Using a Data-Driven Display
1 R01 LM008192-01
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Haynes, R Brian
Clinical Search Retrieval from 4 Electronic Databases
5 R01 LM006866-04
McMaster University

Hripcsak, George M
Discovering and Applying Knowledge in Clinical Databases
2 R01 LM006910-04
Columbia University Health Sciences

Huang, Han K
Medical Image/Date Security Assurance - Digital Envelope
5 R01 LM007606-03
University of Southern California

Johnson, Stephen B
Using Narrative Data to Enrich the Online Medical Record
5 R01 LM007268-02
Columbia University Health Sciences

Laporte, Ronald Edward
Epidemiology on the Internet
5 R01 LM006761-04
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Lehmann, Harold P
Evaluating Bayesian Communication of Clinical Trials
5 R01 LM006849-03
Johns Hopkins University

Mandl, Kenneth D (New Investigator)
Disease Surveillance in Real Time: Geotemporal Methods
1 R01 LM007677-01
Children's Hospital Boston

Miller, Deborah M (New Investigator)
Using the Internet to Improve Patient's Self-Management of Chronic Illness
1 R01 LM008154-01
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Moult, John
Analysis of the Functional Impact of Coding Region SNPs
5 R01 LM007174-03
University of Md Biotechnology Institute

Neuwald, Andrew F
Advanced Sequence-Based Prediction of Protein Function
5 R01 LM006747-06
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Ogunyemi, Omolola Ijeoma
Assessing Penetrating Trauma Under Uncertainty
5 R01 LM007167-02
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Ozbolt, Judy G
Emilie--Integrated Information for Collaborative Care
5 R01 LM006920-03
Vanderbilt University

Pearson, William R
Comparison of Protein Sequences & Structures
5 R01 LM004969-15
University of Virginia Charlottesville

Pustejovsky, James
Automated Knowledge Extraction for Biomedical Literature
3 R01 LM006649-03S1
Brandeis University

Rackovsky, Shalom R
Optimized Protein Informatics
5 R01 LM006789-03
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Resnic, Frederic S (New Investigator)
A System to Monitor Safety in Interventional Cardiology
1 R01 LM008142-01
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Rost, Burkhard
Predictions of Structure/Function by PredictProtein
1 R01 LM007329-01A1
Columbia University Health Sciences

Ruggieri, Alexander P
Development of a Functional Status Terminology
5 R01 LM007685-02
Mayo Clinic

Salzberg, Steven L
Bioinformatics Software for Analyzing Microbial Genomes
1 R01 LM007938-01
Institute For Genomic Research

Salzberg, Steven L
Computational Gene Modeling and Genome Sequence Assembly
5 R01 LM006845-05
Institute For Genomic Research

Shiffman, Richard N
Guideline Development & Implementation - XML-Based Tools
5 R01 LM007199-02
Yale University

Silverstein, Jonathan C
Systematic Combination of Anatomy and Nomenclature
5 R01 LM006756-04
University of Chicago

Sim, Ida
Electronic Knowledge Based Publi of Randomized Trials
3 R01 LM006780-04S1
University of California San Francisco

Sim, Ida
Electronic Knowledge Based Publi of Randomized Trials
5 R01 LM006780-05
University of California San Francisco

Smalheiser, Neil R
Arrowsmith Data Mining Techniques in Neuro-Informatics
5 R01 LM007292-03
University of Illinois at Chicago

States, David J
Representing and Acquiring Knowledge of Genome Regulatio
1 R01 LM008106-01
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

States, David J
Computational Approaches to Protein Sequence Analysis
5 R01 LM005770-09
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Stoltzfus, Arlin B
Intron Evolution: Automated Phylogentic Analysis System
5 R01 LM007218-02
University of Md Biotechnology Institute

Stoltzfus, Arlin B
Intron Evolution: Automated Phylogentic Analysis System
3 R01 LM007218-01A1S1
University of MD Biotechnology Institute

Tagare, Hemant D
High Dimensional Indexing in Medical Image Databases
2 R01 LM006911-04A1
Yale University

Taylor, Andrew Thompson
Decision Support Systems for MAG3 Renography
5 R01 LM007595-02
Emory University

Toga, Arthur W
A Multidimensional Alzheimer's Disease Brain Atlas
5 R01 LM005639-08
University of California Los Angeles

Vinterbo, Staal A
Preserving Privacy in Medical Data Sets
5 R01 LM007273-02
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Zeng, Qing
Medical Vocabulary Support for Patients
5 R01 LM007222-02
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Zou, Kelly Hong (New Investigator)
Improved Tumor Resection in Image-Guided Neurosurgery
1 R01 LM007861-01A1
Brigham and Women's Hospital


Exploratory/Developmental Grants (R21, R33, and P20)

Brinkley, James F
Interdisciplinary Center for Structural Informatics
1 P20 LM007714-01
University of Washington

Honig, Barry H
Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
5 P20 LM007276-03
Columbia University Health Sciences

Krummel, Thomas M
Collaborative, Simulation-Based, Surgical Training
4 R33 LM007295-02
Stanford University

Miller, Perry L
Planning a Biomedical Computing Center of Excellence
5 P20 LM007253-03
Yale University

Overhage, Joseph Marcus
Syndromic Surveillance Data Exchange and Analysis
1 R21 LM007970-01
Indiana Univ-purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Stead, William W
Linked Knowledge Model for Excellence in Bioinformatics
5 P20 LM007613-02
Vanderbilt University


Small Research Projects (R03)

Bouguettaya, Athman
Building Web Services Infrastructure for Senior Citizens
1 R03 LM008140-01
Virginia Polytechnic Inst and St Univ

Brown, Jonathan B
Clinical Prioritization Using Simulation Modeling
1 R03 LM008141-01
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

Cook, Richard Irvin
Exploring Technical Work Using Cognitive Artifacts
1 R03 LM007947-01
University of Chicago

Duryea, Jeffrey W (New Investigator)
Bone-age Assessment Workstation Software
1 R03 LM008062-01
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Fregly, Benjamin J
Computational Framework for Simulating Joint Mechanics
5 R03 LM007332-02
University of Florida

Lacroix, Zoe
User-friendly Querying of Integrated Biological Database
1 R03 LM008046-01
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Sinha, Usha
Content Based Neuro Image Classification
1 R03 LM007963-01
University of California Los Angeles

Skrinjar, Oskar (New Investigator)
Image Guided Constitutive Modeling of the Brain Tissue
1 R03 LM008128-01
Georgia Institute of Technology

Xu, Xie George (New Investigator)
Use of Visible Human Data for Patient Dosimetry
1 R03 LM007964-01
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Biomedical Informatics Research Resource (P41)

Fidelis, Krzysztof A
Center for Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction
5 P41 LM007085-03
University of Calif-lawrnc Lvrmr Nat Lab

Markley, John L
Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
5 P41 LM005799-08
University of Wisconsin Madison

Musen, Mark A
A Resource for Biomedical Ontologies and Knowledge Bases
1 P41 LM007885-01
Stanford University

Pagon, Roberta A
Gene Test: Genetic Testing Resource
5 P41 LM006001-08
Seattle Children's Hospital

Pagon, Roberta A
Gene Test: Genetic Testing Resource
3 P41 LM006001-08S1
Seattle Children's Hospital

Pagon, Roberta A
GeneClinics: Clinical Genetic Information Resource
5 P41 LM007242-06
University of Washington

Roberts, Richard J
REBASE--The Restriction Enzyme Database
5 P41 LM005800-09
New England Biolabs, Inc.


Knowledge Management/Applied Informatics Grants (G08)

Altschuler, Steven M
IAIMS Planning Project
5 G08 LM007678-02
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Bailey, Donald E (New Investigator)
Development of Communications/Information Network
1 G08 LM007641-01
Rural Health Corp of NE Pennsylvania

Barnett, Guy Octo
Distribution of a Primary Care Office Information System
5 G08 LM007311-02
Massachusetts General Hospital

Blaine, Lois D
ICTVdB: The Universal Virus Information System
5 G08 LM007198-02
American Type Culture Collection

Brennan, Virginia M
FactLine: Health Facts about the Poor and Underserved
5 G08 LM007653-02
Meharry Medical College

Burke, Cynthia Y
Hampton University Nursing Information System
5 G08 LM006801-03
Hampton University

Cohen, Chari A (New Investigator)
Hepatitis B Information & Education Delivery on the Web
1 G08 LM007679-01
Hepatitis B Foundation

Cowen, Janet L
The Maine Ariel Project
1 G08 LM007925-01
Maine Medical Center

Cranford, Charles O
4--States InfoSystem: Health Information Network
5 G08 LM007035-02
University of Arkansas Med Scis Ltl Rock

Dee, Fred R
Database of Virtual Cervical Cytology
1 G08 LM007860-01
University of Iowa

Gantenbein, Rex E
On-Line Portal for Rural Health Research and Education
5 G08 LM007160-03
University of Wyoming

Ginn, David
Mental Health Information Network of Metro Boston
5 G08 LM007603-02
Boston University Medical Campus

Hoch, Daniel B
An Internet System to Augment Face to Face Health Care
5 G08 LM006964-03
Massachusetts General Hospital

Hutton, John J
Implementing IAIMS at the University of Cincinnati
1 G08 LM007853-01
University of Cincinnati

Inouye, Sharon K
National Hospital Elder Life Program Internet Project
1 G08 LM008085-01
Yale University

Lombardo, Nancy (New Investigator)
Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library
1 G08 LM007919-01
University of Utah

Mun, Seong K
Refugee Health Information Network
1 G08 LM007854-01
Georgetown University

Nelson, David (New Investigator)
Internet Connection for Providence Family Physicians
1 G08 LM007840-01
Providence Medical Group, Inc.

Niland, Joyce Carol
IAIMS Phase II Operational Grant For City Of Hope--Criss
6 G08 LM005697-07
City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute

Patel, Vimla L
Enabling Psychiatrists' Access to Knowledge Resources
1 G08 LM007676-01
New York State Psychiatric Institute

Periyakoil, Vyjeyanthi S (New Investigator)
Veterans Affairs Nationwide Palliative Care Network
1 G08 LM007882-01
Palo Alto Institute For Res & Edu, Inc.

Rabinowitz, Peter Macgarr
Animals as Sentinels of Human Environmental Hazards
1 G08 LM007881-01
Yale University

Saporito, Robert A
IAIMS Operational Phase Grant for UMDNJ
5 G08 LM006230-04
Univ of Med/dent of NJ-NJ Medical School

Schatzki, Andrew (New Investigator)
GRHC Medical Information Systems Implementation
1 G08 LM007944-01
Gila River Health Care Corporation

Schifferdecker, Karen E (New Investigator)
Creating Practice Systems to Deliver Online Resources
1 G08 LM008110-01
Dartmouth College

Summers-Ables, Joy E (New Investigator)
Health Education Assets Library Services Enhancement
1 G08 LM007877-01
University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr

Uijtdehaage, Sebastian
Managing Multimedia Assets in Health Science Education
1 G08 LM008054-01
University of California Los Angeles

Westerby, Eric B (New Investigator)
Internet Connection for Rural Physician Clinics
1 G08 LM007437-01A1
Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center

Withy, Kelley Marie
Hawaii Access to Computerized Health (HATCH)
5 G08 LM007322-02
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Xenopoulos-Oddsson, Annette
CINID-A Model Disability Information Network
5 G08 LM007159-03
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Yun, Dixon (New Investigator)
e-Collaborative: A Facilitator for Parents-Teachers-MD's
1 G08 LM008108-01
Children's Hospital Boston


NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13)

Abel, Emily K (New Investigator)
Tuberculosis Policy in Los Angeles, 1870-1940
1 G13 LM007969-01
University of California Los Angeles

Baker, Jeffrey P
Childhood Vaccine Policy in the U.S. Since 1955
1 G13 LM007898-01
Duke University

Bird, Chloe E
Gender Matters and Health: The Role of Choice and Policy
5 G13 LM007584-02
Rand Corporation

Chin, Gregory (New Investigator)
Kawasaki Disease: A Living History
1 G13 LM007855-01
Kawasaki Disease Foundation, Inc.

Cohen, Michael H
Legal and Social Barriers to Alternative Therapies
5 G13 LM007475-03
Harvard University (Medical School)

Crenner, Christopher W (New Investigator)
A Patient's Doctoring: Scientific Authority/Consumers
1 G13 LM007858-01
University of Kansas Medical Center

Dang, Chi V
MYC Oncogene Hubsite
5 G13 LM007515-03
Johns Hopkins University

Gevitz, Norman J (New Investigator)
Orgins of American Medicine: New England, 1620-1723
1 G13 LM007670-01
Ohio University Athens

Gibson, Mary S (New Investigator)
Biology and Crime: Translation of a Classic Text
1 G13 LM007856-01
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Goodman, Steven N (New Investigator)
Project ImpACT: Important Achievements of Clinical Trial
1 G13 LM007867-01
Johns Hopkins University

Grinnell, Frederick
The Everyday Practice of Science
5 G13 LM007526-03
University of Texas SW Med Ctr/Dallas

Hirshbein, Laura D (New Investigator)
American Melancholy: Depression in the Twentieth Century
1 G13 LM007725-01
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Keeling, Arlene W
Nursing and Prescriptive Authority: 1900 to the Present
5 G13 LM007604-02
University of Virginia Charlottesville

Ketterlinus, Robert D
Youth Violence: Interventions in Emergency Departments
5 G13 LM007638-02
Philadelphia Health Management Corp

Ketterlinus, Robert D
Youth Violence: Interventions in Emergency Departments
3 G13 LM007638-01S1
Philadelphia Health Management Corp

Lindenthal, Jacob J
The Lindex Study: An Ethnic Database
5 G13 LM006902-03.
Univ of Med/Dent of NJ-NJ Medical School

Mansfield, Phyllis
Expanding a Web-Accessible Women's Health Data Archive
5 G13 LM007521-02
Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park

Martin, Darlene A
Nurses, Physicians and Resistance During the Holocaust
5 G13 LM007458-02
University of Texas Medical Br Galveston

Meyer, Ilan H
Prejudice as Stress
3 G13 LM007660-01S1
Columbia University Health Sciences

Meyer, Ilan H
Prejudice as Stress
5 G13 LM007660-02
Columbia University Health Sciences

Migeon, Barbara R
Females are Mosaics: Mechanisms and Effects on Women's Health
5 G13 LM007502-03
Johns Hopkins University

Moberg, Carol
Scientific Origins of Modern Cell Biology: A History
5 G13 LM007598-02
Rockefeller University

Nieder, Gary L
Anatomical Resource in the Quicktime VR Format
5 G13 LM006924-03
Wright State University

Nosek, Margaret A
Improving the Health of Women with Physical Disabilities
5 G13 LM007543-03
Baylor College of Medicine

Oppenheimer, Gerald M
Heart Disease and the Emergence of Modern Epidemiology
1 G13 LM007932-01
Brooklyn College

Park, Adrian E (New Investigator)
Minimally Invasive Surgery Training: An Electronic Book
1 G13 LM007862-01
University of Kentucky

Park, Adrian E
Minimally Invasive Surgery Training: An Electronic Book
7 G13 LM007862-02
University of Maryland Baltimore

Patenaude, Andrea F
Psychosocial and Ethical Literature in Cancer Genetics
5 G13 LM007473-03
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Pearson, John C
Neurologic Resource in the Quicktime Streaming Format
5 G13 LM006945-03
Wright State University

Porter, Nancy
Typhoid Mary Documentary Film One-Hour
3 G13 LM007279-01S2
Nancy Porter Productions, Inc.

Radden, Jennifer
Character and Gender in Psychiatric Ethics
5 G13 LM007666-02
University of Massachusetts Boston

Ross, Lainie Friedman
Children in Medical Research: Ethical & Policy Challenges
5 G13 LM007472-03
University of Chicago

Rubin, Harry
The Cell Biology of Cancer and Aging
5 G13 LM007483-02
University of California Berkeley

Tereskerz, Patricia Miller
Divided Loyalties: Conflicts of Interest in Medicine
5 G13 LM007512-03
University of Virginia Charlottesville

Watkins, Elizabeth S (New Investigator)
History of Hormone Replacement Therapy, 1960-2000
1 G13 LM007836-01
Individual Award--Watkins, Elizabeth Sie

Wilson, Renate
Exploring Therapeutic Resources in Colonial N. America
5 G13 LM007664-02
Johns Hopkins University


University Medical Informatics Research Training Programs (T15)

Altman, Russ Biagio
Graduate Training in Biomedical Informatics
5 T15 LM007033-20
Stanford University

Baldi, Pierre
Biomedical Informatics Training Program
5 T15 LM007443-02
University of California Irvine

Gadd, Cynthia S
Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program
5 T15 LM007059-17
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Gardner, Reed M
University of Utah Medical Informatics Training
5 T15 LM007124-07
University of Utah

Gatewood, Lael C
Research Training in Medical Informatics
5 T15 LM007041-20
University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Gorry, Tony
Training Program in Computational Biology and Medicine
5 T15 LM007093-12
Rice University

Greenes, Robert A
Biomedical and Health Informatics Research Training
5 T15 LM007092-12
Harvard University (Medical School)

Kangarloo, Hooshang
Training Program for Imaging Based Medical Informatics
5 T15 LM007356-02
University of California Los Angeles

Lehmann, Harold P
Johns Hopkins Health Sciences Informatics Training Program
5 T15 LM007452-02
Johns Hopkins University

McDonald, Clement J
Regenstrief Informatics Research Fellowships
5 T15 LM007117-07
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Miller, Perry L
Biomedical Informatics Research Training at Yale
5 T15 LM007056-17
Yale University

Miller, Randolph A
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Training Program
5 T15 LM007450-02
Vanderbilt University

Mitchell, Joyce A
Biomedical and Health Informatics Research Training
5 T15 LM007089-12
University of Missouri-Columbia

Phillips, George Neal
Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine
5 T15 LM007359-02
University of Wisconsin Madison

Shortliffe, Edward H
Medical Informatics Research Training Program at Columbia
5 T15 LM007079-12
Columbia University Health Sciences

Shortliffe, Edward H
Medical Informatics Research Training Program at Columbia
3 T15 LM007079-11S1
Columbia University Health Sciences

Spackman, Kent A
Training Program in Health Informatics
3 T15 LM007088-11S1
Oregon Health and Science University

Spackman, Kent A
Training Program in Health Informatics
5 T15 LM007088-12
Oregon Health and Science University

Tarczy-Hornoch, Peter
Biomedical and Health Informatics Training Program
5 T15 LM007442-02
University of Washington

Voit, Eberhard O
Training of Toolmakers for Bio-Medical Informatics (TTBMI)
5 T15 LM007438-02
Medical University of South Carolina


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Awards (R41-R44)

Constantine, William LB
Fractal Modeling of Biomedical Time Series in S-Plus
2 R44 LM007146-02
Insightful Corporation

Lin, Freddie S
High Performance Digital Medical Data Link Technology
2 R44 LM006892-02A1
Physical Optics Corporation

Peterson, Dan E
Sentinel Event Tracking Network (SETNET)
3 R43 LM007189-01A1S1


Loan Repayment Program for Clinical Researchers (L30)

Embi, Peter J
Electronic Medical Record-based Internet Tool
1 L30 LM008041-01
Loan Repayment Applications

Rosenthal, Daniel T
Improving Preventive Medicine Through the Development
1 L30 LM008088-01
Loan Repayment Applications

Stetson, Peter D
Computerized Detection of Adverse Medical Events
1 L30 LM008069-01
Loan Repayment Applications

Thomas, Sean M
Successful Computerized Physician Order Entry System
1 L30 LM008089-01
Loan Repayment Applications


Internet Access to Digital Libraries (IADL) Grants (G07)

Alexander, Margaret K
Enhancing Internet Access to Health-Related Resources
5 G07 LM007808-02
Tuskegee University

Caruso, Helen (New Investigator)
MedConnect-Connecting Rural LA to Digital Libraries
1 G07 LM007746-01
Southeast Louisiana Area Hlth Educ Ctr

Chesley, Thea B (New Investigator)
HAN Digital Library of Electronic Resources and Services
1 G07 LM007821-01
Illinois State Dept of Public Health

Chichester, Clinton
Facilitating Effective Use of Online Health Information
5 G07 LM007747-02
University of Rhode Island

Craik, Rebecca Lynn
A Bridge Between the Academic and Clinical Setting: Evidence-based Healthcare Practice in the Clinic
5 G07 LM007790-02
Arcadia University

Faraday, Joanna
Enhancement of Internet Access to Library Resources
1 G07 LM007831-01
Northern Westchester Hospital Center

Francis, Marcia J
Digital Library for Idaho Rural Healthcare Professionals
5 G07 LM007757-02
Idaho State University

Gillis, Rick David
ClinicLink: Access to Online Consumer Health Information
5 G07 LM007813-02
Medical College of Wisconsin

Huber, Jeffrey T
Informing Neighborhood Health
1 G07 LM007978-01
Texas Woman's University

Ideker, Maureen D (New Investigator)
Wadena Minnesota Area Healthcare Digital Library Access
1 G07 LM007833-01
Tri-county Hospital

Jiang, Xiaodong (New Investigator)
Web Repository of Tai Chi & Consumer Health Information
1 G07 LM007933-01
American Tai Chi Association

John, Stephanie
Rural Hospital Electronic Library of Michigan (RHELM)
5 G07 LM007798-02
Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals

Knott, Teresa L
Texas Tech El Paso Virtual Campus
5 G07 LM007803-02
Texas Tech University Health Scis Center

Lewis, Thomas L (New Investigator)
Community Health Link: Access to Information Resources
1 G07 LM008102-01
Primary Care Coalition/montgomery County

Li, Jie
South Alabama Medical Network Digital Library (SAMNet)
5 G07 LM007782-02
University of South Alabama

Lischke, Michael P
Access to the Medical Literature for Public Health
1 G07 LM007943-01
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

McClain, Catherine H
Internet Access to Digital Libraries
5 G07 LM007832-02
University of New Mexico

McLeod, Martha S
North Country Care-Net: Easy Links to Health Information
5 G07 LM007736-02
North Country Health Consortium

Mechtenberg, David A (New Investigator)
Southern Sierra Telehealth Network (SSTN)
1 G07 LM007791-01
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

Morreale, Daniel (New Investigator)
1 G07 LM007794-01
North Bronx Healthcare Network

Munro, Jane L (New Investigator)
Access & Training for Rural and Inner City Practitioners
1 G07 LM007967-01
Western New York Rural Area Hlth Ed Ctr

O'Brien, Jane E (New Investigator)
Family Resource Center
1 G07 LM007792-01
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Mem Hosp (Boston)

Pedersen, Lila C
Digital Reference Live Across North Dakota and Hawaii
5 G07 LM007739-02
University of North Dakota

Pierce, Janette B
Expanding Internet Access to PWAHs in Phila. Suburbs
5 G07 LM007819-02
Philadelphia Fight

Saramak, Mary (New Investigator)
Creation of a Library Portal
1 G07 LM007726-01
Sound Shore Health System

Shumway, Jean M (New Investigator)
Electronic Classroom for Health Information Literacy
1 G07 LM007761-01
Butler County Community College

Siegel, Eliot L (New Investigator)
Improving Access to Digital Imaging Expertise
1 G07 LM007875-01
Society For Computer Applications In Rad

Teich, Steven
Full-text, Internet-based Library Resources for Nurses
5 G07 LM007825-02
Oregon Health and Science University

Tiberi, Eric M (New Investigator)
IS Internet Access (ISIA) Project
1 G07 LM007722-01
South Cove Community Health Ctr

Vulstek, Cheryl R (New Investigator)
St. Joseph's 'E-Library' Information & Education Access
1 G07 LM007785-01
St. Joseph's Community Health Services

Weatherill, Scott Robert (New Investigator)
Horizon Wireless Information Project
1 G07 LM007868-01
Horizon Health Care, Inc.

Witte, Anthony (New Investigator)
Overcoming Systems Limitations to Electronic Resources
1 G07 LM007807-01
Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital


Scientific Review and Evaluation—Cooperative Agreements (U09)

Byrd, Gary D
Biomedical Library Review Committee (Scientific Review)
7 U09 LM004165-20
U.S. PHS Public Advisory Groups


Last Reviewed: April 4, 2013