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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Application Submission Deadlines for BILDS Members

As of February 5, 2008, appointed members of the Biomedical Informatics, Library and Data Sciences (BILDS) Review Committee (formerly Biomedical Library and Informatics Review Committee, BLIRC) may use an alternate plan for submission and review of their R01 and R21 research grant applications that would otherwise use standard due dates. Under this continuous submission process, BILDS members' applications will be reviewed no later than 120 days after receipt. This NIH-wide option is intended to recognize the outstanding service of chartered study section members and minimize disincentives to study section service.

BILDS members intending to submit applications using this opportunity should notify the NLM Scientific Review staff by e-mail. In addition, a cover letter is strongly encouraged, clearly identifying that you serve on the BILDS study section and the period of your service if known.

CSR will handle review of a BILDS member's application if it reaches NLM too late to be included in a scheduled review meeting. To ensure that one's application will be reviewed by NLM, contact the Scientific Review staff directly about exact timing of submission.

Schedule for Assignment to Board of Regents Round

Applications will be assigned a Board of Regents council round date for 2nd level review based on the following schedule. However, applications may be moved to an earlier round after review as timing permits.

Application Submission Window (Non-AIDS)Application Submission Window (AIDS related)Board of Regents (2nd level review)

August 17 - December 16

October 8 - February 7


December 17 - April 16

February 8 - June 7


April 17 - August 16

June 8 - October 7


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Last Reviewed: August 17, 2017