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NLM Informatics Training Conference 2017 - June 5-6, 2017, LaJolla, CA



NLM 2017 Informatics Training Conference

The 2017 NLM Informatics Training Conference was hosted by the University of Califorina San Diego on June 5-6, 2017 in La Jolla, CA. Conference attendees included trainees and faculty from the NLM Biomedical Informatics Research Training Programs, Department of Veterans Affairs informatics trainees, NLM intramural trainees, NIH staff, and guests.




2017 NLM Training Conference Participants

June 5-6 at the University of California San Diego

NLM 2017 Informatics Training Conference Awards

Best Presentations

June 5th - Day 1
Andrew Chiang
Columbia University
Correlates of Cognitive Phenotype Severity in Autism Spectrum Disorders

June 6th - Day 2
Matthew Bernstein
University of Wisconsin-Madison
MetaSRA: Normalized Sample-Specific Metadata for the Sequence Read Archive

Best Poster

Day 1 - Bioinformatics/Computational Biology Poster Session 
Stephen Wilson
Baylor College of Medicine
MeTeOR: Literature-Based Hypotheses Generation and Precision Medicine

Best Open Mics

June 5th - Translational Bioinformatics and Clinical Research Informatics (Session X1)
Tiffany Callahan
University of Colorado-Denver
OWL-NETS: Abstracting OWL for Network Inference

June 6th - Healthcare and Public Health Informatics (Session X2)
Kristen Browne
National Library of Medicine
An Open-Source Library of Medical-Imaging-Derived 3D Polygonal Models for use in Public Health, Medical and STEM Applications