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Exhibition: And the Work Continues

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  • Latino man smiling holding several pieces of paper.
  • White woman, visible from the torso up, facing viewer.
  • Latina woman visible from shoulders up facing  viewer.
  • Two women standing and visible from chest up facing viewer.
  • Two African American women seated and facing viewer, woman on left front leans into woman behind.
Johnny Bueno, volunteer, at La Casa de las Madres’ redHOT* kick-off event for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 2014

Courtesy Johnny Bueno

Anne Flitcraft, MD, pioneer reformer and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, 2014

Courtesy Anne Flitcraft

Sonia Melara, co-founder of La Casa de las Madres, ca. 2010

Courtesy Sonia Melara

Kathy Black (left), executive director of La Casa de las Madres, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris (right) at La Casa de las Madres 30th anniversary event, 2007

Courtesy Kathy Black

Scheherazade Tillet (left) and Salamishah Tillet, co-founders of A Long Walk Home, after a Story of a Rape Survivor performance, Boston, 2000

Courtesy Scheherazade Tillet