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Perez on Medicine in cream lettering on a dark green background.

Artist's Dedication

This book [exhibit] is dedicated to all members of the medical profession who have helped many sufferers not only to endure, but to be healed.

I intend my art to be an expressive way to penetrate to the truth. Invariably, there is more than one side to a story, especially when science and art are practiced in a free society. Satirical artists have always used their art to identify and help reform frailities, something for which I hope sufferers and healers alike are grateful. We all need to laugh at what we fear and nothing today is more troubling than disability and death.

Jose Perez

The letter 'J' sketched by Jose Perez featuring an artist sitting in the bottom curl of the j wearing a painting smock and hat. He is holding a paint palette in his left hand and is using the paint brush in his right to paint on a canvas at the base of the letter j.