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Perez on Medicine in cream lettering on a dark green background.

Book Jacket Introduction

Art and medicine share the same patron saint, St. Luke. They also share a curiosity, a need to change reality, and a desire to lighten the burden of life.

These oil-on-canvas paintings and drawings represent one of the most significant collections of great satirical art ever to deal with the world of medicine. Perez' tongue-in-cheek work, in the old masters' style, caricatures each of today's medical specialties through delightful metaphors using humans and animals from different periods of history in a wonderfully whimsical way.

These paintings and drawings should be especially enjoyable to all doctors, nurses, therapists, patients, and anyone connected with healthcare. In his own artful way, Perez shows that laughter can still be the best medicine. At a time when modern medicine is becoming more and more an intimidating, high-tech, impersonal business, his humor can help sufferers and healers alike to be more relaxed and at ease in each other's company.