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Objects of Art: Lauren Kingsland NLM Quilt

Lauren Kingsland Quilt

Location: Reception area behind the Visitors' Center, Building 38A

Made in 1987 by Lauren Kingsland, the quilt is an original design which was worked from photographs and took nine months to complete. All cotton fabrics were used with cotton batting inside. It is hand and machine pieced and appliqu├ęd and hand and machine quilted. The sky fabric is hand painted by Cynthia Buether of Ohio.

During 1986 and 1987 many local quilters were making "architectural" quilts, featuring Bethesda locations. Mrs. Kingsland felt that the National Library of Medicine should be represented in the shows and thus created the NLM quilt.

In 1987 Dr. Lindberg, Director of the Library, invited Mrs. Kingsland to display the quilt at NLM where it is now on permanent loan for display.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012