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Table of Contents

Flowering Trees 01.  Flowering Trees Frank B. Rogers, M.D. 13. Colonel Frank Bradway Rogers, M.D. (Director of the Library from 1949 to 1963)
Herb Garden 02.  Herb Garden Martin M. Cumming, M.D. 14. Martin M. Cummings, M.D. (Director of the Library, 1964 to 1983)
Tree of Hippocrates 03.  Tree of Hippocrates Prints Collection 15. Prints and Photographs Collection
Roof of NLM 04.  Roof of the National Library of Medicine Tree I 16. Kenneth Snelson Sculpture - Tree I
John F. Kennedy 05.  Bust of President John F. Kennedy Lister Hill 17. Bust of Senator Lister Hill
Jerome Kirk Sculpture 06.  Jerome Kirk Sculpture Etching 18. Etching (Garrison, Billing, Fletcher)
Ceramic Mural 07.  Frans Wildenhain
Ceramic Mural
Alfred Juilo Mural 19. Alfred Julio Jensen Mural - Changes and Communications
DNA Models 08.  Double Stranded Helix DNA Model Jane Larson Ceramic Mrual 20. Jane W. Larson Ceramic Mural - Milestone Molecules in Medicine
John Shaw Billings, M.D. 09.  Colonel John Shaw Billings, M.D. (Director 1865-1895) Lauren Kingsland's Quilt 21. Lauren Kingsland Quilt
Robert Fletcher, M.D. 10.  Robert Fletcher, M.D. (Principal Assistant 1876-1912) Models of NLM 22. Models of NLM Buildings
Harold W. Jones, M.D. 11.  Colonel Harold W. Jones, M.D. (Director of the Library 1936-1944) World Clock 23. World Map and Clock Display
Joseph H. McNinch, M.D. 12.  Colonel Joseph H. McNinch, M.D. (Director of the Library 1946-1949) Visitor's Center 24. The NLM Visitor's Center