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Objects of Art: Bust of Senator Lister Hill
Bust of Senator Lister Hill

Location: Lobby, Building 38A, Lister Hill Center
On loan to NLM by Mrs. Albert D. Lasker of New York
Artist: Robert Berks

Bust of Lister Hill, Senator from Alabama, who co-sponsored the bill that created the National Library of Medicine, and was a staunch supporter of health and education legislation. Known as "the statesman of health," he was often called "Mr. Health" by his colleagues in Congress. During his nearly 50 years in public service he sponsored more influential health laws than any legislator in this century. The Hill-Burton Act of 1947 provided federal funds for construction and renovation of more than 9,000 medical facilities, particularly in lower income areas. In tribute to Senator Hill, Joint Resolution 193 creating the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications was passed and signed into law by President Johnson in 1968. In May of 1980 the Lister Hill Center (building 38A of the National Library of Medicine) was dedicated.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012