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Objects of Art: Kenneth Snelson Sculpture - Tree I

Location: Patio, Building 38A
Artist: Kenneth Snelson

Kenneth Snelson's Tree Sculpture

This stainless steel structure, which took two years to complete, is entitled "Tree I." Composed of steel tubes and cables, it is 20 feet high with a 32-foot expansion, is symmetrical on the three axes, and like other examples of Kenneth Snelson's work, appears to float unsupported.

Interest in atomic theory, concern with the underlying structure of the universe, and the principle of connectedness are expressed in Snelson's works. "Tree I" has been seen to represent an abstract tree of knowledge which, with its many branches, symbolizes the interrelatedness of science and the humanities.

Tree Sculpture at Sunset

Snelson's works have been exhibited around the world and are in the permanent collections of several prominent museums. "Tree I" was commissioned under the art-in-architecture program of the U.S. General Services Administration and dedicated in a ceremony on October 2, 1981 by Mr. Snelson.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012