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On the left So, What's New in the Past in blue lettering above The Multiple Meanings of Medical History in the bottom in red lettering. A montage of six images. The far left is a man is being beaten with a stick by another man; a third man stands to the left holding a watch, timing the beating. Next is a oman, half-length, left pose, full face; holding Cushman's Menthol Inhaler. Next a group of four physicians sit in consultation, two with walking sticks to their noses, while the patient looks on from his bed. Next a black and white half length, full face, seated at desk covered with books and papers, hand to chin of William Osler. Next a black and white photograph of Dr. Harvey Cushing dressed in medical scrubs and wearing gloves standing at the bedside of a young patient lying on their side with bandages on their head and covered with white sheets. Finally a head and shoulders photograph of Henry Sigrest in an advertisment for a talk.


Project Staff

Elizabeth Fee, Ph.D.
Chief of the History of Medicine Division
National Library of Medicine
Exhibition Director

Theodore M. Brown, Ph.D.
Professor, Departments of History and of Community and Preventive Medicine
University of Rochester
Visiting Curator

Patricia Tuohy
National Library of Medicine
Head, Exhibition Program

Christina Popenfus
National Library of Medicine
Exhibition Collections Manager

Edwina Smith
National Library of Medicine
Exhibition Coordinator

Roxanne Beatty
National Library of Medicine
Assistant Exhibition Collections Manager

Lou Storey
Red Bank, New Jersey
Exhibition Designer

Exhibits Unlimited
Alexandria, Virginia
Exhibition Fabricators

Online Exhibition

Roxanne Beatty and Young Rhee
National Library of Medicine
Web Site Design and Development