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Exploring 3D Molecular Structures with iCn3D

NCBI Faculty:  Alexa Salsbury, PhD

Workshop Duration: 
2 hours

Target Audience:  This workshop is designed for life scientists with some (intermediate) background in structural biology, so we will not be performing structure prediction, molecular docking, or molecular dynamics simulations.

Workshop Description:  The amount of biomolecular structure data produced by researchers is growing rapidly and helping push scientific discovery. Knowledge of biomolecular structure helps scientists understand how the structure works and this knowledge can be used to influence function, predict binding partners, and understand biological pathways. As such, researchers in life sciences can benefit from an increased understanding of biomolecular structure and resources that build upon structural data, which is the focus of this workshop. 

In this online, interactive workshop we will cover:

  • Where to find information on motifs, domains, and similar structures
  • How to analyze 3D structure and highlight important features like active site residues, point mutations, and binding partners
  • How to compare AlphaFold and PDB Files
  • How to save and share visualization files

NCBI Website

NCBI Resources:  Structure Database, VAST+, iCn3D

Download a PDF slides for this workshop

Last Reviewed: February 21, 2023