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NLM Announces 2022 Michael E. DeBakey Fellows in the History of Medicine

Following its April 26, 2021 call for applications to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Michael E. DeBakey Fellowship in the History of Medicine, NLM is pleased to announce its 2022 DeBakey Fellows:

Ogechukwu Williams, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of History and Department of Medical Humanities
Creighton University
Research Project – Dying to Bring Life: A Social History of Maternal Deaths in Nigeria

S.J. Zanolini, LAc
PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins Medical School, History of Medicine
Research Project – Everyday Medicine: Prescribed Diets in Early Modern China


In addition to undertaking their research projects, NLM Michael E. DeBakey Fellows will be expected to:

The NLM Michael E. DeBakey Fellowship in the History of Medicine is made possible through a gift from The DeBakey Medical Foundation.

Michael E. DeBakey (1908-2008) was a legendary American surgeon, educator, and medical statesman. During a career spanning 75 years, his work transformed cardiovascular surgery, raised medical education standards, and informed national health care policy. He pioneered dozens of operative procedures such as aneurysm repair, coronary bypass, and endarterectomy, which routinely save thousands of lives each year, and performed some of the first heart transplants. His inventions included the roller pump (a key component of heart-lung machines) as well as artificial hearts and ventricular assist pumps. He was a driving force in building Houston's Baylor University College of Medicine into a premier medical center, where he trained several generations of top surgeons from all over the world. Michael DeBakey was instrumental in bringing NLM to the NIH campus and served for many years on NLM’s Board of Regents.

For more information about materials available for historical research at NLM, as well as the NLM Michael E. DeBakey Fellowship in the History of Medicine, visit, or contact the NLM via NLM Customer Support.

Last Reviewed: December 17, 2021