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Office of Acquisitions


Question: How can I check the payment status of my invoice?
Answer: Vendors may check the status of an invoice by contacting the NIH Office of Financial Management at (301) 496-6088.

Question: How do I determine how long it will take for my invoice to get paid?
Answer: The Prompt Final Rule Act, U.S. 5 CFR 1315, ensures that federal agencies pay proper invoices in a timely manner.

Question: What is a proper invoice?
Answer: Requirements for proper invoices are detailed in the NIH Invoicing Instructions attachment, which can be found under the Reference Materials section of this website.

Question: Where can I find contracting opportunities at the NLM?
Answer: NLM contracting opportunities can be found on the Federal Business Opportunities website at

Question: Where should I send quotes and/or proposals in response to a NLM contracting opportunity?
Answer: Interested vendors should refer to the Request for Quote (RFQ)/ Request for Proposal (RFP) for instructions on the required type of submission (ex: electronic, faxed, or hard copies). Unless otherwise specified in the RFQ/RFP, hard copies should be submitted to the cognizant Contracting Officer/Contract Specialist at: 6707 Democracy Blvd, Suite 105, Bethesda, MD 20892.

Last Reviewed: October 6, 2022