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RxNorm Current Prescribable Content Release Notes

October Release - 10/07/2013

This RxNorm Current Prescribable Content release is consistent with the 2013AA UMLS Metathesaurus release. For additional information about RxNorm releases, including scripts for loading the RxNorm data into Oracle and MySQL databases, read the RxNorm Technical Documentation.

Data Changes

With this release, RxNorm no longer round strengths for solid dose form drugs to three significant digits. For example, 'carvedilol 3.125 MG Oral Tablet' was rounded to 'carvedilol 3.13 MG Oral Tablet' in previous releases but will be represented in the unrounded form 'carvedilol 3.125 MG Oral Tablet' now. New drugs in the October release were not rounded. Previously rounded drugs will be updated over the next few months.

Data Counts

Term Type or AttributeNumber
Active GPCK forms 276
Active BPCK forms 353
Active SCD forms 15,562
Active SBD forms 8,536
Active RXNORM MIN atoms 1,563
Active RXNORM IN atoms 4,662
Active RXNORM PIN atoms 1,236
Active RXNORM BN atoms 5,122
Active RXNORM DF atoms 100
Source-asserted NDC codes 135,840
Distinct Source-asserted NDC codes 116,370
SAB=RXNORM NDC codes 178,547
Distinct SAB=RXNORM NDC codes 178,547

Last Reviewed: October 1, 2013