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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

RxNorm Current Prescribable Content Release Notes

April Release - 04/06/2015

This RxNorm Current Prescribable Content release is consistent with the 2014AB UMLS Metathesaurus release. For additional information about RxNorm releases, including scripts for loading the RxNorm data into Oracle and MySQL databases, read the RxNorm Technical Documentation.

Data Changes

There are so significant data changes in this release.

Data Counts

Term Type or AttributeNumber
Active GPCKs 293
Active BPCKs 378
Active SCDs 14527
Active SBDs 8265
Active RXNORM MINs 1500
Active RXNORM INs 5224
Active RXNORM PINs 1404
Active RXNORM BNs 4777
Active RXNORM DFs 101
Source-asserted NDCs 146115
Distinct source-asserted NDCs 133111
Distinct SAB=RXNORM NDCs 184705