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RxNorm Release Notes

August Release - 08/02/2021

For additional information about RxNorm releases, including scripts for loading the RxNorm data into Oracle and MySQL databases, read the RxNorm Technical Documentation.


The following sources with version names in bold have been updated since the previous RxNorm release:

Source NameSABVersion
Vaccines Administered CVX CVX_2021_05_20
DrugBank DRUGBANK DRUGBANK5.0_2021_07_08
Gold Standard Drug Database GS GS_2021_07_14
Multum MediSource Lexicon MMSL MMSL_2021_07_01
Micromedex RED BOOK MMX MMX_2021_07_12
FDA Structured Product Labels MTHSPL MTHSPL_2021_07_23
FDB MedKnowledge (formerly NDDF Plus) NDDF NDDF_2021_07_14
RxNorm normalized names and codes RXNORM RXNORM_20AA_210802F
USP Compendial Nomenclature USP USP_2021_07_15
Veterans Health Administration National Drug File VANDF VANDF_2021_06_30

The following sources have not been updated since the previous RxNorm release:

Source NameSABVersion
Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System ATC ATC_2021
Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) MSH MSH2021_2021_01_25
CMS Formulary Reference File MTHCMSFRF MTHCMSFRF_2020
US Edition of SNOMED CT (drug information) SNOMEDCT_US SNOMEDCT_US_2021_01_31

*Reminder: As of October 2017, Medi-Span data will not be included in the RxNorm or UMLS releases. If you have questions about Medi-Span, please contact:


Propoven Concept will use Precise Ingredient Name

Propoven is a sedative allowed under the U.S. Food & Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The active ingredient in the Propoven concept name will change from “propofol” to “propofol lipid emulsion” starting with the August 2021 release. The RxNorm Concept Unique Identifier (RXCUI) will remain the same.

Here is the new SBD Concept Name using the precise ingredient “propofol lipid emulsion” and the original RXCUI:

  • New SBD: 100 ML propofol lipid emulsion 20 MG/ML Injection [Propoven]
  • Original RXCUI: 2370236

Here is the new generic SCD name using the precise ingredient “propofol lipid emulsion” and original RXCUI:

  • New SCD: 100 ML propofol lipid emulsion 20 MG/ML Injection
  • Original RXCUI: 2370234


As a courtesy to users, this section provides advance notice of possible upcoming RxNorm data changes. More information about each change will be provided or repeated in the future. Please note that planned data changes and timelines may change if issues arise.

REMINDER: Basis of Strength (BoSS) Attributes Changing Fall 2021 (at the earliest)

Several BoSS attributes are planned to change this fall. A specific month is not available, but is likely to occur September 2021 at the earliest. Below are more details. Please plan accordingly.

  • BoSS Attributes Moving:
    • RXN_BOSS_AI, RXN_BOSS_AM, and RXN_BOSS_FROM attributes will change from being present on an SCDC to an SCD, likewise on an SBDC to an SBD
    • Please note that this change will initially affect many but not all relevant concepts. For example, some products, such as medical gases and multi-ingredient products including multivitamins, will be addressed at a later time.
  • BoSS Attribute Name Changes:
    • RXN_BOSS_AI will be renamed RXN_AI
    • RXN_BOSS_AM will be renamed RXN_AM

Data Counts

Term Type or AttributeNumber
Active GPCKs450
Active BPCKs532
Active SCDs17101
Active SBDs9490
Active RXNORM MINs3748
Active RXNORM INs13470
Active RXNORM PINs3131
Active RXNORM BNs5156
Active RXNORM DFs121
Obsolete GPCKs242
Obsolete BPCKs207
Obsolete SCDs18398
Obsolete SBDs10866
Obsolete RXNORM MINs0
Obsolete RXNORM INs0
Obsolete RXNORM PINs0
Obsolete RXNORM BNs6130
Obsolete RXNORM DFs63
Editor-suppressed SCDs1837
Editor-suppressed SBDs1514
Distinct SAB=RXNORM NDCs253493

Last Reviewed: August 2, 2021