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RxNorm Release Notes

July Release - 07/05/2022

For additional information about RxNorm releases, including scripts for loading the RxNorm data into Oracle and MySQL databases, read the RxNorm Technical Documentation.


The following sources with version names in bold have been updated since the previous RxNorm release:

Source NameSABVersion
DrugBank DRUGBANK DRUGBANK5.0_2022_06_02
Gold Standard Drug Database GS GS_2022_06_08
Multum MediSource Lexicon MMSL MMSL_2022_06_01
Micromedex RED BOOK MMX MMX_2022_06_06
FDA Structured Product Labels MTHSPL MTHSPL_2022_06_24
FDB MedKnowledge (formerly NDDF Plus) NDDF NDDF_2022_06_08
RxNorm normalized names and codes RXNORM RXNORM_20AA_220705F
Veterans Health Administration National Drug File VANDF VANDF_2022_05_31

The following sources have not been updated since the previous RxNorm release:

Source NameSABVersion
Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System ATC ATC_2022
Vaccines Administered CVX CVX_2022_04_14
Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) MSH MSH2022_2021_07_20
CMS Formulary Reference File MTHCMSFRF MTHCMSFRF_2020
US Edition of SNOMED CT (drug information) SNOMEDCT_US SNOMEDCT_US_2022_01_31
USP Compendial Nomenclature USP USP_2022_2_15

*Reminder: As of October 2017, Medi-Span data will not be included in the RxNorm or UMLS releases. If you have questions about Medi-Span, please contact:

RxNorm Data Changes

New Dose Form "Drug-Eluting Contact Lens" Added

RxNorm includes a new dose form named "Drug-Eluting Contact Lens". This dose form is defined as a contact lens intended for use in the eye that releases a medication.

Here are the fully-specified product name concepts with the new dose form “Drug-Eluting Contact Lens” in the July 2022 release:

2604045SCDketotifen 0.019 MG Drug-Eluting Contact Lens
2604049SBDketotifen 0.019 MG Drug-Eluting Contact Lens [Acuvue Theravision]

Lagevrio COVID-19 Medication Concept Added

The molnupiravir COVID-19 medication will be available under the brand name Lagevrio. To reflect this change, a Semantic Branded Drug (SBD) concept for Lagevrio will be in the RxNorm July monthly release.

The National Drug Codes (NDCs) for Lagevrio were previously associated with the generic molnupiravir drug concept. NDCs moved from RXCUI 2587906 to RXCUI 2603740. Get more information about Lagevrio from the FDA.

Here is the new Lagevrio COVID-19 medication concept in RxNorm:

2603740SBDmolnupiravir 200 MG Oral Capsule [Lagevrio]

Data Counts

Term Type or AttributeNumber
Active GPCKs468
Active BPCKs539
Active SCDs17178
Active SBDs9469
Active RXNORM MINs3775
Active RXNORM INs13814
Active RXNORM PINs3277
Active RXNORM BNs5104
Active RXNORM DFs122
Obsolete GPCKs249
Obsolete BPCKs219
Obsolete SCDs18735
Obsolete SBDs11172
Obsolete RXNORM MINs0
Obsolete RXNORM INs0
Obsolete RXNORM PINs0
Obsolete RXNORM BNs6301
Obsolete RXNORM DFs63
Editor-suppressed SCDs1895
Editor-suppressed SBDs1566
Distinct SAB=RXNORM NDCs243920

Last Reviewed: July 5, 2022