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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification_index

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Manuscripts (WZ 220-225)

  • Used for manuscripts produced before 1601
    • WZ 220—Early Western manuscripts
    • WZ 225—Other early manuscripts
  • Manuscripts produced after 1601 are classified at NLM as MS B (Manuscripts Books), MS C (Manuscripts Collections), or MS F (Manuscripts Oversize books)

Modern Versions and Commentaries of Early Works (WZ 290-294)

  • WZ 290—Modern versions of early works
    • Used for reprints, facsimiles, or preservation microform of works originally published before 1801
    • Not used for 19th century revised editions of 18th century imprints (use the 19th Century Schedule)
  • WZ 292—Modern collections of early works
    • Used for collections (including serials) which contain pre-1801 works of three or more authors
    • Classify works of only two authors in WZ 290
  • WZ 294—Modern commentaries of early works and bibliographies about single titles
    • Used for studies, commentaries, etc., of pre-1801 works including Americana
      • Classify in WZ 100 if it is largely the biography of one or two authors
      • Classify in WZ 290 works that include the original text unless it is subordinate to the commentary


    • Used for a bibliography of commentaries on a single work

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